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As students, we seek to increase our knowledge of Jesus' words and to deepen our experience of His teachings.

As teachers, we work to circulate the message of
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One Mind

 "Meditation is a collaborative venture with God.
It cannot be undertaken successfully by those who disengage themselves from the Sonship because they are disengaging themselves from me. God will come to you only
as you will give Him to your brothers. Learn first of them, and you will be ready to hear God as you hear them. That is because the function of love is one."  


A Course in Miracles OrEd.Tx.4.91  

         The Course reminds us over and over that we all go Home together.  Not one of us awakens without the other for there is no 'other'. We are One Sonship, One Self, united with our Creator.

This newsletter issue is dedicated to the tireless and courageous efforts of our translators who are diligently working, in a 'Collaborative Venture', to bring the Original Edition to our brothers and sisters in other countries, in the language of their homeland.

          Our lead article Original Edition Translations by Martin Weber-Caspers [maz] gives an insight into the history and process of these translations and an update on its progress. To give a tax deductible contribution to these efforts please click here.

          The 'ACIM-like' section this month is an article by Ed Pettit who shares how he came to the Course in Miracles and also how he came to receive the loving Guidance of "The Way of Mastery" through Jayem.

         Our October issue includes a POEM titled: "Bad Lesson Practice" submitted by Reverend Tony Ponticello of the COMMUNITY MIRACLES CENTER [CMC]. And, to go along with this poem,
CIMS editor Reja Joy Green has written an article "What is CMC?" which explains what the CMC actually is, while also sharing her personal experiences with this 'church'.


         The DARE TO BE HAPPY series this month, by Daniel Tipton, includes an intimate look into 'codependency' and how uncovering this trait within ourselves might bring clarity and a new perspective towards our study and application of A Course in Miracles.   


          In our Question and Answer section the question this month is: "The Course talks quite a bit about perception and projection, making it sound like we see things that are not really there.   Can you give me a tangible example?" Robert [Bob] Sears illustrates his answer with a very interesting and perhaps controversial exercise in perception.


          Sun~Rose shares GUIDANCE from ELDER BROTHER  with a short but very loving and powerful segment on "HOW SHOULD (MAY) A SON OF GOD BE IN THE WORLD TO BE THE GREATEST BLESSING TO ALL OTHERS".  


          As a REMINDER, we have DAILY scribing by Sun~Rose of GUIDANCE from Elder Brother on each and every DAILY LESSON, appearing on our Web Site and emailed each day to Course students who have joined our email list.  This year there are two Lesson Lists to choose from depending on which Leap Year schedule you are following. 


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This newsletter is provided as a courtesy to our friends, customers, and business associates to keep you updated on ACIM related issues, to provide articles of interest to Course students, and to share information about events and other topics of current interest.

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A Course in Miracles

By Martin Weber-Caspers [maz]*
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Translation of Original Edition 
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          The history of the reception of A Course In Miracles by members of the Sonship has shown that quite a few students have been guided or drawn to using the Original Edition of The Course. It allows us to deepen our study and understanding and to enjoy the depth and beauty contained in the first historic compendium of The Course' content. It had been prepared for all of us by the author and scribes' team in the year 1972. This document which is known as the third in the 'trilogy' of the three cardinal versions of The Course, had only been seen by a rather small group of students until divine orchestration provided for its discovery in the Association for Research and Enlightenment [A.R.E] library on November 29th, 1999, and its subsequent sharing among Course students. What a glorious gift in the very beginning of the new millennium, and what timing!


          The commonly acknowledged importance of the Trinitarian ontology which is so central to The Course's thought system, once again becomes apparent to the vigilant observer in the smallest detail. With the ur-handscript and the ur-typescript as the first two cardinal versions, the third cardinal version completes the fruit of the co-creative collaboration which was to bring the contemporary teachings of Christ Jesus, faithful to its initial transmission's content from Whole Mind to humanity, into the world.  


          The Course in Miracles Society CIMS has been instrumental in sharing the original Course ever since. The time had also come for translations into various languages, in order to provide more miracle workers worldwide with this beautiful compendium of essential Course teachings in their own respective native tongue. Quickly, the legal modalities for its distribution had also been taken care of, so that its popularity and therefore its usefulness is constantly increasing.


          Meanwhile, the work of scholars and instructors had helped many to find detailed information about the profound differences in form, and therefore in underlying content, when a line-by-line comparison with earlier presentations of The Course were conducted. At the same time the many testimonials shared among students spoke for the tremendous impact the Original Edition has had on the student's development regarding study and application. During my talks to groups of interested Course students in Germany, where we have started to share the translation and audio-book in an interactive manner, Guidance prompts me to cite from the Original Edition, chapter twenty-two, paragraph 22, in order to illustrate my personal, irresistible attraction to the third cardinal version and its content. Philosophically speaking, the author makes one of his unambiguous statements in the context of the underlying 'radical idealism' which, by the way, has been quite challenging for me for years:


"This course will be believed entirely or not at all.
For it is wholly true or wholly false
and cannot be but partially believed." (OrEd.Tx.22.22)


          Surely, as a student I would only be pretending to have reached a more advanced level of mind training than I have actually attained so far if I implied that I truly experience, already, absolutely everything the Course contains. Honesty obliges me to make this clear, yet what is also clear is that once I embark on a course and see its results, then gradual learning and step by step instructions are all geared towards some point of graduation. Hurdles and temporary learning failures are obviously part of the training, and also sufficiently and individually addressed.  


          A course which is honoring "beliefs that lead to progress" also requires solid faith in what is announced and yet to come. (i.e. OrEd.Mn.24.6). The point of graduation in time is also summarized in OrEd.Tx.4.11, where it is said: "Every good teacher hopes to give his students so much of his own thinking that they will one day no longer need him. This is the one real goal of the parent, teacher, and therapist."


          It always made a lot of sense to me to study and use The Course in its entirety and exactly as it has been prepared for us by the author and the scribes' team. This very much seems to be a necessary prerequisite for believing it entirely: learning what it truly says. When this realization had occurred, the next natural development to be observed was that I was not alone in this realization, and others had come to the same conclusion independently.  


          So, one of the shared aspects of the unified purpose in the Atonement had become to join efforts and talents in order to make the Original Edition more widely available, and in other languages for those who are not in a position to read and study it in its originally English language. The author's instruction to always 'listen, learn and do' applied also here.


          What was to be understood before taking on such a task? In chapter seven, paragraph 15 of the Text we are given a clear description of a translators' responsibilities:




*Maz is Martin G Weber-caspers [maz] currently the voice in the AUDIO and VIDEO SonShipRadio productions of the Daily Lessons of A Course In Miracles, Original Edition [OE]. Maz is also project lead on the current translations, ensuring that the OE will be shared globally; As chairman of the Curtis Knight Foundation he produces local radio programs, internet radio shows and other endeavors to promote and support co-creativity on a broader scale.  








Thoughts on
A Course in Miracles and  
The Way of Mastery
By Ed Pettit*

  Master and Student  

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            For as long as I can remember, I've played this sort of game with myself and the Universe whereby I walk into a book store and allow myself to be directed to something that I need to read at a particular time. I always remember these events and the books chosen. When I look back, I understand the effect the book had and how it led to other events and knowledge which helped me along the way.


            This is what happened about 10 years ago. I was going through a particular search for meaning and purpose and made regular journeys to our local book store here in Bellingham, Washington. At this time I read everything from Bhagavad Gita to Autobiography of a Yogi to The Power of Now and it was in the Introduction to The Power of Now that I first glimpsed the words, A Course in Miracles. After that, the title would come up in other books until I was convinced that someone or something was trying to tell me something.


            Like most people, my first experience with ACIM was a combination of fascination, euphoria, gratitude and sheer terror. What it was telling me was that everything, and I mean everything, I believed, everything I thought I knew and understood, was not reality. Over time, after reading the text several times over and painstakingly completing the workbook, it became a central part of my life. And so it remains.


            That said, it hasn't stopped my searching for more. My frequency in book stores has diminished, but when I do go I feel compelled as though someone or something is literally pushing me though the door and leading me to a new jewel.


            Recently, I came across The Christ Blueprint, by Padma Aon Prakasha. On a trip to the sacred sites in southern France he had an experience whereby, while sitting down to dinner he recounts: "a form appeared right in front of us, followed by two others. It was a woman, radiant, beautiful, soft, and very present. Behind her was a shadowy figure of a man. She turned and looked toward me, and my heart stopped. It was Mary Magdalene." [The Christ Blueprint, Preface x] Prakasha, the author, then becomes a channel for various historical characters of religious and spiritual significance which he claims came to him in a sort of holographic vision. He would speak the words while his partner transcribed.


            This book in itself is hugely interesting and one I would like to write about at another time. I bring it up because it is what led me to the topic of this article. Again, one written word leading me to another.


            Chapter 7 in The Christ Blueprint is composed of words given to the author from Saint Germain on the topic of Alchemy. It is about transformation and about opening our hearts and minds to truths that have been written and practiced over the ages but also buried and blocked by the world as we know it. He recommends tapping into the four traditions; the Egyptian, Indian, Tibetan, and Hebrew. Then he says, "In modern times, Yeshua's A Course in Miracles and the Way of Mastery books hold direct teachings on the nature of Christ Mind." [CB, p142-143] With the spiritual kick in the butt, I, of course, had to find and read this Way of Mastery. I The Way of Mastery - Part I figured if Saint Germain himself acknowledges ACIM as the groundbreaking and transformative book that I also believe it is and puts Way of Mastery in the same category and having the same author and voice, then that is certainly the book for me.


            The Way of Mastery has not disappointing. Without going much into its history and somewhat turbulent publication, it has much in common with ACIM in form and content. Like ACIM it was published anonymously, has the familiar blue binding and has Jesus or Yesuha as the author and voice.


            What strikes me as different about the two texts is more in tone and tenor. If you are among the many who struggle with the text of ACIM, either because of the way it is written, its more cerebral format or its religious wording, then you might find Way Of Mastery, exceedingly refreshing, enlightening, exciting and extremely practical. To me, it reads like a no-holds-barred Jesus, imploring us to follow our hearts desire, to stop fearing and start living our "grand self," and this hit home for me, to stop being a seeker. Instead, be a finder.


            Although free from traditional religious jargon...



Ed Pettit 

*Ed Pettit is a 10 year student of the course living in Bellingham, WA.  


Bad Lesson Practice
By Reverend Tony Ponticello* Bad Lesson Practice

I wake up

"Where is my energy?"

I push to get out of bed

Stumble to the kitchen

Put a fire under the coffee pot

     prepared the night before


Coffee ready just in time

My Lesson partner calls

We read our Course Lesson together

While we do our five minute meditation

     I sip my coffee


Is that allowed?

I must be cheating

"Bad lesson practice"


But there are walking meditations

There are breathing meditations

There are candle meditations

Mindful-ness meditations

I choose coffee meditations


Armed with my thought of the day

            and ample caffeine

The world seems a brighter place

My energy is back

I walk determined to the shower

With renewed sense of purpose

            I stumble no longer


Was it the lesson?

Was it the caffeine?

Is this bad lesson practice?


Meaningless questions asked by my ego

For now I have work to do

Holy Spirit inspired special functions to fulfill

Brothers and sisters to heal


Lesson practice is lesson practice

"Good" or "bad" are ego judgments


*Rev. Tony Ponticello has been a dedicated student of A Course In Miracles for over 31 year. He has taught ACIM steadily since he facilitated his first ACIM group in 1983. In 1987 he was one of the co-founders of the Community Miracles Center, and he has served as their Executive Minister ever since. He is the editor of the CMC's printed on paper publication Miracles Monthly that just celebrated its 308th issue in 308 months. He is the web master of the Reverend Tony PonticelloCMC's vast and informative ACIM resource, web site. Rev. Tony is the chief organizer and inspiration behind the large bi-annual ACIM conferences organized by the CMC, the next one being scheduled for Chicago in April of 2013 themed "A Gift of Lilies." He is the author of the book After Enlightenment that was published in 2008.    


 Community Miracles Center ~ Teaching and Learning 'A Course in Miracles' 


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          You may have already heard of the COMMUNITY MIRACLES CENTER [CMC], especially in connection with the Bi-Annual "A Course in Miracles [ACIM] Conference", which will be in CHICAGO April 26, 27, 28, 2013.  Or you may have seen the CMC tweets or have become aware of the CMC Facebook page, and have wondered ~ What exactly IS CMC? Who is Reverend Tony Ponticello and what is the connection to ACIM?


Politics and Spirituality           That is the purpose of this article. As a Supporting Member of CMC, as a student coming down the home stretch of the 2 year ministerial program, and as a friend of Reverend Tony Ponticello, I am blessed to have had the CMC in my life. Now I would like to offer to you the chance to know more about CMC and learn more about my personal experiences as a "Supporting Member" of CMC.


          Actually, my inspiration first came about after I read the cover article in the September

Click to access the PDF 
Click Above to Download PDF  

issue of CMC magazine MIRACLES MONTHLY written by  Reverend Tony called, "Politics and Spirituality". The article is a lightly edited transcription of a talk given at CMC by Reverend Tony after both political conventions were over. It is a beautiful illustration of listening and sharing from GUIDANCE. When I  started the article there was no putting it down until I read every word!  Just exquisite!


          When I ask myself when it was that I had first been aware of CMC I realized that I had previously known of the CMC, almost from its inception, since I had been studying the Course since 1983 and kept tabs with the Course Community over those years. However, it wasn't until 2000 that I finally came to the Bi-Annual ACIM Conference in San Francisco and had the pleasure of meeting and hugging Reverend Tony Ponticello and Reverend Larry Bedini who both co-founded the CMC in 1987.  


          That was the year, 2000, in which we incorporated Course in Miracles Society [CIMS] and completed the very first printing of the Original Edition which at that time was called: "Jesus' Course in Miracles". This was the 1972 manuscript of A Course in Miracles newly discovered at the Edgar Cayce Library. It was this manuscript that was the reason for our creating Course in Miracles Society [CIMS]. We wanted to disseminate this beautiful document to everyone.


          Reverend Tony was very supportive at this time and after the copyright was cancelled by Judge Sweet in his judgment of the Court Copyright Case in 2003, CMC sold the 'Original Edition' in their Book Store. Eventually, Reverend Tony made the decision to base the Ministerial Program on the 'original edition' published by CIMS.


         On-Line Edit Discussion Boards were eventually created on the CMC website on which corrections, changes and omissions in the 'Original Edition' could be shared and decided upon.  Although these EDIT discussion boards are not open, everyone is encouraged to READ the discussions. There is also a Miracles On-Line Discussion Group [MOLDG], that includes general discussion about ACIM on multiple topics, that is open and may be READ by non-members, while Supporting Members may comment and post.


          So what exactly is CMC? Is it an organization, a corporation or a Church? Actually, it's all three. Community Miracles Center, is an "official church organization" established 25 years ago in 1987 by Reverend Tony Ponticello and Reverend Larry Bedini based on A COURSE IN MIRACLES. As explained in the FAQ section of the CMC website, "official church" is a legal designation provided to a non-profit corporation as long as that corporation:


  has been formed for the public benefit

  has services open to the public and

  has been formed around a specific spiritual teaching


          The "official church" must comply with these stipulations but must also be officially 'recognized' by the State in which it is incorporated as well as by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America.  CMC  applied for and received both of these recognitions which took about two years to complete.  


           On the CMC website you will find that, "Official churches also have the right to ordain legal ministers. Legal ministers can perform marriages and are legal 'pastoral counselors.' There is no legal difference between the CMC's ministers and any priest or minister from any other faith."  


          The ordination process at CMC is a full two year program. Upon the completion of the first year of the ministerial program [ACIM-1],  the student is certified as "A Course in Miracles Practitioner of the Community Miracles Center" and then becomes qualified to take part in the second year of the program [ACIM-2].  The first year class studies the TEXT and the second year class studies the WORKBOOK, MANUAL for TEACHERS, Clarification of Terms, Psychotherapy: Purpose Process and Practice and Song of Prayer. The process during the first year is a weekly conference call on which the students read and discuss the Course.  


          The process during  the second year of the ministerial program continues to be the weekly conference call, however the students also have a  monthly rotating lesson partner which they call daily to read, and study the Lesson for the day.  In addition, the Students have a 'service commitment' which must be something that directly benefits the Community Miracles Center and must do volunteer work for a local non-profit organization for a year.


          Once the two years of commitments are completed, the students are ordained as "A Course in Miracles Ministers of the Community Miracles Center".  


          One of the lessons in the Course says, "When I am healed, I am not healed alone." And there is the idea throughout the Course that awakening is a 'collaborative venture'. As we made the journey through the text and lessons together with the other ministerial students, we were guided by the program to relate the material to our own lives and our own experiences.  This is what drew me to the program. The Teacher is the Student and the Student is the Teacher.  We journey to healing, hand in hand.  


CMC Staff 
Community Miracles Center Staff 

          What also drew me to this program is the ecumenical attitude exemplified by Reverend Tony.  It's the same ecumenical attitude that drew me toward YOGA in the 70's when I first began my spiritual journey.  Even as a child I felt inside that we are ALL GOD'S CHILDREN, with no one excluded.  


          And it is that same ecumenical spirit with which Reverend Tony wrote the lead article, "Politics and Spirituality" in the latest MIRACLES MONTHLY Magazine that lets me know the CMC speaks for my HEART.  


          Thank you Reverend Tony [and my dear Reverend Larry, now passed] for your inspiration, dedication and devotion to BEING the message of A COURSE IN MIRACLES.   


~Reja Janaki Joy Green
Co-Founder of Course in Miracles Society      


  For more information regarding Community Miracles Center please visit their website:





*Reja Janaki Joy Green  is one of the founding members of the Course in Miracles Society [CIMS]; She teaches Hatha Yoga and hostChris and Joy Green [Reja]s Facebook Groups:  ACIM and Yoga & Hatha Yoga with Reja; She currently resides with her husband Chris Green in Omaha, NE.

Dare To Be Happy  

Dare To Be Happy 
A Codependent ACIM Student

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          I have learned many helpful things from ACIM, but there has been a nagging block that has kept me in a frustrating state of fear. The principles it has taught me are irrefutable. Yet, I still have been afraid of relationships and generally judgmental, insecure, and narcissistic, just to name a few traits. My method for dealing with these flaws has been to "study harder", but I was still perplexed as to why I have relationship issues and why I am so hard on myself and others. Is this how everyone is? Is this what everyone is dealing with? Why do I have a great revelation one moment, but such a strong inclination toward judgment the next?


          I recently put myself in counseling (Which I believe everyone should do at least once a month no matter how well-adjusted you think you are. You might be surprised.) for wellness and also to work out any demons before I enter the counseling field myself. One issue that slowly began to rear its ugly head is codependency. I worked with my counselor on issues around work, romantic relationships, and family relationships, but they all seemed to have a common theme: guilt. A codependent lives in a hell of self-inflicted guilt. I am a codependent.


          Like many people, I grew up in a not-so-desirable family situation. I am a sensitive, reserved person so naturally I internalized all of the unhealthy things that I had been exposed to. I became a codependent. I will not go into a lengthy discussion on what a codependent is but I will list some traits here. I strongly urge anyone to take look inside and ask if you might have some codependency traits. I feel that everyone might benefit from an introspective look into how past unhealthiness may still be with us today.


          Codependents often: (adapted from Melody Beattie's "Codependent No More")


  • Are caretakers
  • Have low self worth
  • Repress feelings
  • Are controlling
  • Are in denial
  • Are dependent
  • Have poor communication skills
  • Have weak boundaries
  • Lack trust
  • Get angry often
  • Have problems in the bedroom  

          Does any of this sound familiar? It certainly struck a chord with me. I was not discouraged though. My "diagnosis" has been liberating. My "block" to learning ACIM has not been a lack of willingness or effort. It has been an unrecognized defense system that has been in place since I was a child. It had become a part of me.


          I've done much over the last few years to "slay my dragons" but there has been a beast hiding, out of awareness, that is much bigger and more fierce than all of them. It is the guilt monster and it is this that codependents are tortured by.


          If one looks at the list above, what is the underlying feeling in all of those traits? It is...




  Daniel Tipton **Daniel Tipton, a member of Course in Miracles Society, resides in Omaha, NE and is currently working on a masters degree in Counseling at UNO. Daniel is also one of the founding members of the new Miracle Cell Men's Team. He is in his second year of the 2 year ACIM Ministerial Program offered by the Community Miracles Center and will be assisting at the 2013 ACIM Conference which will be held in Chicago. 


More Conference Information here


Questions Regarding the Teachings of ACIM 

Q and A  

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QUESTION:   "The Course talks quite a bit about perception and projection, making it sound like we see things that are not really there.   Can you give me a tangible example?"

I recently wrote an article which answers this question, which I titled:

"A(n almost) Perfect Lesson for Course Students and Teachers."

Rather than start with all the reasons this is an example of a perfect lesson, I will relate them as we reach them.  This lesson contains the aspects of:
  • observation,
  • perception,
  • reaction,
  • judgment,
  • projection,
  • interpretation and ultimately
  • forgiveness.  

Ok, I gave away the list, but they may not be obvious as the lesson progresses.  I will point them out as we go.

While you may initially vehemently disagree, I guarantee that you will be totally wrong about something.  Count on it.  Make careful note of your observations...they are critical to the lesson, and your learning.  Most important, be honest with yourself as we progress.  Also, don't get upset about have been set up!!

First we are going to take a brief look at a sketch.   Our purpose is to observe as much as we can in the sketch in about 5 seconds.   You are going to be responsible for your own timing. Only you can control how long the sketch is available for viewing so be fair, and be honest.  Click here for the sketch.


After viewing the sketch you are directed to click the picture to continue to the rest of the article.





Once led to engage in full time ministry Robert (Bob) Sears 

as a Course teacher, Bob opted to become an   independent non-denominational minister so that he could teach a pure version of ACIM without the need to satisfy any particular denominational tenets.  Bob, originally from NY, now reside s in Southern California where he teaches in churches and home settings.  


Guidance from Elder Brother
As Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose
Love's Sunrise

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"BEING in this WORLD"

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE:  In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You.  


When You see the word 'YOU'  capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.    





This question is excellent, for the purpose of the Course is to bring Love back to the Son of God's awareness. Love is, of course, the answer. Thus is it the willingness to be kind to Your Brother, despite His attitude and His behavior.


Why is this when it isn't fair? Nothing in the dream is fair! Because it is the only way to Awaken from this useless dreaming. And the Course is given to free You from all long painful dreams, and there is no dreaming without pain, sooner or later. It's not about perpetuating dreams to make them 'pleasant'. It is the willingness - and it may take a lot! - to Love Your Brother.


How is this to be done? Again through willingness, the willingness to have a Holy Relationship with Every One. No playing favorites. Love Your bitchy boss as if She were Your brand-new grandchild. The man on death row. Those planning mass control and extinction. The 'friend' that never paid back what He owed. The cop who gave a speeding ticket when You know You weren't. The judge who believed Him instead of You. See beauty in the face of every colour and expression. The Love You will to give is but a choice.


Now have You an opportunity to choose again. For that is what it takes. Lack of Love is but a "faulty choice". Now You know the necessity to make a better one. This time when You make the choice, let Me do it with You.


Imagine how the world will look to You, when You will to see Each One as Holy.






*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the book,"YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD'S LOVE."    






A Conference With the Scribes  

Be The Love Conference 

A rare appearance and special presentation by Brent Haskell, scribe of
"Journey Beyond Words", "The Other Voice", and "The Script is Written" 


  • Brent Haskell 
  • Gary Renard [Cindy Renard - CDs] 
  • Jayem [Jon Marc Hammer]  
  • David Schock  
  • Regina Dawn Akers 
  • Mari Perron 
  • Phoebe Lauren
  • Sylvain du Boullay 


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We want this to be your newsletter.  Please write us with your comments and suggestions.  Tell us about your ideas for articles and book reviews that would be of interest to our readers. Share poems and music and art!  

If you have written something that will be of interest to Course students, we would be happy to consider it for publication. 

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Course in Miracles Society

Presently all CIMS projects are wholly supported by free will gifts of time, talent, and money. If you would like to support any of the activities of the Society in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Because of the international character of CIMS, the internet is our primary means of communicating and collaborating.


CIMS is a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and donations are tax deductible.



ALSO, by means of your will or other estate plan, you can name "Course in Miracles Society"
as the beneficiary of a portion of your estate, or of particular assets in your estate.
In this way, you are honoring your loved ones while also providing critical support to the extension of LOVE.