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Greetings CIT&CIP Community! September 2016 

News & Updates
CIT Int. Coordinator's Certification Course coming to Wisconsin

This November, members of the CIT International Board will travel to Madison Wisconsin  to offer their CIT International Coordinators Certification Course to all CIT&CIP partners. This is a  1-day 8 hour training that focuses on developing partnerships within your community, creating sustainability, and best practices to follow. 
The training will be offered of no charge to all CIT&CIP Wisconsin participants  through the NAMI Wisconsin CIT/CIP expansion grant. 
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Wisconsin CIT Advisory Committee

To meet the evolving needs of Wisconsin's CIT&CIP expansion, a statewide committee has been established. The Wisconsin CIT Advisory Committee contains leaders of regional representatives   who plan to develop a set of standards for CIT in WI, providing quality assurance and consistency. The committee will make statewide decisions at large involving the development of state resources and trainings, pre/post evaluations, data tracking, curriculum development, and provide support and guidance in developing local training teams. The committee contains CIT&CIP Wisconsin trainers,  law enforcement , state entities, NAMI affiliates, and more.

If you are interested in  joining  the Wisconsin CIT Advisory Committee, please contact Stacey Mohr, CIT/CIP Program Director of NAMI  Wisconsin . E:  P: (608) 268-6000.

Mark your Calendars!
Wisconsin's 20th Annual Crisis Intervention Conference:

Collaborative Crisis Prevention & Intervention
Featuring keynote speaker, Hank Steadman, Ph.D., President, Policy Research Associates, Inc. 

 29th-30th, 2016 
Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells, WI. 

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 CIT&CIP Wisconsin State Training Teams
    Welcoming our New CIT&CIP Wisconsin Trainin g T eams

Rock: With the help and guidance of the Waukesha CIT&CIP Training Team, Rock County will host their first CIT October 2016. Their team consists of NAMI Rock County, Beliot Police Dept., Janesville Police Dept., and Rock County Sheriff's Office.  

Walworth: Walworth County Dept. of Health and Human Services, Walworth Sheriff's Office, NAMI Walworth County, and other community partners are i n the process of coordinating their first CIT training for end of October-early November. 

Wood: With assistance from NAMI Wisconsin and the UW-Madison Police Dept., Wood county will host their first CIT training in early December  of this year. Their dedicated team is made up of members from Wood County Human Services, Wood County Sheriff's  Office , Marshfield Police Dept. and Wisconsin  Rapids
 Police Dept.  

Click here  for a full calendar of upcoming CIT and CIP trainings in Wisconsin. 
State Resources 
Voices is Action: A Resource for Consumers & Family  Members
Voices in Action is great resource for all CIT&CIP Wisconsin Training Teams. This interactive training teaches the skills to effectively tell your story of mental illness in order to inspire change. Providing this training as a resource for your consumer/family panel participants will help to prepare their story when speaking at CIT and CIP trainings. 
Preparing for the  Unimaginable : How Chiefs can Safeguard Officer Mental Health Before and After Mass C asualty 
This unique publication offers expert advice and practical tips for helping officers to heal emotionally, managing public reaction, dealing with the media, building relationships with other first  responder  agencies, and much more. But what makes this handbook especially helpful are the case studies and stories from the field contributed by chiefs, officers, and mental health professionals who have lived through traumatic incidents.   Click here  to view the PDF. 

To order a copy please contact: Stacey Mohr, CIT/CIP Program Director of NAMI 
Wisconsin.  E:  P: (608) 268-6000.

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