Optimizing Performance:
Tools for Musicians During a Pandemic and Beyond
CIM Winter Intersession
January 19-22, 2021
2020 has had an impact on our opportunities to learn, and we strongly believe that setting aside time to focus on optimizing performance is valuable, so CIM is offering this four-day, conference-style Intersession at no additional cost to students enrolled for spring 2021. Set yourself up for your best semester at CIM yet as you completely immerse yourself in performance optimization techniques. 
What You’ll Learn and Explore:  
  • Actionable strategies for positive, sustainable increases in levels of well-being and performance, from Amy Blankson, author of The Future of Happiness  
  • How to learn more efficiently and effectively 
  • Principles of body mapping, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais® Method to make better choices about how you move 
  • Mindfulness techniques to enhance focus, relaxation, concentration and ease anxiety 
  • Stretches to warm up your body and keep it healthy 
  • Audition tips from successful working alumni 
  • How to design meaningful concerts that attract large audiences 
Plus, hear from: 
  • CIM alumni about the future of classical music 
  • Renowned conductor JoAnn Falletta about how she has optimized performance in her illustrious career 
And much more! 
CIM Winter Intersession is completely virtual – all activities will take place online. Sessions generally run from 9:30am-noon and 2-5pm, Eastern time. Several sessions run concurrently, so you can choose the content you are most interested in and craft your own optimal experience. For those in time zones that may make real-time attendance difficult, we plan to record sessions and make them available to students for later watching. 
Find more information at cim.edu/winter-intersession, including a tentative schedule.