South Miami City News & Updates
July 8, 2020 | Issue 14
CIP is considered the blueprint for City spending
The South Miami City Commission conducted a Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Workshop last week to discuss a wide range of municipal works under consideration throughout the City for the 2020-21 fiscal year.

The July 2 meeting was the first in a series of workshops and budget hearings during which Commissioners will review and ultimately vote on specific expenditures to be included in next year’s operating budget.

Following is a Q & A with the City Manager’s Office that should shed a little light on the overall CIP plan:

Q.   What does the term “Capital Improvement” mean?
A.  Capital Improvements are the way by which we build pride in our city through the enhancement of roadways, parks, facilities, and infrastructure that improve the quality of life – while providing a pathway to prosperity for those who experience the City of South Miami.
The Management within the CIP Division directs the planning, design, and construction process for new and renovated City facilities. CIP projects range anywhere from small facility renovations and roadway segments to million dollar construction programs, paid for by the different revenues sought each fiscal year. 

Q.  What is the purpose of a Capital Improvement Projects plan?
A.  Considered the blueprint for planning citywide expenditures, the Capital Improvements Projects (CIP) program is one of the most important responsibilities of our local government officials. It is the City’s short-range plan that identifies capital projects and equipment purchases, provides a planning schedule, and identifies the sources for funding.

Q.   Some of the expenditures in the CIP are ongoing?
A.  Yes, several of the line items we see year-over-year are related to core citywide services like ongoing scheduled street work, sidewalk maintenance; stormwater drainage, and parks enhancements.

Q.  What are some the major projects included in the $4.7 million plan this coming fiscal year?
A.  Following is a selection proposed projects for FY2020-2021 and their estimated costs:

  • Traffic Calming, $250,000
  • Street Improvements/Resurfacing, $420,000
  • All America: Natural Play Elements - City Parks, $25,000
  • Citywide ADA Transition-Plan Improvements, $50,000
  • Design of 2 Add'l Tennis Courts, $150,000; and a New Building, $100,000 - Dante Fascell Park
  • K9 Artificial Turf - Dog Park, $50,000
  • Lake Perimeter Asphalt Trail Construction - Fuchs Park, $200,000
  • Sidewalks & Park Infrastructure & Landscaping - Marshall Williamson Park, $173,679
  • Playground & Fitness Outdoor Equipment - South Miami Park, $150,000
  • New Park Improvements (Phase I) - 7435 SW 66 Ave., $150,000
  • City “Welcome” Signs, $350,000
  • Solar for Government Buildings, $ 200,000
  • Sidewalk Improvements, $150,000
  • Service Line Connection to County Water, $1.1 million
Q.  What were some of the major projects in FY2019-2020?
A.  They included items such as:

  • Traffic Calming Road Reduction & Devices, $270,318
  • Bike Lane & Road Improvements - SW 64 St., $544,916
  • Design & Roadway Reconstruction - SW 62 Ave., $540,000
  • Road Resurfacing & Sharrows, approx. $ 345,000
  • Total of Park Improvements, $868,000
Q.  Where can I get further details?
A.   The Agenda Packet for the July 2 CIP Workshop, on the City website, offers links to spreadsheets that show in great detail items that were under consideration at the time of that meeting. Please note, these are neither the final figures nor the final projects. The Commission will continue to review the CIP during upcoming workshops and hearings. Stay tuned .
City Parks & Rec Dept. amends reopening plans
South Miami Parks & Recreation has temporarily suspended summer camp at Gibson-Bethel Community Center (effective July 6) and is rolling back reopening of other programs and facilities, due to the resurgence of COVID-19. If conditions improve, the City will consider reopening these amenities and programs at month's end. Get the latest on the Parks reopening plans on the City website.