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Book Review:Dying To Be Me
The World is Round?
God's Production
Dare To Be Happy
Q&A-Seth Hoerth
Guidance from Elder Brother
A Gift of Lilies 


April 26,27,28  2013
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Dying To Be Me


"You are altogether irreplaceable in the Mind of God.
No one else can fill your part of It,
and while you leave your part of It empty,
your eternal place merely waits for your return."

~A Course in Miracles OrEd.Tx.9.57



          The book Review this month in our "New Book Section" is not an ACIM book although every word seems to have been written from the perspective of LOVE. The book is called, "Dying to Be Me" written by Anita Moorjani and chronicles Anita's four year fight with cDying To Be Meancer, complete organ failure and coma, her near-death experience and the spontaneous remission she experienced on returning to her body and to this material world. The forward is by Wayne Dyer who himself has recently written, "Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting" which will be the subject of our next month's books section . 


         This month we also have the second of a three part series, written by Robert D Sears [Bob], on "The Process of Learning" titled, "The World is Round?"  In the first segment, Bob describes the four parts of learning. In the second segment, Bob continues with a discussion on the "World's" learning style. Next month, in the last section, Bob discusses the eventual "Next Step" of ACIM.


        The ACIM inspired POEM this month is "God's Production" by 

Karen Berg-Rakish.  Karen has studied ACIM for the last 12 years and attends a weekly ACIM group in the Chicago-land area.


         Daniel Tipton's article for his DARE TO BE HAPPY series this month is "Veils of Complexity". In this article, Daniel shares his insights into what inhibits our decision making.  


          The Question and Answer section is hosted this month by Seth Hoerth. Seth is finishing up the 2nd year of the CMC Ministerial program and is one of the founding members of ACIM Miracle Cell Men's Team: Miracle Cell. In this segment, Seth addresses the question, "Do we have to die to be in Heaven?".     


          Guidance from Elder Brother as scribed by Sun~Rose continues this month on the theme "Forgiveness and Healing" with the Article, "On Being a Target Out of Range". This article on our WEB SITE, and eventually it will also be on our BLOGAlso,  we have a scribing by Sun~Rose of GUIDANCE from Elder Brother on each DAILY LESSON, appearing on our Web Site and mailed each day to Course students who have joined our mailing list.  This year there are two Lesson Lists to choose from depending on which Leap Year schedule you are following. 


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Dying To Be Me  

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"It was as though every moment held infinite possibilities, and where I was at that point in time was a culmination of every decision, every choice, and every thought of my entire life. My many fears and my great power had manifested as this disease."


When I read this paragraph in Anita Moorjani's book "DYING TO BE ME: MY JOURNEY FROM CANCER, TO NEAR DEATH, TO TRUE HEALING  it reminded me of what my husband and I often say to participants as we begin our  presentations on A Course in Miracles [ACIM]. We express the idea that absolutely every decision they have made in  their lives has culminated in bringing them to this room and to this moment. Likewise, every decision I have ever made in my life has brought me to writing this review in this moment and all of the decisions you have EVER made have brought you to this moment in which you are reading it.


It was the next sentence in that paragraph that stopped my mind for a moment:


"My many fears and my great power had manifested as this disease."


Yes, I have learned and have experienced fear as a power capable of manifesting dis-ease. This is quite understandable. And yet the second part of this sentence was an idea that might even go unnoticed if the reader were looking from their regular, comfortable, point of view. Such a concept may not be understandable and so glossed over. " great power had manifested as this disease."  What did Anita mean by this? Why would our POWER manifest as a disease?


To answer this we may want to start with Anita's experience of 'disease'.  A dear friend [Soni] and also her brother in law had contracted cancer and had perished from the disease. When this happened Anita became deathly afraid of getting sick herself and also afraid of the medical treatment when she saw how it had ravaged her friend's body and had not prevented her death.  In her study of cancer, Anita learned that cancer could come from many activities: the polluted air we breathe, the pesticides and preservatives in our food, the chemicals in the water we drink, even the negative thoughts that we think. Her fear only increased.


And then the inevitable happened. In 2002 Anita was diagnosed with cancer. Since conventional, western style medicine had not helped her friend, Anita tried alternative methods:   


"I tried faith healing, praying, meditation, and energy-healing sessions. I read every book I could get my hands on about cancer, learning every possible connotation given to the disease. I worked on forgiveness therapy, and forgave everyone I knew-then forgave them again. I traveled through India and China, meeting Buddhist monks, Indian yogis, and enlightened masters, hoping that they'd help me find answers that would lead to healing. I tried being vegan, meditating on mountaintops, yoga, ayurveda, chakra balancing, Chinese herbal medicine, pranic healing, and Chi Gong. But despite all this, my cancer just kept getting worse." (Kindle Edition, pp. 133-134).


It was at the point of imminent total organ failure, after a four year battle, that Anita's fight was over. She completely surrendered to - what turned out to be - REALITY.


In this amazing book, DYING TO BE ME, Anita chronicles her life before her diagnosis in Part I, when she developed  a limiting and fear-filled thought system based on years of harassment and abuse for being seen as 'different'. She shares how she became completely 'other centered' and continually struggled to fit in and be accepted and yet the result was always a deep sense of unworthiness.


Part II chronicles her journey to death and back. Anita describes the  "Near Death Experience" [NDE] itself, and what happened next. "Being healed of cancer and working to find a new place in the world has been a surprising, challenging, and exhilarating journey!


In this section, Anita describes how she felt after the NDE when she was aware of a connection with everyone in her life, including those at the hospital:


"I felt as though I were connected to them all at a deep level and knew everything they were feeling and thinking, almost as though we shared the same mind." (pp. 83-84)


As a Course in Miracles student, reading this is a wonderful  affirmation of what we are learning in the Course which teaches:  'minds are joined'.  


Part III is an expression of Anita's understanding of "healing, the way the world is today, and how we can live as a reflection of who we really are, allowing our magnificence to shine through."


When the end came, and Anita finally let go completely she took the leap of faith and was buoyed up by the LOVE that she knew herself to BE.  That's when she realized,


"My many fears and my great power had manifested as this disease." (p. 70)


Anita shares more about the Power manifesting as disease in the Question and Answer area at the end of her book:


"I had this understanding: Ooh, I see-it didn't happen to me, because in truth, I'm never a victim. The cancer is just my own unexpressed power and energy! It turned inward against my body, rather than outward. I knew it wasn't a punishment or anything like that. It was just my own life force expressing itself as cancer because I didn't allow it to manifest as the magnificent, powerful force of Anita." (p. 165)


When I read this I recalled a portion of the ACIM TEXT which teaches us:


"The mind chose to divide itself when it willed to create both its own levels and the ability to perceive, but it could not entirely separate itself from the Soul because it is from the Soul that it derives its whole power to create. Even in miscreation will is affirming its Source or it would merely cease to be. This is impossible because it is part of the Soul which God created and which is therefore eternal." ACIM OrEd.Tx.3.45


We derive our power to create from our Soul which is eternal and to which we are eternally connected. There is only one Power and we are given free will to use that Power. When it doesn't have an avenue of expression it will turn within.


In Anita's NDE, she came to realize ......



Near Death Experience Research Foundation [NDERF] INTERVIEW 
Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani was born in Singapore and then lived in Sri Lanka until she was 2 years old. An ethnic Sindhi woman from India, her family then moved to Hong Kong where she grew up speaking fluent Sindhi, Cantonese and English, as well as being conversant with a multitude of cultural idioms. She was educated in English schools in Hong Kong and later studied in England before returning to Hong Kong to take up a senior management position for a French fashion company where she traveled all over the world using her multi-cultural, multilingual background in a variety of business and social settings.

Anita Moorjani 
Anita Moorjani



The World is Round?

 PART II in the series "The Process of Learning"  

 The World is Round?     

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If you read PART I of article, and you should before you read this one, you will remember that the first step in the process of learning was Unconscious Incompetence -- the place where you don't know you don't know.
No one today, even the least educated, can question the fact that the world (Earth) is a round planet and that it revolves around a central body in our Solar System that we call the Sun.  But it was only around 400 years ago that not only did the majority of the world believe the world was flat, but that NOT believing it was heresy.  Think about it.  There have been those who believed the world was round since Aristotle , around 350 BC, Pythagoras around 6 BC, and of course Galileo , around 1600 AD.   
Now you might ask why a scientific idea like a flat or round world even became a point of contention for a religious body.  And if you haven't, maybe you should?   It all started with the theological idea that Man was the center of a God-created universe.  And that God created man in His image and likeness (or was it the other way around?).   And since Man lived on Earth, therefore Earth had to be the center of the God-created universe.  I find it quite interesting that while we knew that the Earth and Sun went around each other, one way or the other, why didn't we all pick up on the round world idea right away? 
Bottom line, it all came down to programming. The populous, not having access to an education in any form, was at the mercy of the powers that be, who were in a position to keep you totally ignorant of facts that they already knew, and fed you enough information to keep you in line.  Does this sound just a bit all too familiar? 
The media controls the masses.   At that time the media was the church.  Today, its form is innumerable.  But the effect is that we live within, and only within, the scope of our programming.   At least until we revolt.  At some time we look at what we are being taught and come to the conclusion...this is a bunch of crap! 
Believe it or not, it is at that moment you have opened yourself up to the realization, you did not know you did not know.  All the scientific minds that came before us got their inspiration from the same place...Spirit, Reality, God, call it what you will. Something in their mind led them to believe something different, and dared to take a stand, no matter the cost.  They believed when there was no proof that anyone would believe, and even placed their academic standing, and in some cases their lives, on the line for what they believed. 
Perhaps this was an early application of Occam's Razor - a principle urging one to select among competing hypotheses that which makes the fewest assumptions and thereby offers the simplest explanation of the effect.

So here we are in the second millennium still with a flat world
mentality.  How many things are we hearing today of what might be, that we completely ignore since that is not what we now believe
Maybe it is time to......





*Robert Sears has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1990.  He came to ACIM after years of following a very convoluted religious path, and sometimes refers to himself as a CathoBaptiMethoCostalScientist, which explains why some call him a Spiritual Mutt. 


Bob experience the healing power of miracles by stopping two heart attacks in their tracks simply by applying a deep understanding of the content

Robert D Sears 
Click Picture for BIO

, meaning and values of Lessons 1 and 2 in the workbook.  "All I needed to do was to realize the meaning I was giving to the symptoms of a heart attack were purely mine.  I withdrew MY meaning...and poof!"


Bob is also familiar with several of the Eastern Philosophies but now finds himself most comfortable sharing and teaching ACIM.  Bob is also a non-practicing Reiki Master preferring to focus entirely on the Course.


Once led to engage in full time ministry as a Course teacher, Bob opted to become and independent non-denominational minister so that he could teach a pure version of ACIM without the need to satisfy any particular denominational tenets.  Bob, originally from NY, now resides in Southern California where he teaches in churches and home settings.  More on Bob can be found on his ACIM teaching web site.


an ACIM Inspired Poem

God's Production     

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Thank you all so much for consenting

To star in the movie in which I am acting,

Directing, writing, and inventing


I'm especially grateful to you my "enemies"

Because of you I'm busy reacting and defending

You've played the role of antagonist so well

That I actually forgot we're just pretending


To my love interests, family, coworkers and friends

It's as if the parts were written with you in mind

You've really made your characters come alive

If it weren't for you, I would have remained so blind


Acquaintances, I'm thankful for you as well

Trust me, bit parts these are not

Even though you may not realize it

You are quite essential to the plot


Whenever I tire of wearing all these hats

And I feel as if I'm sliding off track

It's a relief to know I can give up my Director's Chair

And let the Holy Spirit pick up the slack


So even though I understand none of my choices were wrong

I still wait for guidance from Him because

I just realized that it's been His production all along



Karen Berg-Raftakis

*Karen Berg-Raftakis has studied ACIM for the last 12 years and attends a weekly ACIM group in the Chicago-land area.  You can read her spiritual blog at  You can also hear her discuss ACIM from 8:30-9:30 P.M. (Central Time) on Thursday evenings on ACIM Gather Radio and in the ACIM Gather Pal Talk chat room.
Dare to Be Happy
Daniel Tipton* 

Dare To Be Happy  

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ACIM says that choices are easy when we realize that there really ever are only two choices in any situation, an act of love/communion or an act of fear/separation. So what makes choices seem so complicated sometimes? It's that pesky guilt again. That conflicting, self-defeating, ego-centric habit of ours to doubt that God has our best interests in mind. In lesson 133, it says: 


 "And so we come to the criterion for choice which is the hardest to believe, because its obviousness is overlaid with many levels of obscurity. If you feel any guilt about your choice, you have allowed the ego's goals to come between the real alternatives, and thus you do not realize there are but two. And the alternative you think you chose seems fearful and too dangerous to be the nothingness it actually is."


Deep down, I think we are all pretty aware of the choice God would have us make in most situations. We even wear those bracelets that say "WWJD" (What Would Jesus Do). I actually find that question useful when I remember to use it. According to ACIM though, it is a no-brainer. Choose love. Yet, guilt is a hazy cloud that comes over us and makes us believe that there is another way, a more suitable answer. And what does this doubting cause? It causes stress. Stress comes from not trusting. We are told to trust our intuition from all kinds of sources in life and here we are being told again. The thing that separates us humans from the animals is our ability to feel compassion. We are compassionate by nature no matter how much some of us try to resist it. I believe this is what we should use to help us make these tough decisions.  


Lesson 133 also says that:    


"Complexity is nothing but a screen of smoke which hides the very simple fact that no decision can be difficult." 


Also in chapter 15 of the text: 


"Complexity is of the ego and is nothing more than the ego's attempt to obscure the obvious." 


Again, decisions are not as complex as we make them out to be. However, some of them may appear to be risky, dangerous, scary, or what have you. This perception should go away more and more as we study and practice ACIM, and continue to trust the source that has only our best interests in mind.  


What do we do when...  






 *Daniel Tipton resides in Omaha, NE and is a member of the Course in Miracles Society. He is in his second year ofDaniel Tipton the 2 year ACIM Ministerial Program offered by the Community Miracles Center and he is one of the founding members of the new Miracle Cell Men's Team.

Daniel attended the 2011 Annu
al ACIM Conference in San Francisco a
nd is currently working on a masters degree in Counseling at UNO. He will be assisting at the 2013 ACIM Conference which will be held in Chicago. More Conference Information here



Questions Regarding the Teachings of ACIM 

Q and A


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QUESTION: Do we have to die to be in Heaven?

   I am surprised at how many books on "Near Death Experiences" I have read recently and to then have this question posed to me about dying and Heaven. Do we have to die to be in Heaven?


You see, I have, for many years been a fan of Dr. Raymond Moody (who actually coined the term Near Death Experience or NDE with his 1975 book "Life after Life"). The books I have read lately of Dr. Moody's work are "Glimpses of Eternity", which talks about "Shared Death Experiences" and his new one "Paranormal", which goes into his extended research.Additionally, I love Rev. Don Piper's book "90 Minutes in Heaven" and my favorite "Embraced by The Light" by Betty Edie which helped me so much while going through my father's cancer episode and finally his passing.


It's funny to note that after I gave many copies of this book to friends 20 years ago, just a month ago, a friend (Reja) gave me her extra copy for my wife as she is sorting out the passing of her, all too young, brother. Now, with the review of Anita Moorjani's wonderful story and the many others, the question of "Life after death?" for me...well...has been evidenced enough for my inquiring mind. I'm a Believer (Funny how I always think of the" Monkey's" but the "Smash Mouth" version from Shrek rocks)...I mean "I'm in...I believe in life after death"


Now, the question "Do we have to die to be in Heaven?" twists the thought a bit. In fact, I really like the contemplation of Heaven (see Seth's definition of Heaven in bold below) without dying. I'm certain that Heaven is awesome. I've read the accounts. But, can we possibly achieve that "We are wholly accepted, completely at peace, wrapped in light, totally loved as a Son or Daughter, One with our Father, God" (Heaven) while we are here in living color? I like it! What does the Course say about this concept?


Text Chapter 2 paragraph 21 - "When the will of the Sonship and the Father are one, their perfect accord is Heaven. "


OK, here we go with "will". Am I willing? Are we willing? Sonship, oh, that's everyone. I'll read it again, "When the will of the Sonship and the Father are one, their perfect accord is Heaven. " Everything about this looks awesome except "will of the Sonship". I have bills to pay. I will that. I guess Heaven sounds good though. "My will being in accord with the Father?" That hits the spot. I will that for sure. But, how in the "confounding, illusory, election year, self-serving, government fraud, money grubbing Wall Street Bankers" (Hell) can I invite the Sonship (everyone) to "will this concept of accord with the Father"? Anything in the Course?


Lesson 157 - "Today it will be given you to gain a touch of Heaven....From this day forth, our ministry takes on a genuine devotion and a glow that travels from your fingertips to those you touch, and blesses those you look upon. A vision reaches everyone you meet, and everyone you think of, or who thinks of you. For your experience today will so transform your mind that it becomes the touchstone for the holy Thoughts of God.....Into Christ's Presence will you enter now"


Whoa, good one ! "Into Christ's Presence will you enter now". What's cooler than that? That "makes you want to ...






* Seth Hoerth is finishing up the 2nd year of the CMC Ministerial program and is one of the founding members of ACIM Miracle Cell Men's Team. Seth describes himself as a serial entrepreneur whose many giant mistakes ground him into dust ACIM Edmonton, CA until he decided to "Seek first the Kingdom of God" hoping for the "All else will be added". After 2 � years of seeking he is still deeply enjoying the enlightenment from seeking "His Righteous" portion of that Scripture. He picked up A Course in Miracles in August 2010 and knew immediately the book was profound no matter where it came from and hasn't put it down for even 1 day since.   




Guidance from Elder Brother
As Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose
Love's Sunrise

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"Forgiveness and Healing

"On Being A Target Out of Range"


TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE:  In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You.  


When You see the word 'YOU'  capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.    




When a Brother does attack Us, We have three vantage points where We may stand to deal with it. And which one We choose makes all the difference.

The three choices are Be and Do and Have. And there is no time where We do not stand in one of them. When there is an upset or trauma, most Sisters and Brothers stay in Do and Have. Feeling quite at the effect of the wicked Brother, We stand in Have with upset and hurt feelings and, perhaps, thoughts of revenge.

With these in mind S/He may soon go into Do to 'pay them back'.   This seems - in theory - quite satisfying. Forget "Do unto others"! Justice will be done! That's what's important!

So-called 'justice' may be done, and You find that it is far from satisfactory. The rotten 'sinner' has been punished, yet You've no peace about the situation. Thus the injury is added to a life-long list of grievances. The 'victim' also stays in range of a possible repeat attack.

There is a better way if You would care to hear it. It lifts Your heart and mind and spirit and puts all three of them at peace. Instead of hanging out with thoughts of what to Do and the revenge that You will Have, this way is about who and what You Be.

Now You can be angry if You would will to do this. And that is not the She that God would have You Be. Will You not rise up in Your mind to be with Me, and be the You to say: "Father forgive them for They know not what They do." I said and meant this; therefore, so can You.

All it costs is letting go of anger, which is quite antithetic to Your peace.

Remember Nehemiah1 in Bible times, who refused to come down from the wall He was repairing to deal with those who did oppose Him. He remained focused on His goal, which was to bless, and is how I would have You be, what I would have You do, in this situation.

Those who would be enemy to any one, would do well to give the offender a blessing, which, of course, becomes Yours as well. This makes perfect sense, for in order to give a blessing, You must first have one!

Would there have been a Resurrection had I withheld My blessing from the perpetrators? My choices2 were anger and death versus Love and Life. You know which I chose, and You can choose Life and Love as well. I invite You to gladly share My choices and My blessings.

Come, take My hand, as We walk united, for Our God is Love and We Be this Love.

The Father wills that We walk together. You are not in My footsteps, but walking side by side with Me; which is the True Purpose of all Scripture; and especially My teachings for You

Keep Me on a pedestal, and the world will not be healed.3 Step up and join Me, and - as I said - "with God all good things are possible."4

First comes the Be-ing, then everything We do and have is Love.


1 The Book of Nehemiah, Old Testament.

2 "Father, forgive them, for They know not what They do."

3 See Gospel of John 8:31, 32, 51 And also a passage I can't find, where Brother says that We will do greater things than He (hard to believe since He's so great!).

In the passages from John are these wonderful passages where He is saying to do as He. Here He is cautioning Us not to think He is the "only One". He says this idea is straight from ego, and completely contrary to His mission of Love and teaching here for Us.

4 Matthew 19:26

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.


 [The Full Article has more on healing CANCER] 





*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the book,"YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD'S LOVE."    







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