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Mar-Apr, 2014 In This Issue:
Nature's Whisper

1 "Each day, each hour, every instant, I am choosing what I want to look upon, the sounds I want to hear, the witnesses to what I want to be the truth for me. Today I choose to look upon what Christ would have me see, to listen to God's Voice, and seek the witnesses to what is true in God's creation."  


A Course in Miracles ~ Lesson 271  

"Christ's is the vision I will use today."   

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The CIMS Bi-Monthly eMagazine is made possible by you. These issues are filled with the collaborative efforts of students of A Course in Miracles, like yourself, who share artwork, new books, movies, poems, products, Questions & Answers as well as Guidance.

In our ACIM Book section, CIMS is happy to announce a new book by Jon Mundy! " Lesson 101: Perfect Happiness ~ A Path to Joy from A Course in Miracles", due to be in stock at Amazon on May 3rd.

If you have never seen the movie " Defending your Life" or if it has been awhile since watching it, please treat yourself to a viewing. This movie will make you laugh until you cry and make you weep tears of recognition and love. Bring tissues!

Carol Howe, biographer of the life of Bill Thetford co-scribe of A Course in Miracles, has completed Video 6 in the 8 Tape Series "SEE HOW LIFE WORKS". Video 6 is on "Healing" and looks at the stilling of the "critical voice" to allow our innate Peace to come forward.

N ear-Death Experiences are now being shared more and more openly. We see these experiences shared in books and recently in movies as well. CIMS member "maz", the voice of the Daily Lessons and head of our Translations Project, has given a glimpse into his own NDE in his poem, "UH Wah Ha Ha Haa". 

"Heaven is for Real" is a movie, currently in our local theaters, based on a book written by Todd Burpo about his 4 year old son's near death experience.

The Question & Answer category addresses questions asked within the Course community. Recently the question was asked, "What is evil?" and was answered by participants of the ACIM DAILY TEXT Conference Call.

Guidance from Elder Brother in this issue is the gentle urging "Start Awakening", scribed by Sun~Rose.

CIMS continues to offer free copies of A Course in Miracles to The Spirit Light Outreach program to be sent to prisoners who have requested them. Postage for this project, however, is always needed. If you feel inspired to give to this worthy endeavor, please click here

We are also continuing to publish information regarding our TRANSLATION PROJECT.

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Lesson 101:
By Jon Mundy PhD
Lesson 101
Back Cover:
"This is a book about Hope, Home, Happiness, and Heaven.
It's about Light, Life, Laughter, and Love.
It's about Truth, Trust, and Timelessness.
It's about God, Goodness, and Grace.
Defending Your
Spiritually Minded Movies
Defending Your Life Defending Your Life (1991) 112 mins

Synopsis from Fandango: " Albert Brooks wrote, directed, and stars in this philosophical comedy about a man having a hard time making a case for himself in the afterlife. When advertising executive Daniel Miller (Albert Brooks) finds himself in a fatal car crash minutes after taking delivery on a new BMW, he's whisked away to Judgment City, where the recently dead are put on a sort of trial to decide their fate. If in your time on Earth you were able to face your fears and learn from your mistakes, you get to move on to a life in a better world. However, if you didn't, you have to go back to Earth and try again. As he spends the next several days watching various episodes from his life, Daniel gets the impression he doesn't stand much of a chance of moving on -- ." 

By Carol Howe
See How Life Works Video 6 From SEE HOW LIFE WORKS:
"Self-absorption and resentments imprison us, cause relentless internal conflict, and deprive us of the happiness that is our birthright. Discover how to still the 'critical voice' and allow peace to return, reflecting - miraculously - in a healed experience of all aspects of life - relationships, bodies, finances and more."
DVD. 1Hr and 49Min."


UH Wah Ha Ha Haa...NDE poem
Poem by martin weber-caspers [maz]
Uh-Wah-Ha "These words are written with awe. Praise to our Creator, endless Praise, and us, His Son. This writing is an attempt to communicate what was revealed to me during my NDE.


"The major part of the experience was beyond what I could possible report. I assume my being was emerged in Knowledge outside of the realm of perception. The other parts were less abstract, which means to say I had an observing capability, and while the experience happened I was aware, aware of the movement and total ecstasy of Creation and Communication. It is not possible to describe the experience beyond what is written here now, but it is important enough to try." Poem 


Heaven is for
Colton Burpo's "A Glimpse of Heaven"
Heaven is Real
Click Picture for Book
AMAZON Product Description

"When four-year-old Colton Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy his family was overjoyed at his miraculous survival. What they weren't expecting, though, was the story that emerged in the following months-a story as beautiful as it was extraordinary, detailing their little boy's trip to heaven and back.

This true story, retold by his father but using Colton's uniquely simple words, offers a glimpse of the world that awaits us, where as Colton says, "Nobody is old and nobody wears glasses."

Heaven is for Real will forever change the way you think of eternity, offering the chance to see, and believe like a child."   


This book written by his father, Todd Burpo and is Colton's account is now a movie in theaters near you    

By Participants of ACIM Conference Calls

During a recent ACIM TEXT Conference Call, where ACIM Students from across the continent join to read the ACIM OE Text, a question came up: What is evil? 

Several of the Call participants of the Monday through Friday early morning Text Conference Call shared how they would answer that question. 
 Learn More  

Scribed by Sun~Rose

Start Awakening 

Start Awakening


Let's begin a new conversation on the topic of Awakening, which is the purpose of A Course In Miracles. The dream has gone on long enough. It's time to wake up. Your world is entering another period of - shall I call it some uncomfortable 'incentive' for You to awaken.


The promise of eternal joy and everlasting peace and Love has not been enough to interest You.  Avoidance of pain and great discomfort is more effective.



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