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April 26,27,28  2013
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Of Course - Notes and News


ACIM Original Edition 
The Curriculum of Atonement

   "If learning aims at change,
and that is always its purpose,
are you satisfied with the changes
learning has brought you?

Dissatisfaction with learning outcomes
must be a sign of learning failure,
since it means that you did not get what you want.
The curriculum of the Atonement is the opposite
of the curriculum you have established for yourselves,
but so is its outcome

If the outcome of yours has made you unhappy
and if you want a different one,
a change in the curriculum is obviously necessary."

~A Course in Miracles OrEd.Tx.8.5





        Beginning this month we have the first of a three part series, written by Robert D Sears [Bob], on "The Process of Learning". In this first segment, Bob describes the four parts of learning which form the basis for further discussion on the "World's" learning style and the eventual "Next Step" of ACIM, in the final segment.  


         A NEW ACIM Book Section included here starts off with an excerpt from a brand new book, "I AM LOVE" written by Paul West [along with Holy Spirit]. This recently published book was written as "a healing process for the author as a way of applying forgiveness for himself."  More information regarding the book is on the website  


        This month we are delighted to present a SONNET titled "My Sonnet of Source" written by Jacqueline Okun, is a counselor in private practice in Omaha NE as well as one of our ACIM Study Group members.  


          Daniel Tipton's DARE TO BE HAPPY series this month addresses the questions"Would I be running away or running toward? When do you abandon ship?"         


          Bart Bacon continues his Question and Answer segment with  a very personal and heartfelt answer to the question " How does a dyslexic person read A Course In Miracles?" Bart is supporting the translation of ACIM into other languages and is a participant on the Community Miracle Center Discussion BOARD.


          Guidance from Elder Brother this month is on "Healing" as scribed by Sun~Rose. This Article It is on our WEB SITE, and eventually it will also be on our BLOGIn addition, a link to the scribing by Sun~Rose of Guidance from Elder Brother is on the DAILY LESSONS which is mailed to Course students around the world every day


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The Process of Learning


 Learning to Ride     

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I am not sure if we ever really think about the process we go through as we learn anything and everything, but we do go through a four stage process.  These steps take us from the point where we are totally clueless to the point of complete understanding.  The first stage in the process is... 

Unconscious Incompetence   -- a point where we don't know we don't know.   Let me use the analogy of riding a bicycle.   At a very young age while you are riding your tricycle, you see an older sibling or friend riding a bicycle, albeit clumsily.  You see the excitement of doing something different and new, and immediately find a bicycle, climb aboard, attempt to ride and... well...fall on your butt. 


You did not know, or perhaps more accurately, you had no idea that you did not know how to ride a bicycle.  You assumed all you needed to do was get on and ride, and the shock of the first fall took you from unconscious incompetence into...

Conscious Incompetence  --  now you know you did not know.   So with your scratches bandaged, and perhaps with a few more painful tries, you realize to succeed you need to enlist some help and manage to find someone who is willing.  Willing to teach you the fundamentals of balance, momentum, and even some of the physics involved but certainly not in scientific terms.   Someone might hold the back of your seat until you get some momentum going.  Maybe you make it to the end of the driveway, but in the process you also learn it is less painful to crash in the grass than on the concrete.   And eventually you get better.  You fall less often.  And finally you feel comfortable enough to try it on your own.  And as you  do, you reach the level of ...

Conscious Competence
-- you now know how to ride the bicycle but recognize the need for constant attention and focus on the activity.   This was the state of learning when you were observing that  friend or sibling when you wanted to first ride.  And here is where we stay for what seems like forever.   But we really don't care because we have reached our goal --- to ride a bicycle.

But the process does not really end there.  Or it shouldn't.  We are not at the point where we have so much practice, so much experience, even the experience of more falls when we don't pay attention or become distracted, that we ride totally unharmed, but we do get there.  That level is called...






*Robert Sears has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1990.  He came to ACIM after years of following a very convoluted religious path, and sometimes refers to himself as a CathoBaptiMethoCostalScientist, which explains why some call him a Spiritual Mutt. 


Bob experience the healing power of miracles by stopping two heart attacks in their tracks simply by applying a deep understanding of the content

Robert D Sears
Click Picture for BIO

, meaning and values of Lessons 1 and 2 in the workbook.  "All I needed to do was to realize the meaning I was giving to the symptoms of a heart attack were purely mine.  I withdrew MY meaning...and poof!"


Bob is also familiar with several of the Eastern Philosophies but now finds himself most comfortable sharing and teaching ACIM.  Bob is also a non-practicing Reiki Master preferring to focus entirely on the Course.


Once led to engage in full time ministry as a Course teacher, Bob opted to become and independent non-denominational minister so that he could teach a pure version of ACIM without the need to satisfy any particular denominational tenets.  Bob, originally from NY, now resides in Southern California where he teaches in churches and home settings.  More on Bob can be found on his ACIM teaching web site.



I Am Love  


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I Welcome God's peace

 Excerpt: Chapter 13


  War has ended and is no more. It never was. Peace exists, here and now. I am surrounded only by the loving presence of my creator. I am an extension of peace. Peace is all I want and all I have. There is no disturbance or problem to fix. There are no worries or concerns or things gone wrong. Nothing is out of place. Nothing needs attending to. There is no work to be done. All loose ends are completed. All loss has been corrected. Everyone is reunited in a wholeness of love. All wounds have healed and all damage is undone. Here there is only the peace of God.

I believed in war and ends and sacrifice and let it run my mind. I used conflict to separate and openly welcomed my destruction. I wanted to destroy myself. I wanted loss and pain and agony over and over again. I didn't believe myself worthy of forgiveness. I thought I'd sinned forever. But I was simply mistaken. There is no war. There has been no loss, end or sacrifice. No love has died. Love is alive and I am alive. All are One, joined in peace, and peace is of God always.

I welcome the peace of God for it offers me sanctuary. I welcome peace of mind for it satisfies my needs. I allow there to be nothing that I want or need other than God. I let the presence of stillness touch my heart and fill me with rest and calm. I am at peace. I relinquish all worries. I give up all thoughts of my own. I surrender to the ever-present love. I let myself receive God's love and allow it to flow through me. I let myself be loved. I let there be love and let there be peace and peace is all there is.

All noise has gone away. There is calm and rest. Everything has settled. All turbulence has melted into calm. I relax and let go. I soften and trust I am supported. God loves me! There is love here now, with me. It fills me and surrounds me. I am worthy of this love and I let it love me. I allow love to be here now. I love myself by allowing God to love me. I can allow myself to love because love is all I need. God loves me now.

Peace fills every part of my being and washes away all thoughts of concern. The rough landscape of my mind melts and soothes and gives way to a mellow tranquility. There is calm here now. There is quiet. My mind is still and needs to go nowhere. I give up all worldly concerns, worries and doubts. I put all of this into the hands of the Holy Spirit to manage for me. I don't have to carry the weight of the world on my own. He is here, and I can let go.

Holy Spirit help me now, take into your hands my concerns. My trivial thoughts, my addictive worries. My constant condemnations. Take all of this from me and melt it away in your loving innocent light. Soothe all the aches and pains and upsets in my mind. Calm my perception and unjudge what I have attacked. Clear my mind of all self-guilt and bring out the sunshine of love. Shine on me, shine though me, let me rejoin you in peace. I can trust you Holy Spirit, now and always, to be the light in which I rest.

I let go. I let go. I let go and .....

I Am Love is a series of practical forgiveness books, applying the principles of forgiveness as taught in A Course in Miracles.
I Am Love 
Paul West 

I Am Love was written as a healing process for the author as a way of applying forgiveness for himself. The writing of the book did produce healing, emotional releases and an expanded awareness and trust of Holy Spirit, Jesus and God. You are encouraged to use this book for applying forgiveness in your own life, joining first with Holy Spirit or Jesus to allow and accept their guidance, correction and support. 

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Sonnet of Source     

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In this moment, an opportunity arises to choose remorse

All the while my ego debates the concept of no separation

between the Holy Spirit and me. I choose once again to stay on course.

As the gift of clarity reveals my true connection

to God, the One, I am reminded of my true recourse.

Warmly, embraced by the arms of love's resurrection

I AM secure in disregarding my ego's thunderous roar

For the truth is one with me, my one true direction.

While ego plans some cunning deeds I abhor,

I am now aware of ego's desire to keep me constrained

By confusing me, shackling me in the chains

Of guilt and sorrow self-pity and pain.

To break free from this cycle, I am free to choose once again. 
*Jacqueline Okun is a Course in Miracles student and attends the Course in MiraclJacqueline Okunes Society ACIM Study Group every Sunday at Unity of Omaha; Ms Okun is a counselor in private practice in Omaha, NE as well as a Licensed Independent Mental Health Therapist, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor, and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.  




Dare to Be Happy
Daniel Tipton* 

Dare To Be Happy  

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This article comes about after an intense weekend which involved 20 hours of group therapy. It revealed some thinking habits that have caused me a great deal of misery over the years. What was revealed was that I tend to stay in bad situations out of guilt. My rationale for staying in them is that if I leave I would be "running away" or "giving up". Another rationale was that I would be avoiding a "challenge given by God".

The question is, when do I keep going and when do I abandon ship? Guilt has guided me to stay in some bad situations for far too long; situations that were only perpetuating more guilt. There is another reason I stay in these situations, and that is that I see myself as the savior. It is a heavy burden to try and save people that don't want to be saved. Perhaps, I've also been a little arrogant to try and take these situations into my own hands, rather than let God be my guide.

I recently (yesterday) quit a job that was all but hopeless. People there were miserable, much of the management was incompetent and lazy, and it was an all-around sick environment. I chose to stay, however, because I was supposed to be the savior, and if I left, that would be running away, and that is not what God would have me do. What I had to realize, and what caused the most stress was that most of these people didn't want to change. In fact, they actively resisted and sabotaged change. The truth is, I was enabling the misery rather than helping it.

My mind shifted over the weekend. Not all the way yet, but enough for me to realize I couldn't spend another single minute at that job. There are situations that we can help, and there are situations where we can only perpetuate guilt.

Paramahansa Yogananda says that we must find "agreeable" work. Robert Monroe, is his book, Ultimate Journey, says: "Maintain your transient status. You are being human at your own option in the strictest sense. That option remains force throughout your visit. You may pack up your experience and leave whenever and for whatever you desire, with no censure or penalties from any source that matters. If your human mind is satisfied, you will do this in spite of custom or effort."

We are here to be happy. This is rule #1 for being human. The trouble with this is that we have this pesky thing called guilt that literally makes us insane. It drives us to do things that go completely against our own best interests and what would make us happy. The other thing is that change, or moving on, is scary. There is an element of the unknown that our human minds have a very difficult time with. This is why the running title for my articles is Dare to be Happy.

The hard part is.........






 *Daniel Tipton resides in Omaha, NE and is a member of the Course in Miracles Society study group. He is in his second year ofDaniel Tipton the 2 year ACIM Ministerial Program offered by the Community Miracles Center; Daniel attended the 2011 Annual ACIM Conference in San Francisco and is currently working on a masters degree in Counseling at UNO. He will be assisting at the 2013 ACIM Conference which will be held in Chicago. More Conference Information here



Questions Regarding the Teachings of ACIM 

Q and A


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QUESTION: How does a dyslexic person read A Course In Miracles?

   Dyslexia is the term for a specific learning disability (SLD) that makes reading very difficult. For some with dyslexia it makes reading profoundly difficult and even emotionally painful. This difficulty with reading has nothing to do with intelligence. Many brilliant and famous people have been dyslexic. Dyslexia affects millions of people, probably far more people than those of us who are not dyslexic would suspect. The problem presented by dyslexia is very significant to those of us who follow the spiritual path set forth by A Course in Miracles, because the path is deeply bookish. Walking this path effectively involves a great deal of reading with a high level of comprehension. I don't think there is any way to overstate the importance of reading to this path. Some of us may be dyslexic, and those of us who are not dyslexic may encounter ACIM students who are dyslexic. I have learned that there is a solution to dyslexia, and in this article I'm going to tell what I've learned.


I'll start by saying that I'm not an expert in dyslexia, and I have no formal training with regards to any specific learning disabilities. However, I have a remarkable story to tell about dyslexia. Since I'm not an expert, I'm simply going to tell the story. It's a story of guidance and of healing. It's a story of a young boy who was profoundly dyslexic and who UTTERLY conquered his dyslexia. It's the story of a solution that is accessible to everyone.  

The youth I'm writing about is my son, Luke. As is the case with many dyslexics, Luke is very smart. He has shown signs of being intellectually gifted since he was very young. In spite of his potential, in his early years in school he struggled and lagged badly. The disconnect between his intelligence and his academic experience was glaring. During the fall of Luke's third grade year, his mother (and my former wife, Cay) decided that we should have Luke tested for learning disabilities. I can never give her enough credit for taking the initiative at this point. I'm sure if she had not resolved upon taking this step it would have been years before I would have had the sense to do it.


We took Luke to a PhD psychologist who specializes in specific learning disabilities. At that point I didn't know anything about SLDs, and as far as I remember Cay didn't either. Neither of us knew that Luke was suffering from dyslexia. The only thing we knew for sure was that he was suffering with his schoolwork. The first thing the psychologist told us was that there are numerous different SLDs, and that there is a battery of psychological tests that can be used to make a diagnosis. In some cases the diagnosis can be quite accurate. Luke took the tests that the psychologist recommended. After about a week Cay and I returned to her office to get the results. She was very specific in her diagnosis. "Luke has dyslexia", she said. "I don't see a lot of cases of pure dyslexia, but Luke is the real deal. This is as clear-cut as I've ever seen for dyslexia."   


It was something of a shock to me to have a diagnosis with a clinical name on it, and at the same time it was something of a relief to have the clarity of knowing what Luke was up against. Talking with Cay as we left the office, we resolved to try to find a way to help Luke. For my part, I decided to start by educating myself on dyslexia. I quickly learned that a book about dyslexia had recently been written by one of the leading experts on dyslexia. That book, Overcoming Dyslexia, by Sally Shaywitz, was an overview of the field of dyslexia, written for lay person and especially for parents of dyslexic children. I bought the book and made a disciplined schedule of working my way through it. Although it discussed all of the most widely accepted approaches for dealing with dyslexia, to my mind none of them seemed very promising. None of the well-known approaches claimed to cure dyslexia. None of them included any cases of actually defeating dyslexia. They all involved a great deal of work and promised only limited progress. What I was reading about was methods for coping with dyslexia.   


The psychologist who tested Luke also had some methods for dealing with dyslexia, and we plunged into them with complete dedication. After a while Cay and I both felt that these approaches were lacking, so we switched to another PhD psychologist who also specialized in SLDs. She tested Luke and she also diagnosed him as being a pure dyslexic. She had her own approaches to dyslexia, which involved several hours every week of one-on-one reading coaching by another psychologist. Luke's reading coach specialized in dyslexia and had a masters degree in psychology. We put Luke in this program.


Luke continued to struggle. Although Luke's reading may have improved incrementally as he grew older, he was rapidly falling farther and farther behind his peers. I could not observe any progress from the several hours per week of coaching by the specialist in dyslexia. As Luke advanced through third grade and into the fourth, the emotional toll on him increased dramatically. There's a tremendous difference between a first or second grader being behind his peers in school and a fourth grader falling farther and farther behind his peers. I remember anguish-filled moments when my brilliant son would tell me that he was so stupid that he shouldn't even be alive.


I was still trying to educate myself on dyslexia, but I was running into my own roadblock. After I finished Overcoming Dyslexia, I bought numerous additional books on dyslexia. I would usually spend an hour or so reading at bedtime every night, so I kept my dyslexia books next to my bed. I made some progress but not much. Everything I read seemed dense; nothing seemed to offer a way forward with much hope. There was one book in particular that I could simply not force myself to read: The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ron Davis. The title made me furious. Seeing the daily emotional trauma that Luke was suffering, I thought that calling dyslexia a "gift" was downright cruel. Night after night, for at least a year, I went to bed telling myself I should read that book, but not being able to do it. Night after night I read on other topics instead of dyslexia. Night after night I felt guilty for not reading about dyslexia, for not educating myself further to the point where I could help my son.


We spent Christmas break of Luke's fourth grade year in Hawaii. My children were spending the first half of the break with me and the second half of the break with their mother in Tampa. I was their escort on the flight back Tampa. Since I was staying in Hawaii for several more weeks, my plan was to fly with them to Tampa and then turn around and fly back to Hawaii. As I packed up to escort my children home, the very last thing I did was to pack a book to read on the airplane. Stacked next to my bed were several books that I planned to read. I picked a book on child-raising and headed out the bedroom -- we were almost late for our flight. As I neared the door I was stopped by an experience that I will never forget. It was like a command thundered into my mind, a command that was very forceful and utterly unchallengeable. I felt as if a overwhelming physical force blocked my path, like I could not take another step forward even if I tried with all my might. I didn't try because very explicit words, words that I will never forget, exploded into my mind: "Don't take that book. Take this book instead." And as the words were spoken into my mind, my head was turned back to the bedside table and my eyes could see only one thing: The Gift of Dyslexia, by Ron Davis. I realized what was happening, switched books, gathered up my children, and headed for the airport.


I delivered the children to Cay in Tampa, took a shower, and returned to the airport. I flew to Los Angeles and spent the night there. The next morning I boarded a flight for Honolulu. Immediately after I took my seat I put on noise-cancelling headphones, pulled out The Gift of Dyslexia, and began to read. After over a year ...






* Bart Bacon received a BA in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. He served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and was the founder anBart Bacond president of a money management firm. He has studied the ancient teachings of Jesus since his youth. He first encountered ACIM in 1977 as a freshman in college when a friend loaned him the Manual for Teachers and has studied the course continuously since 1985. He has been an active participant in and supporter of the ACIM movement with particular emphasis on supporting translation of ACIM into other languages.



Guidance from Elder Brother
As Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose
Love's Sunrise

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TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE:  In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You.  


When You see the word 'YOU'  capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU. 




REQUEST for GUIDANCE: "P. needs help with her back." 


Indeed. I long for her to really feel just how much she is loved by Me and by the Father; how the Holy Spirit is by her side at all times supporting her.

I would have her feel into the Holy Spirit as frequently as possible, till They slip together into Oneness for It is but her Right Mind. And when the Mind is 100%, so will be her back.

Now this is very possible and not so hard at all. It simply calls for absolutely constant connection. For allowing the Holy Spirit to make all the calls on everything is to allow Her (the Holy Spirit) to Be her (P.). And Sun~Rose You may take this advice as well, for it will bring Light (just like fasting does for You and You reflect It to Your Loved One who needs healing.).

I cannot say enough about the importance of the constant connection. It is a 24/7 two-step so to speak. You stop and put aside Your usual knee-jerk reactions to things and then step back and yield to the Father or the Holy Spirit. Yet it goes quite beyond that, if You are willing. It is a surrendering up of the ego, like the losing army throwing down their guns and coming out of ambush with their hands up.

And then it is a complete surrender to the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit is You, You know. So You are really giving You back to You. Multiply this by a thousand-fold, and then imagine millions giving up the dream. All from the willingness of One to completely surrender to the Holy Spirit. Good is contagious.

Now You both may be thinking: "We only asked Him how to heal P's backache and He's got Us healing the world! Yes! And every problem truly handed over holds that potential.

And there are no backaches with the Consciousness of Heaven. And there is so much happiness awaiting You.

All this and healing too.

 [The Full Article has more on healing CANCER] 





*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the book,"YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD'S LOVE."    





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