Dear Friends,

Mental Health Awareness Month
There has probably not been a greater need to talk publicly about mental health than the time we have experienced during the pandemic. We forced children and adults to stay home and severed many of their mental health lifelines as a consequence. At CISSC we are dealing with more trauma in children than ever. 

We continue to work with students one on one, but have added a number of groups and we will have more next year. Our staff received in depth trauma training with funds from Providence and also motivational interviewing with a grant from the Morningstar Foundation. We recently received a three year grant from the Avista Foundation to have a part time MSW that can train our people and supervise MSW students.

We aspire to bring more mental health services from the community into the schools and believe we will be successful. We are not growing enough clinical people in Washington to meet the needs of our population. When we talk about mental health, we need to think more broadly if we want to provide even a minimal level of assistance. 

PrimeTime Mentoring is an excellent example of addressing a child’s mental health without being a therapist! In a normal year we would have close to 500 mentors and that means 500 children who get to have a positive interaction with an adult during or after the school day. 

Support from Spokane County United Way, STCU, and many of our mentors has allowed us to keep this program going, even in the pandemic. We are recruiting for 21-22 right now, so please click on the link to learn how YOU can become a mentor and be that positive influence in a child’s life. There is now evidence from the Washington State Institute on Public Policy that students with mentors go to school more often, so that should really motivate you!
In the final analysis, can we just advocate for all of us to try and get along? Adults need to be examples and we all need some extra kindness at the moment. Thanks.


Chuck Teegarden
Executive Director
CIS Superstars

Central Valley School District Site Coordinator Sierra Campbell Receives Meritorious Award!

Sierra Campbell, Site Coordinator at Opportunity Elementary was nominated by a parent for the impact she had on her daughter. Sierra was honored to receive this award for the Central Valley School District.

The student's parent wrote the following in recommendation:

" My daughter recently started at Opportunity Elementary due to us moving and she was very nervous about the change. I spoke with Sierra Campbell about our challenges at the moment and she said she would look into what she could do to help us. I got a call back from her in less than an hour with numerous way she could help. She met with my daughter that day and was so nice and made her feel so comfortable and welcomed that she is over her worry and nervousness, I have gotten regular calls and emails from her checking in on us. I have never had experience with such a caring person from a school. She truly is the best and deserves to be recognized for her thoughtfulness and caring for others."

We are so proud to have Sierra Campbell as part of the CISSC team- WAY TO GO SIERRA!
What's Cooking at McDonald Elementary
Holly Haneke-Site Coordinator
My success story this month centers on our cooking class that began after spring break. We are working with the head of nutrition services for Central Valley School District to provide a class for our caseload students, giving them tools to prepare simple, yet healthy snacks and meals with food items they would have at home, and without use of a stove. 

This class has been very successful, and our students in attendance have really enjoyed learning to make yogurt parfaits, healthy quesadillas, and more. 

They have all learned about the health benefits of various foods, along with the negative effects of unhealthy foods. We are excited to continue offering this class to more students here at McDonald.

 As a result of this cooking class, I discovered that one of my caseload students was not being fed breakfast in the mornings. His teacher had reached out to me about growing behavior issues prior to the start of the cooking class, so I planned to meet with him more frequently. When I discovered that he was not receiving breakfast, his teacher and I made a plan to get him fed at school upon his arrival. We are hoping that this healthy start to his day will help to improve some of the increasing behavior issues.  
Community Partners
Thank you BECU!
A big thanks to BECU. BECU donated whisks for the McDonald Elementary students for their cooking classes!
PrimeTime Mentoring & Tutoring

As the school year comes to an end, we want to take a moment to thank our mentor and tutoring volunteers! 

We realize this year has presented many challenges but despite it all the stories of encouragement and hope rise above it all and it has have been heartwarming to hear. 

We also know many of you were unable to connect with your student this year but we are hopeful we will be able to reconnect for in person mentoring at our previously supported, PrimeTime school in the fall.

Thank you again for your continued support for Communities In Schools and the students we serve. We will be reaching out to you in the fall regarding out 2021-2022 PrimeTime Mentoring launch.  
Our 3rd annual Blue Jean Ball was a success!

Even during a pandemic we were able to pull of a live and virtual fundraising event and raise $145,000!

We are so thankful for our volunteers and amazing sponsors that made this event possible and for all of the people that showed up and tuned in to help us raise money to support our sites in Cheney School District and Spokane Public Schools.

Thank you and we hope to see you at the ball next year!
Meet and Greet
Kendra Crowshoe
Site Coordinator
Lumen Highschool

Kendra Crowshoe is an enrolled member of Seneca-Cayuga Nation, and a resident in Spokane, WA. She is married and has three lovely children named Jayla, Jaden, and Henry. She has more than 12 years’ experience in the customer service field, and 4 years of experience working with health and wellness field working with adolescent youth at the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations in Spokane Valley, WA.

At the Healing Lodge, she served as both a skills coach on the female wing and as an Education Assistant where she worked with both adolescent males and females. Her experiences at the Healing Lodge allowed her to engage, motivate, teach, listen, advocate, and model skills and practices with adolescents in their substance abuse and mental health treatment.

She volunteered and organized activities to help promote their personal growth and support their treatment goals such as educational games, cultural activities, holiday activities, and ceremonies to promote their spiritual strength in treatment. Kendra also volunteers her time as a youth volleyball coach, and as an organizer for the Gathering at the Falls Powwow in Spokane, WA. Kendra enjoys engaging youth in fun and educational activities, sharing her knowledge and culture, and being a mentor and advocate for young people. 
Congratulations to Melody Chang New Vice President for the CISSC Board of Directors!

Melody has been a great addition the CISSC Board.

We are excited to have her on
as the new Vice President of the CISSC Board.

Melody truly believes in our mission. Being a previous music educator, Melody saw how many kids struggle at schools with little to no resources. 

She has volunteered with Rogers High School’s music and drama program in the past and has seen first-hand the challenges students can face in class. It’s hard for kids to focus when they haven’t eaten in days.
Melody saw that schools don’t have the resources to reach out directly for additional resources, but organizations like CISSC are placed in schools and do a wonderful job of making a difference in individual kids’ lives. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers!

We are in need of support from community members like you. Please see the volunteer opportunities listed below. Please contact our Volunteer Director, Kelley Hinrichs for more information.

PrimeTime Mentoring - Serve as a Virtual Mentor through our PrimeTime Mentoring Program. Do you have 30 minutes once a week? We have students waiting to be matched with you.

PrimeTime Tutor -  Serve as a Virtual Tutor for students needing educational support. Weekly sessions are 45 minutes in length. We will work to match you with your preferred student age/school subject. 

Click on the link below to sign up for PrimeTime Mentoring or PrimeTime Tutoring !