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Join in with Women Initiative's many programs to learn in variety ways of healing from traumatic events and difficult life circumstances. In addition to their individual counseling, they will be offering support groups, Sister Circle and Bienestar programs,
and other opportunities to release tension, develop mindfulness skills,
build relationships with peers and express your creative side

Education Work Group presents:
"De Raíces a Risas"
Creciendo Juntos and Agnor-Hurt Elementary School are collaborating this year to be a space where parents and their children can learn fun international games. It is a time to remember old childhood games that parents used to play and the music that children are learning now! Parents may also have the opportunity to meet their children's teachers and whom to talk to at school.

We will have music, games, food and Wildrock available on all dates.

Latinx Leaders Cville
Latinx Baile
Creciendo Junto's Latinx Leaders are currently planning a summer dance to raise money to fund our Latinx Student Art Scholarship. The scholarship’s mission is to provide academic financial assistance to Latinx artistic students by allowing them to attend school that could help their artistry and talents. Through this summer dance, we will be collaborating with The Art Bridge who will provide us a space to create this baile!

The baile will have Latin music, food, and community-building with the Latinx community! It will be hosted on July 27th 6:30pm to 10:00pm with Potter Craft's Cider presence as well.

The entrance will be donation-based and we will have raffles!

Venga con nosotros a celebrar nuestro comunidad Latinx con Creciendo Juntos y The Art Bridge.
The Mexican Consulate on Wheels are coming through July 22 through 26. Please note they will be coming to the Sin Barreras office, 1425 Seminole Trail, Charlottesville, VA 22901 (3rd floor of the BB&T bank)
All details are on the attached flyer.
We are excited to once again participate in Harmonía Concert: Benefit for Migrant Families and Children,

This event will be about musicians and community members came together support three important charitable organizations countering the humanitarian crisis occurring along our nation's Southernmost door.

Join us at this event on July 7th 4pm-8pm at IX Art Park
I feel a responsibility to do my bit to contribute in some way to leave a good legacy to future generations."
Veronica Espinosa
Could you tell us your name, age, what do you work in, where you are from?
My name is Veronica Espinosa and I am 33 years old, I am currently working as a cook in a restaurant and was born and raised in Mexico.
Could you tell us how you got here in Virginia? In Charlottesville?
I arrived to the United States in 2007 with my daughter who was four years old at the time. The reason we came was to reunite with some family members, but things didn’t go as I expected. So I went my way and decided to stay here to give myself and daughter a better life. 
How has being in Charlottesville shaped your experience as a Latinx individual?
My experience here in Charlottesville has not been easy, as a Latina, I’ve faced a lot of changes and challenges living here. For example, learning a new language and getting used to a whole different culture. I’ve had to learn on how to be able to give sound and recognition to my own culture and voice.
My greatest desire, rather than interest, is that we are more and more united as a community, especially in these moments where we live in very difficult times. 
Could you tell us about your interests and passions both in working with the Latinx community of Charlottesville and anything else you enjoy doing? 
My greatest desire, rather than interest, is that we are more and more united as a community, especially in these moments where we live in very difficult times. 
We know you’re an active volunteer member of Creciendo Juntos, could you tell us the experience of being with Creciendo Juntos?
My experience in Creciendo Juntos has been good since I have found a space where there are people who have the same interests that I do. A united, informed, compassionate, and educated community with more opportunities, respect, and courage.
What has helped you move forward and been a support on your path in being a community leader?
My number one passion is to help others and secondly, the desire to learn every day to be a better person for myself, my family, and my community. So, I have tried to take all the opportunities that have been presented to me such as being an active volunteer member for the community.
As you immerse yourself more in action and activism, what needs do you see in the community?
The needs are many and they are very clear. They range from better conditions of access to health, housing, and education. Even more awareness of the importance of factors as determinant for personality as emotional well-being or the recognition of our human rights and obligations as individuals.
How has being a parent made an impact in your community works?
As a mother, I feel worried about the future of this society where my daughter and future generations will continue to live. As a result, I feel a responsibility to do my bit to contribute in some way to leave a good legacy to future generations.
You’ve expressed strong interests in advocating for mental health resources being accessible for latinx community, could you explain why is that?
For me, it is one of the biggest pillars of change and the growth of community well-being. As we understand our emotions, we learn to accept them. We learn to manage them and channel them properly and then we will grow as a person. Over time, we become more compassionate and empathetic with ourselves and with those around us whether our own family and/or with society in general. Since majority of our Latinx community come from countries where the access of knowledge in mental health is almost non-existent, there has been more increases of depression and anxiety in children, youth, and adults. Also, the cases of bullying in schools and social networks and even at work in the case of adults. So, as a community, we should be more informed and aware of the help resources available to deal with this situation is that more and more frequently they are becoming present in our families and surroundings
As you are a strong community member, what are ways you feel we can learn to mobilize and advocate for the Latinx community? 
I think the most effective way is unity, respect and education among ourselves as a community 
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STEP Assistant 2019-20 School Year 
S hort Term Education Program (STEP): Alternative to out of school suspension. 
You're expected to provide a safe and supportive environment for students assigned to STEP to complete academic work provided by teachers. Implement STEP curriculum. You'll also be expected to collaborate with STEP school counselor to ensure social and emotional needs are met. Go to for full position description and application procedures.
Office Associate II - Monticello High - 2019-20 School Year (10 month)
Performs a wide variety of responsible office and clerical duties; does related work as required. The work involves the performance of specific routine operations and occasionally a few separate tasks or procedures. Work is performed under regular supervision. Click here for more information.
Office Associate III (12 months) - Baker-Butler Elementary - 2019-20 School Year
Performs a wide variety of specialized and/or difficult clerical and administrative duties. Work requires extensive knowledge of department, division, or section policies, procedures, and services and ability to communicate these to others. Tasks may require the ability to plan and carry out assignments. Does related work as required. Work often involves providing assistance to temporary help. Work is performed under regular supervision.   Click here for more information.
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