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First and foremost, let me use this space and time to thank Dr. Anthony Chow for his exemplary service as a CIS board member for the past three years. We will sorely miss Dr. Chow as the chief architect of our strategic plan and avid advocate for our work. Dr. Chow is taking his talents to San Jose State where he will serve as the director of the iSchool.
Simultaneously, we welcome with open arms and great enthusiasm new members of our Board: Dr. Michael Hemphill (professor, UNCG, personal and social responsibility through sport), Dr. Sandra Westervelt (criminologist, retired, UNCG), Dr. Ann Beamon (consultant, Fayetteville State University, advancement), Philip Craft (marketing, Cone Health), and John Russell (owner, J&R Air System). We thank each of them in advance for dedicating their time, talent and “treasure” to our work over the next three years.

Checking in on the plans for the boys who graduated this year from Smith and the AAMI, I received mostly good news.  The young men are either working and/or planning to go to school next year. However, one of the boys, according to Rashard Jones, has not confirmed plans as he is currently afraid to leave home. Covid has turned him into a “Co-vert”, preferring the safety of his home to the variant- laced environment that threatens to send us scurrying for safety once again. This made me look at some CDC data on this subject, learning that recent weeks have shown an increase in COVID-19-related hospitalizations for all age groups, with adults ages 18-49 accounting for the largest increases. A parallel research project from the National Institute of Mental Health identified risk factors for elevated anxiety levels in our adults during C-19. The research found that those who were extremely cautious, fearful and uneasy with unfamiliar people and situations as children were more likely to suffer from increased anxiety during the pandemic.

Our point: let us, schools and community, remember to wrap our arms around the social and emotional needs of our schoolchildren as they return safely to the arms of our schools.
Donor Spotlight!
I was once told that in order to be successful you must identify and emulate those who have achieved success. This reflects why I support CIS and the work that they do. I had the privilege of talking to a number of young women and men in our CIS program and they all said that they loved being part of CIS and...
Community Partner Shout-Out: Children's Home Society!!!
CISGG couldn’t do the impactful work that it performs without key partners in the community like the Children’s Home Society (CHS)! CHS is one of CISGG’s most critical partnerships and continues to support CIS' mission and goals. 
The relationship began when both organizations aimed to help pregnant, young women at the Middle College at Bennett. During that time, 25% of the student population were pregnant, teen girls. CISGG, CHS and the YWCA collaborated to offer extensive wrap-around services to the young ladies on campus. The results were astonishing. Currently, CISGG and CHS have a working relationship that serves the needs of CIS families on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, CISGG and CHS are working on launching a trauma-informed care workshop sponsored by the Women’s Professional Forum with thirty young ladies from Dudley and Smith in the fall.

We asked Dr. Sebrina Cooke-Davis, our liaison at Children’s Home Society, to comment on the connection. She responded as follows: “No organization has the ability to serve families in the capacity as CIS does. We are proud to be a part of their unique model housed at the school site. We look forward to continuing to do what we can to surround students with a community of support and empower them to stay in school. We are more dynamic together!”
Teammates Enhancing Every Moment (TEEM)!
Teacher, preacher, coach, husband, father of eight, entrepreneur, artist…The list goes on and on. Offering a description of Rashard Jones, director, African- American Male Mentoring Initiative (AAMI) could go for pages!
Building Social Emotional Competencies Through Integrated Student Supports - Study
CIS' Integrated Student Supports model encourages Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by including individualized support and a trusting relationship between a student and a coordinator. In addition, CIS gives students spaces and resources that empower them to overcome the challenges they face and succeed in school and beyond.
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