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December Newsletter
In this issue... Contractors & Personal Lines
Merry Christmas from your friends at CIU
CONTRACTORS OF ALL SORTS – General Contractors, Artisan/Trade Contractors, including Snow Removal Contractors, Roofers, Architects & Engineers, Environmental Contractors, Residential & Commercial New Construction & Remodeling, incl Tract Home Builders. MP’s as low as $525 on some artisan contractors. Coverage available include: CGL, Contractors Professional, Pollution, Inland Marine, Excess-Umbrella, etc. These are just some of the things we see and write a LOT of.
Are your Personal Lines clients ready for winter?   We suggest you discuss with them the importance of having furnaces checked, chimney’s swept, make sure smoke alarms are working and advise to not use space heaters.   If they have a vacant dwelling, they should winterize or maintain heat to prevent frozen pipes as it may not be covered on their vacant policy.   Help your personal lines customers to be prepared and let us help with any risks that do not fit your standard markets.   Send them to today for a quote. 
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