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April 26,27,28  2013
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I AM That I AM 
HAMSA means White SwanThe Mantra "SO HAM" means I AM THAT  

 "Do not seek vision through your eyes, for you made your way of seeing that you might see in darkness, and in this you are deceived.
this darkness and yet still within you is the vision of Christ,
Who looks on all in light."







For what you have made invisible is the only truth,
and what you have not heard is the only answer.


        Our Lessons in the Workbook are aimed at training "the mind to a different perception of everything in the world" which is no small task and yet it is the basis of Salvation. The First part of the Workbook focuses on the undoing of what we see now and the second part is on the restoration of sight.


        This month Amy Torres shares her intriguing article, "Shekinah, Divine Feminine and the Holy Spirit" previously written for Jon Mundy's Miracles Magazine, appearing in the Nov/Dec issue. In her article, Amy speaks of 'Shekinah', the spark of the Divine within us, a.k.a. the Holy Spirit but is it 'He' or 'SHE'?  


        The POEM this month is Lesson 182 since often our lessons seem more like sheer poetry. Segments of this specific lesson are the basis of a musical adaptation appearing as the song "Going Home" by "Martin-Spirit AM I". And segments of this lesson also appear in the selective readings by Beverly Hutchinson with music by Steven Halpern called: "The Forgotten Song" [Two preview MP3s are in the article]. 


        GAFF by Lorena Peter this month challenges our understanding of Lesson 24 "I do not perceive my own best interests" as it highlights a fisherman's dilemma between his   personal interests and those of others.


          This month the DARE TO BE HAPPY segment by Daniel Tipton focuses on "The Art of Listening" as he coordinates his study of A Course in Miracles with the current classes he's taking towards his Counseling degree.  


        The Question and Answer Article is hosted this month by Bartholomew P Bacon [Bart], an active member on the Community Miracles Center discussion boardHe has also been an active participant in and supporter of the ACIM movement with particular emphasis on supporting translation of ACIM into other languages.


        Guidance from Elder Brother, scribed by Sun~Rose, appears in this issue on Lesson 182, "In The Stillness of Our Mind". What is NEW is the Daily Guidance from Elder Brother which is now being sent every day to those on the Daily Lesson Mailing List and can also be read on our BLOG. [To JOIN the mailing list, please go here].   



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Shekinah, Divine Feminine and The Holy Spirit



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       Last night we had a guest from Israel in our Course in Miracles class. About an hour into class, I referred to the Holy Spirit as "He" and our guest, Hila, bolted upright with surprise! "He?" Hila said, making sure she heard me right. "Yes," I answered, "The Course is written with Christian terminology. It's a genderless "He" but the masculine is used." "Not in the Hebrew edition," she said. "What does the Hebrew edition say?" we asked. "She," was the answer. And then a lightbulb went off in my mind: Shekinah-the Divine Feminine.


       I suddenly remembered my interfaith seminary education where the concept of "Shekinah" was introduced to me by an African-American classmate. I am no scholar when it comes to Shekinah, but this is what I've gathered from a bit of research: Shekinah is the spark of the Divine within us, what A Course in Miracles calls the memory of God within us, aka, the Holy Spirit.  


       Shekinah and the Holy Spirit each seem to be a bridge to help us Home--both are often presented visually with the symbol of a dove. Shakti is also an aspect of Divine Feminine, found in Hinduism, but it is more concrete as an activating force within the world of form-Shakti is the life force within humans, animals, minerals, etc. I'm sure the Divine Feminine goes by many other names offered by countless cultures (Kwan Yin, Yemaya, Green Tara, on and on). The point is, as the Course teaches me, I don't know anything. But I can use everything I think I know in service of God's Will with the Holy Spirit/Shekinah as my Guide. I have ascribed meaning and interpretation to everything in the world, because I am the dreamer of the world. When I allow my source of knowing to be from Beyond this world then Love becomes the only pronoun.  


       Women, and sometimes men, often ask for inclusion of the feminine in A Course in Miracles language. It is interesting to find out that "She" is used in the Hebrew translation of the Course to represent the Holy Spirit. Remember, what is most important is that both "He" and "She" in A Course in Miracles are all-inclusive, therefore genderless. A pronoun is necessary to communicate with us, but whether it is male or female is ultimately unimportant. A Course in Miracles is not political-it is spiritual.  


       Spirituality, by definition, must be both female and male because the truth is we all are One. Spirit is the ultimate equalizer. Spirit is what truly empowers us. Miracle principle #1: "There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not "harder" or "bigger" than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal." Because Love is maximal. No matter what the representation of Love-Jesus, Mary, Holy Spirit, Shekinah-Love is maximal. Love is the content which is constant, eternal. Everything else is symbolized in form, which is ephemeral, ever-changing.  


       My background is in psychology, not the bible nor the torah. And my resonance with A Course in Miracles has a lot to do with my desire to understand human nature non-judgmentally, with an open heart and an open mind. The Course tells us that anything that upsets us is of our own making-we have chosen pain and victimhood. So when women (or men) feel left out or devalued by the omission of the female pronoun in A Course in Miracles, it is...




  Amy Torres is a Gestalt psychotherapist, interfaith minister, and yoga teacher, who teaches A Course in Miracles, which is the foundation of her work. She has developed the Language of Love, Harmony & Beauty´┐Ż which is a form of emotionally responsible communication, conflict negotiation, and a way of "undoing" our identification with the ego. Reverend Torres is affiliated with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC. She loves dance, qi gong, the Sufi turn, latihan, and all forms of percussion. Her practice is based in Naples, Florida.Amy Torres 





I Will Be Still An Instant
And Go Home
Lesson 182
Lesson 182 
ACIM OrEd.WrkBk.182


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   This world you seem to live in is not home

   to you. And somewhere in your mind you know

   that this is true. A memory of home

   keeps haunting you, as if there were a place

   which calls you to return although you do

   not recognize the Voice, nor what it is

   the Voice reminds you of. Yet still you feel

   an alien here, from somewhere all unknown.

   Nowhere so definite that you could say

   with certainty you are an exile here:

   just a persistent feeling, sometimes not

   more than a tiny throb, at other times

   hardly remembered, actively dismissed,

   but surely to return to mind again.


   No-one but knows whereof we speak. But some

   try to put by their suffering in games

   they play to occupy their time and keep

   their sadness from them. Others will deny

   that they are sad, and do not recognize

   their tears at all. Still others will maintain

   that what we speak of is illusion, not

   to be considered more than but a dream.

   Yet who in simple honesty, without

   defensiveness and self deception, would

   deny he understands the words we speak?


   We speak today for everyone who walks

   this world, for he is not at home. He goes

   uncertainly about in endless search,

   seeking in darkness what he cannot find;

   not recognizing what it is he seeks.

   A thousand homes he makes, yet none contents

   his restless mind. He does not understand

   he builds in vain. The home he seeks can not

   be made by him. There is no substitute

   for Heaven. All he ever made was hell.


Portions of this Lesson are also recited beautifully by Beverly Hutchinson with Music by Steven Halpern. 

♪ ♫ LISTEN to a PREVIEW  ♫ ♪
 HERE  and HERE 

More information regarding the CD:

A musical and vocal adaptation
of the first portion of this lesson  
was created by maz at CIMS SonShip Radio  
in the next section below.




 CLICK above and choose "GOING HOME"
 for a musical adaptation of LESSON 182


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More MUSIC from MAZ    

ART from ANKIE  


*Maz is currently the voice for the Original Edition [OE] of A Course In Miracles, producing Daily Lesson Videos at the SonShip Channel and also Daily Lesson Audio. A renewed web presence for SonShipRadio is envisioned in the near future. For now, his work is accessible through direct contact and personal connection rather than wide-spread web services. SonShipRadio welcomes the joining with those with creative skills so that together SonShipRadio may expand its range of services.


 maz weber-caspers  

GAFF: And the Land of Plenty


GAFF: And the Land of Plenty    

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Bobby laughed as he reeled in his second fish of the morning. This one wasn't giving up without a fight. He was lost in the thrill of it all, yelling to his prey that he would not be bested by scale-covered muscles. The fish on his hook was so strong, the rod bent almost double as he worked it. All the muscles in his arms tensed as he pulled. Then he reeled in the slack in his line ending with a step toward the water. Straining to pull his catch closer and then reel in as much as he could before his opponent could swim back out over the sandbar. Muscles pitted against muscles. Arms against fins. A battle to the finish, if Bobby had anything to do with it. A battle to get his aquatic opponent onto the beach and then into his cooler and eventually home to his freezer. Priscilla would just love this one: easy to fillet. Big and juicy on the table. Tasty.


Gaff laughed, too, enjoying his friend's excitement. A number of people from up and down the beach were gathering for the spectacle of landing the BIG ONE. This one might even be prize-winning: a great way to start the fishing season. And everyone was cheering for him to finish it off, to best the monster fish!


The splash of fins on the sandbar brought cheers from the crowd. Gaff and a number of the other fishermen ran into the water to see what Bobby had on his hook. Suddenly, several of them turned toward the shore, waving their arms and shouting. Bobby couldn't make out the words from that distance. He only heard men's voices mingled with the crashing waves.


Gaff was faster getting in than the rest, "We have to cut the line. Cut the line to let her go!"


The crowd moaned in unison. Chaos erupted as everyone spoke at once, wondering what was happening.


Bobby was stunned motionless. "What?"


Gaff ran to his cooler and grabbed a knife. As he passed, he shouted, "She's loaded with eggs. Hasn't spawned yet. Hold the line steady so I can cut it."


Bobby answered with his own shout, "Cut the line? Are you crazy, old man? This is the biggest I've ever hooked. I want to bring her in, finish it. Man over beast."


Several of the other fishermen were yelling, "Cut the line. Cut the line."


Others answered, "No, let him bring her in. There's others. There's plenty. Let him bring her in."


Gaff was out on the sandbar now and with a sure swipe of the knife, cut the line. The line went suddenly slack and Bobby had to do some sand dancing to keep from falling. A flash on the sandbar, movement of fins and the fish was out to deeper water.


Bobby yelled at the men on the sandbar, "What right have you to cut my line? That was my fish and I wanted to bring it in."


Gaff led the other men onto the beach, "She was big and filled with eggs. Fish that big wouldn't have been this close to shore if she wasn't on her way to or from the estuary. Only way we have any fish at all is if we let the females spawn." There were sounds of agreement from the experienced fishermen.


Gaff waved toward Mother Water. "She isn't just there to serve us. It's a partnership. We have responsibilities, too."


Bobby spit out his words, still angry, "Yeah, I know. You harp on keeping the beach clean."


Gaff interrupted, "We also follow the rules set out by the smart guys who tell us how big our catch has to be and how many we can keep. We do that because we want to leave enough little ones in there to grow into something worth eating. We are stewards of this planet, not just another group of predators."


There were nods and sounds of agreement from onlookers. Some were grumbling and groups were breaking off to return to their own spots. Some heated versions of this discussion moved away with them.


Bobby was boiling mad. "The birds take more fish out than we do. What about the commercial fishermen? They pull in tons of fish with those nets of theirs. Bet they don't let the females go."


            Some of the crowd agreed with Bobby. Gaff knew that any response would fall on deaf ears, ears not yet ready to hear, and so he hesitated. In that moment of quiet, Priscilla's voice preceded her out of the crowd......




*Lorena Peter, Ph.D., writes entertaining mysteries, romances and wisdom books. All have strong spiritual underpinnings and paranormal elements. She blends a- medical intuition and healing practice (and travel) with her writing. For more information go to Gaff By the SeaWWW.LORENAPETER.COM.  You may contact her on Facebook. For her understanding of the Course, she thanks Carmen Cameron and the class in Louisville, KY. Lorena is also the author of the delightful book:



Dare to Be Happy
Daniel Tipton*


Dare To Be Happy    

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The Art of Listening



     It has never been a talent of mine to be a good listener. My normal tendency has been to listen to somebody until a thought is triggered, and then impatiently wait until I get the opportunity to express my "important" idea. I've always been told that it is a virtue to be a good listener, but I've never really thought about what it feels like when somebody is listening to me attentively. 

     I am currently studying counseling and have been realizing that being a good listener is not only a nice characteristic, but also a healing one. Also, that there are some Course principals in counseling: non-judgment, quietness, not actually healing but letting healing be, and giving. Most notably, being a good listener is an act of giving. When we give somebody our attention, and try to make what they are talking about as important to us as it is to them, miracles are bound to happen.

     Imagine that you are talking to somebody and they are giving you all of their attention and seem to understand exactly how you are feeling. Imagine how honored you feel, how loved you feel, how much you love them for giving you their attention, which is totally at their own discretion. It is not always easy to be a good listener, but it might do wonders for our relationships. Simply taking our attention off of our own thoughts for a minute to really hear somebody might be one of the most rewarding acts we can perform with the least amount of effort.

     When we listen to somebody, we might not only help them to find their own answers within, but we might learn something about ourselves. Attentive listening is partaking in a holy relationship. In a holy relationship both parties are elevated to a place where they could not have gotten to on their own. The Course says: 
11 Be still and listen to the truth today. For each five minutes spent in listening, a thousand minds are opened to the truth. And they will hear the holy Word you hear. And when the hour is past, you will again release a thousand more who pause to ask that truth be given them along with you.

12 Today the holy Word of God is kept through your receiving it to give away, so you can teach the world what giving means by listening and learning it of Him. Do not forget today to reinforce your choice to hear and to receive the Word by this reminder, given to yourself as often as is possible today:

13 Let me be still and listen to the truth. 
 I am the messenger of God today. 
 My voice is His, to give what I receive. (OrEd.W.106) 
       This tells us to listen to the truth. I think that if we listen to the truth in our brothers, we help to release them. By releasing them through listening, imagine how many other lives they will touch until, realistically, a thousand more people have received the gift.

       In counseling (or listening) we are advised not to give advice to clients. There are several reasons for this but the main one is that the answer is within the client. We each must find our own answers, but a good listener is an expediter to this process, and therein lies the value. The Course also says: 
8 The therapist does not heal; he lets healing be. He can point to darkness, but he cannot bring light of himself, for light is not of him. Yet, being for him, it must also be for his patient. The Holy Spirit is the only therapist. He makes healing perfectly clear in any situation in which he is the Guide. The human therapist can only let Him fulfill His function. He needs no help for this. He will tell you exactly what to do to help anyone He sends to you for help and will speak to him through you if you do not interfere. Remember that you are choosing a guide for helping, and the wrong choice will not help. But remember also that the right one will. Trust Him, for help is His function, and He is of God. (OrEd.T.9.8) 
       I have this printed and hanging above my desk as a reminder of the kind of listener I want to be. 



 *Daniel Tipton resides in Omaha, NE and is a member of the Course in Miracles Society study group. He is in his second year of the 2 year ACIM Ministerial Program offered by the Community Miracles Center; Daniel attended the 2011 Annual ACIM Conference in San Francisco aDaniel Tiptonnd is currently working on a masters degree in Counseling at UNO. He will be attending the 2013 ACIM Conference which will be held in Chicago. More Conference Information here



Questions Regarding the Teachings of ACIM 



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QUESTION: Would you please share your thoughts regarding Lesson 1 and 'Vision'?

  Jesus' comments on Lesson 1 occur not only in Lesson 1 but also in Lesson 51, which is the review of Lesson 1. In Lesson 51 the title of Lesson 1 is given as "Nothing I see means anything." I find this form to be more useful for long-term use than the form at the original presentation in Lesson 1. Some of the Workbook lesson titles are universal truths, and others are not universally true but are simply tools that we can use in specific cases to get ourselves out of our egos and into our right minds.

The title of Lesson 1 is a tool and not a universal truth. Actually it's not a truth at all. It's FE / FT, false in eternity and false in time. It's false in eternity because if we do "see" there, we certainly aren't going to see things that have no meaning. It's false in time because to "mean anything" is to have meaning, and the next lesson tells us that we have given meaning to everything that we see.

The value in this lesson is that it is helping us to loosen the grip that our egos have on our minds. When our egos are raging about what we are seeing, stating this lesson to ourselves helps us to call upon the Holy Spirit and break out of our ego-obsession state of mind. We can also take it as telling us that what we see does not have inherent meaning of its own, which is an introduction to Lesson 2.


In Lesson 51 we read the following: "Nothing I see means anything. The reason this is so is that I see nothing, and nothing has no meaning. It is necessary that I recognize this, that I may learn to see. What I think I see now is taking the place of vision. I must let it go by realizing that it has no meaning so that vision may take its place."

This made me remember that Lesson 1 is similar to a statement at the start of the Text, "Miracles as such do not matter." (OrEd.Tx.1.2)
This is another statement that is false in our current experience. However, it is true in eternity.

I think that what Jesus is doing when he makes these statements that are false from our current perspective but true from a higher perspective is 1) pointing out that there is a higher order of reality from the perspective of which our current order of reality is meaningless, and 2) forcing us to mentally shift towards that higher order of reality in order to mentally handle statements that are false from our current perspective. Of course the entire book is aimed at getting us out of this reality and into that reality, and we do that by changing our minds, so if we have to change our mental framework simply by reading certain lines, then reading in and of itself advances us along the path. It's also important to recognize that





* Bart Bacon received a BA in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. He served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and was the founder anBart at Estes Coned president of a money management firm. He has studied the ancient teachings of Jesus since his youth. He first encountered ACIM in 1977 as a freshman in college when a friend loaned him the Manual for Teachers and has studied the course continuously since 1985. He has been an active participant in and supporter of the ACIM movement with particular emphasis on supporting translation of ACIM into other languages.



Guidance from Elder Brother
As Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose

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TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face.  The Guidance is in normal type   


In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You.  


When You see the word 'YOU'  capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU. 




"I will be still a moment" begins Lesson 182. For in that moment of turning from the endless 'entertainment' of the ego world, God is waiting with a Love You have forgotten, yet still do You long for It, looking fruitlessly without, while It but waits for You within.

The ego mindset with its constant talking creates this world of pain and chaos. Yet its 'creation' rests on no foundation! This is the house I spoke of, that cannot stand, for it's been built upon the sand.1

There is no God to it - the ego mindset - thus it isn't real. It rests on beliefs, and can be healed with a change of mind, with a shift from chaos into quiet.

Why has this world of endless dreaming stood so long, given its unreality? Because the ego keeps You busy endlessly, with self-aggrandizement of one form or another: making money, looking good, working hard, lazing around, social standing, winning at whatever, overcoming good or evil, having progeny, or just basic 'survival', not much time for contemplation, and even less for Listening.

And so You do not understand the workings of Your mind, for all these things seem so very 'natural'.

It is quite important to understand that the chaos - a.k.a. the dream - is not happening 'out there', and that You do choose for it, unholy instant by unholy instant, mesmerized by the demands of the world You have seemingly 'created'. Yet it exists nowhere but in Your collective thoughts. You see what You think.

To see a different world, change the way You use Your consciousness.

Begin by noticing the endless chattering of the ego, claiming to be You, which goes on all Your waking hours (and Your sleeping ones as well). It keeps You quite busy with its incessant demanding of things that You must do to satisfy it. Eat, drink, sleep, get to work, take a swim, work out at the gym. Plow that field, feed the pigs, milk the cows.

Practice for Your piano or Your dance recital. Forage in the garbage dump for dinner. Find plastic bottles put out for recycling and redeem them at the supermarket for Your income. Make that deal. Cheat that person. Steal. Whatever be Your occupation, ego drives You mercilessly to accomplish something!

Even meditation has a goal: to give You back Your peace.

The ego drives You to be always doing, doing, doing. And yet, the only thing that's really going on is Be-ing.

Be-ing thrives, unfolding gloriously, as the mind so still and clear, full of peace.

Stillness is ongoing quiet in the midst of chaos clamouring stridently for Your attention.


Stillness whispers gently to You: "This is but a dream. Don't take it seriously. Turn within and ask the Holy Spirit to take over. Then step back and be attentive, in case S/He has a part for You to play. You will be told if You are to be participant in the matter or a calm spectator. You need make no decision but to give the situations over.

Now You know the ego will ..... 

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the book,"YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD'S LOVE."    





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