Published Monday, May 30 2022
This Wednesday at NOON
Central Oklahoma Home Builders
As our readers know, Bob Linn has, with the help of subject matter expert Steve Anderson, been asking questions of the Oklahoma Department of Health this past year.

The inquiries have highlighted the State Auditor and Inspector, Cindy Byrd.

In response to some of those in the community, OCPAC has extended an invitation to Cindy Byrd to speak at our weekly luncheon meeting.

She has been given the freedom to address any issues she chooses.
Paul Blair speaks to pastor groups in a variety of states urging them to consider the serious nature of the Biblical mandate of the shepherd.

Mandates which include the obligation to both guard and protect the flock under their care.

It is the pastor who is responsible to stop the onslaught of wolves who impinge on the family through contamination of our schools, churches, entertainment, and institutions.

Paul will discuss the relationship between the church, government, and the organizations who seek to shape our state through their political engagement.
Kristen Thompson was recruited to challenge Senator Jake Merrick. who OCPAC endorsed in 2020. Jake will be speaking on his own behalf in a week or so.

Jake was one of two noted conservatives who voted "no" on Senate Bill 1647, the "money follows the child" bill. Senator David Bullard was the other. There were some in the conservative camp who thought the bill might, in time, find one or more unwelcome strings attached.
To see why this was a bill high on the OCPAC list of legislative endeavors, review our March 21 Newsletter here.

Because Jake has been an indispensable and consistent defender of other conservative causes, OCPAC has not backed away from its endorsement of two years ago.

The issue has created some interest within OCPAC, and in response, we have asked Senator Merrick's challenger, Kristen Thompson to speak this Wednesday.

Politics can be so complicated!
Central Oklahoma Home Builders
11:00 AM Doors open
11:30 AM Lunch
NOON to 1:15 PM Meeting

Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association
420 East Britton Road, OKC, OK 73114

Central Oklahoma Home Builders
420 East Britton Road, OKC, OK 73114
Doors open 11:00 AM
Lunch 11:30 AM
Meeting NOON to 1:15 PM

Entry: $5
Lunch and entrance: $15

FREE to those 18-years old and under
FREE to college students 21-years old and under.

Table of Contents

Uvalde and America's Sheep

Right the Ship in
Oklahoma's Classrooms

Jackson Lahmeyer
Jessica Jean Garrison

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Uvalde and America's Sheep
Last week, former Yale professor, William Deresiewicz, published his article, We Aren't Raising Adults. We Are Breeding Very Excellent Sheep.

Reflecting on the students he taught at Yale, he notes that:

Our elite college graduates know how to imitate, but they don’t know how to be independent.

His comments have direct bearing on the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

The timidity, the frailty, and the uncertainty on display by authorities at Robb Elementary and Uvalde, Texas law enforcement is a reflection of the dearth of strong leadership among an American people whose moral compass is marked only with points of ambiguity.
According to the timeline published by the Wall Street Journal, the mass shooting took place over a period of about an hour and a half and began with an 11:30 a.m. call to 911 from a teacher citing a man with a gun. The gunman began shooting at the school from the parking lot at 11:31 a.m.
The intruder fired on the school from the parking lot for about five minutes before entering a school classroom. Once in the classroom, he closed the door and began firing.

In addition to shooting children, he fired through the door at seven Uvalde Police officers who inexplicably did not shatter the door’s latch to eliminate the threat.

Soon, the number of officers and border patrol agents grew to nineteen. For 45 minutes, these nineteen adults lingered outside the classroom door, standing in the hall with the timidity of sheep.

Almost an hour and a half after the first call to 911, a key was used to open the door and do what should have been done before many of these children bled to death.
In another article, the Wall Street Journal pointed out that during this time, numerous calls for help from children with cell phones were made.

One child called to whisper that people were dead and begged:
Please send the police now.

This article is a must-read. The contemptibly inane, insipid, and imbecilic behavior of those adults on the scene last Tuesday, May 24, 2022 is beyond comprehension.

The inexplicable stupor of those who were once thought of by Uvalde residents as community leaders reminds me of America’s cultural decay over the past century.
When Dr. Deresiewicz wrote last week about his Yale students, he said:

I had some vivid, idiosyncratic students—people who went on to write novels, devote themselves to their church, or just wander the world for a few years. But mostly I taught what one of them herself called “excellent sheep.

These students were excellent, technically speaking. They were smart, focused, and ferociously hard-working.

But they were also sheep: stunted in their sense of purpose, waiting meekly for direction, frequently anxious and lost.

I was so struck by this—that our “best and brightest” students are so often as helpless as children—that I wrote a book about it.


Order Excellent Sheep at Bill Deresiewicz here.

Order Excellent Sheep at Amazon here.

Deresiewicz bemoans the fact that "College is now regarded as the last stage of childhood, not the first of adulthood” and is creating a society “That will never draw a line, that will always ultimately yield."
I heard a Chinese citizen speak once and was a bit stunned at his sheep-like demeanor.

The damage to this person’s manhood by a demonic tyranny which has drained the divine essence of its people is reprehensible.

It seems we now see multiple generations of Americans who have had the roots of their humanity removed as they live life as cowardly members of a society composed of the timid, imbecilic, and ungodly downtrodden waiting to be told who they are and what they should do.

On this Memorial Day, we remember the brave who gave their lives that we might be free. We thank God for them and pray for a generation of Americans who will model the Godly courage upon which nations are built.
We are in desperate need of returning to our foundations.

Thank you for your activism.

I'll see you Wednesday!
Help the Ryan Walters Campaign for
State Superintendent
I'll see you this Wednesday's luncheon!

11:00 AM Doors open
11:30 AM Lunch
NOON to 1:15 PM Meeting

Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association
420 East Britton Road, OKC, OK 73114

God bless!


Jackson Lahmeyer made a number of points which made quite a convincing argument for the importance of his campaign. He spoke of his legislative vision for:

Millstone Act

This is similar to the ideas of conservative Oklahoma Senator Rob Standridge. It would ban the teaching of lewd sexual and racist ideology in government schools.

Protect America's Homeland

This is a proposal to make illegal the sale of America's real estate to foreign nationals and their representatives . The thousands of acres of American soil currently held by foreign nationals would be auctioned to legitimate buyers.

To hear his entire presentation, find Jackson at the 21-minute mark.

Watch him on Rumble here.
Watch him on Facebook here.

Find his website here.
Roger Stone made a surprise appearance by zoom and made some fascinating observations about the movements in the U.S. Senate race.

Find him at the 30-minute mark here and here.

Jessica Jean Garrison spoke about her upbringing and desire to see a conservative Oklahoma.

Find her comments at the 13-minute mark here.

Watch her on Rumble here.
Watch her on Facebook here.
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