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Jan-Feb, 2014 - In This Issue:
Love's FrequencyPhoto by Mitzi Condit NM, USA

"Father, today I leave creation free to be itself. I honor all its parts, in which I am included. We are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must shine in all of us as one."  


A Course in Miracles ~ Original Edition Lesson 243 

"Today I will judge nothing that occurs."   

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The CIMS Bi-Monthly eMagazine is made possible by you. These issues are filled with the collaborative effort of students of A Course in Miracles, like yourself, who share artwork, new books, movies, poems, music, answers to those questions we keep pondering and Guidance.

Many Course students seem to be gravitating toward the same types of books. One of those subjects is the life of Jesus. Bette Jean Cundiff, who has been a contributor to the Course Community for over thirty years, has a new book called: "Snapshots of Jesus Through the Lens of History."  Previously, CIMS was selected to write the forward to one of Bette's books, "Sacred Steps: A Program of Soul Progression based on Ancient Yoga and A Course in Miracles.


A movie chosen as one of the 30 top Transformational Films by "AwareGuide" in 2012 was "3 Magic Words" based on the book by U.S. Andersen in 1954 called, "Three Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty". If you have Amazon PRIME, you can view it for FREE!  


Music and Sounds can be very healing. How many times do songs we have heard many years ago stay in the depths of our hearts to be cherished forever. The New Troubadours is a group that was formed by David Spangler and his friends while they were at Findhorn, Scotland in the 1970's.  Their music is still available and is showcased in our MUSIC section this issue. [Free download available] 
It came to the attention of CIMS during our last 'Leap Year' that there are quite a few ACIM students living on the other side of our beautiful planet. Due to the time differences they were receiving the DAILY LESSON Mailings in the afternoon. One of those students recently shared how blessed she was when CIMS started the "One Day Early Mailing List ". [That list has over 200 people on it!] And now that grateful student from 'Down Under' has blessed CIMS with the submission of her inspired poem calledSurrender". 


The  Question and Answer category addresses questions that seem to plague our study of A Course in Miracles. Certain questions keep popping up, over and over. One question that keeps arising in the CIMS ACIM Study Group is: "
How do we release our past conditioning which effects how we perceive everything in this world and keeps us stuck in illusion and away from knowledge?" 


In lieu of ELDER BROTHER'S Guidance this issue, we offer a transcript from an ACIM Study Group of the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles [NWFFACIM

]. The transcript is of a talk given by Rajpur [the Individuality known as Jesus] through Paul Tuttle and is exceptional!

Joe Wolfe, founder of "The Spirit Light Outreach" a vehicle to aide those who are incarcerated find spiritual support program, has just released a brand new book: "In Warm Blood: The Power of Authentic Forgiveness". Joe's own story was published in the January 2010 issue of this CIM eMagazine: "ACIM in Prison". CIMS offers free copies of A Course in Miracles to The Spirit Light Outreach program to be given prisoners who have requested them, although postage is always needed.  If you feel inspired to give to this worthy endeavor, please click here.


We are also continuing to publish information regarding our TRANSLATION PROJECT.  If you are inspired to give a tax deductible contribution to these efforts Please Click Here.

This eMagazine is provided as a courtesy to our friends, customers, and business associates to keep you updated on ACIM related issues, to provide articles of interest to Course students, and to share information about events and other topics of current interest.


Please send all submissions for this eMagazine to our editor: Rev Reja Joy Green



By Bette Jean Cundiff
Snapshots of Jesus Just think of modern slang, political scandals and complaints, 'in' jokes and the growing distance between well written English and a teen's tweets. The mind boggles. Now, we begin to understand the gulf between understanding another culture, no less another time period. Understanding the 40s and 50s is hard enough-two thousand years is almost ridiculous. However, though surmounting this chasm is the first step in making sense of any 'snapshot' of the life and times of Jesus and will demand a whole bunch of research, I am officially retired. I have to admit the prospect sounds like fun.  Article

Spiritually Minded Movies
3 Magic Words IMDb: 3 Magic Words (2010)

"A woman awakens with amnesia after a suicide attempt, and her quest to find the meaning of life introduces her to a great spiritual philosophy. Her self-discovery becomes a real-life primer in new age consciousness."  Article

The New Troubadours
The New Troubadours If you remember FINDHORD and that magical era of the 70's, this music will transport you to those times. The Vintage Best of the New Troubadours CD has been compiled by Mike Scott and contains the original recordings by David Spangler, Kathi Lightstone (lead vocals), Milenko Matanovic (guitar), Lark Batteau (guitar, vocals), Jewels Manchester (vocals) and Jim Bronson (double bass). [Free Download included]  Article

Poem by Gloria Oelman
Joyous Surrender "There have been two defining moments in my life. A profound vision  of Jesus during the time my husband was dying of cancer in 1996 and the Course finding me two years after his death. There is no doubt in my mind that the two events are linked, especially as where I live in South Australia, ACIM is still relatively unknown.  I don't know where I would be without the internet and was delighted when CIMS began sending their daily lessons early for those of us in the southern hemisphere. I recently started a blog which explores the connection between dreams and reality and will be adding Course content as the blog develops."  Poem 


By Rev Reja Joy Green
Questions and Answers A question asked repeatedly by students of A Course in Miracles is:
"How do we release our past conditioning which effects how we perceive everything in this world and keeps us stuck in illusion and away from knowledge?"   Learn More

Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles





January 14th 2014


We're going to be talking about an interesting topic, one that in many ways we've talked about before, but not quite the way we're going to talk about it tonight.


You've heard me refer to everyone as the holy Sons and Daughters of God. You've heard me make it clear that every single one of you is divine even though you believe otherwise. And you've heard me refer to you as Brothers and Sisters of mine.


Now even though we have discussed this at length, there is a persistent habit of perception that gets in the way of the fulfillment of the Meaning of those words.The persistent perception is that you are human beings-that you are born, that you grow up and as you grow up you learn.  And a lot of your learning is done through classes and books.  And as you move into adulthood, the sorts of things that you choose to learn about become more varied.  And you choose books about all kinds of topics including spirituality and religion.  And you gain comfort from your learning as you age and eventually die. Learn More

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