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The California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) is generously offering a discounted workshop entitled  "Healing Trauma by Changing Your Brain: The Therapeutic Spiral Model" . This is an inexpensive introduction to TSM as well as being a stand-alone workshop to learn about the effects of trauma on the neurobiology of the brain. 
I will be teaching a core action intervention of TSM -- the Containing Double (CD) -- that helps clients balance the thinking and feelings parts of their brain. This can be used immediately following the workshop in individual, couples and family therapy, and by educators and community organizers.  It is a useful tool in the repertoire of students and practitioners of EMDR, EFT, sensory motor integration, as well as drama therapy and psychodrama.

The "Changing Your Brain" workshop is on March 12th and 13th in San Francisco and pricing is in 3 tiers: $230, $250, and $270 (when one tier sells out, the next one opens). 

Please click below for the full descriptive flyer and contact me as soon as possible so I can reserve a spot for you.

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West Coast Workshops
March 2016

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