CIRS Newsletter Vol 22
18 Oct 2012  
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1. China MEP publishes order no. 22
2. ECHA advises companies to check company info in REACH-IT
3. ECHA publishes new REACH registration statistics
4. ECHA requests registrants to update intermediate dossier
5. CRC calls companies to submit annual activity report
6. China SFDA publishes the third batch of IECSC
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Last Call to Register for 
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Chemical Management Poclies Dialogue - China, Korea and Japan
29-31 Oct 2012 | Hangzhou
CIRS will attend chemical management policies dialogue between China, Korea & Japan in Hangzhou. More info about this event can be found here.

China New Substance Notification Training
21 Nov 2012 | Taipei

Invited by Safety and Health Technology Center (SAHTECH) in Taiwan, CIRS will give practical training to companies in Taiwan about how to notify new substances in mainland China.
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Yesterday the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection(MEP) has released the Measures (MEP's order No. 22) for Environmental Administration Registration of Hazardous Chemicals. This new measures will enter into force on 1st March 2013. Existing hazardous chemicals will also need to be registered with MEP in China from March 2013 according to the new measures. In addition to registration, there will be more reporting obligations. 


CIRS has interpreted this regulation to help you better understand this new regulation and its impact on your business in China. 

This article can be found here.


We hope you will enjoy the article and the rest of regulatory updates in this newsletter.


best regards,


CIRS Regulatory Team.

ECHA advises companies to check their company information in REACH-IT


17 Oct 2012, This week ECHA have announced some of the details surrounding the latest update to REACH-IT. The latest feature will allow registrants to see a list of the legal entities that have received an inquiry or registration number for the same substance. Meanwhile the Co-Registrants page will provide real time information on the identity, the contact details of other registrants and their role in the joint submission. As a result the extra transparency associated with this new feature, ECHA advises companies to check their company information in REACH-IT. 


More info can be found here.

ECHA makes available new REACH Registration Statistics 


3 October 2012, ECHA has begun publishing new statistics detailing the origin and types of REACH registration dossiers that they have received. Companies can now search more useful information from ECHA's website. 


More info can be found here

ECHA requests 574 registrants to update their intermediate dossiers


14 Sept 2012, ECHA has sent letters to 574 registrants to request them to review and update their intermediate dossiers with correct information over the next three months. 


More info can be found here.

Chemical Registration Centre(CRC) asks 185 new substance notifiers to submit annual activity report 


18 Oct 2012, CRC has published a notice to request 185 new substance notifiers to submit annual activity report before 1st Nov. According to the article 36 of MEP's order No.7, certificate holder of simplified notification shall submit the actual volume of manufacture or import of the new chemical substance for the previous year before 1 Feb of each calendar year. Those 185 companies have failed to submit annual acitivity report required by this regulation.


For more info can be found here.

China State Council adds 2-Chlorophenyl cyclopentyl ketone to the list of category I precursor chemicals


21 Sept 2012, China State Council has approved to list 2-Chlorophenyl cyclopentyl ketone, with CAS 6740-85-8 and HS code 2914399014, in the first category of precursor chemicals in the Regulation on the Administration of Precursor Chemicals. This will impose strict management controls on commercial activities such as manufacturing, transportation, operating and import/export from 15th Sep 2012. 


For more info about how precursor chemicals are regulated in China, please click here.

China SFDA publishes the last batch of the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredient in China (IECIC) for consultations.


18 Sept 2012, China SFDA published the third batch of the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredient in China (IECIC) for public consultations. The deadline for comments is 30 Sept 2012. There are 1356 ingredients in this batch. We have contacted the SFDA and have revieved their confirmation that this batch is the last batch of IECIC released for consultations. 


To download all three batches of the IECIC, please click here.

Presentation on How Biocides Are Regulated in China Is Now Available.


On 14 Spet 2012, Mr David Wan & Ms Ema Huang gave a presentation regarding how the different types of biocides are currently regulated in China and what kind of data is required for pre-market registration. More than 80 companies worldwide have attended this webinar. The presentation contains very good comparaitve data between EU BPD & related biocidal regulations in China. If you are interested in this presentation and the area of Biocides, please contact Mr David Wan ( 

Presentation for SCHC Fall Meeting Available for Download


It was an honor for CIRS to be invited to give a presentation about Chinese chemical regulatory updates at SCHC fall meeting held in US last month. If you did not get the opportunity to attend this meeting and would like to receive a review of chemical regulatory updates for China from 2011 to 2012, you may get it for free today from SCHC's website.



CW Webinar Sponsored by CIRS Successfully Held

Many of you might have attended CW's webinar last month regarding the latest rules of HazChem registrations in China, Rhodia's experience with new substance notification and the latest updates of new cosmetic ingredient regulations and new food contact additives in China. If you missed it, you can now download it from CW's website for free: | China | Ireland 
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