Ma Koreh?
What’s Happening?
April Newsletter
Welcome to the Newsletter! The Ma Koreh provides a brief overview into "what's happening" at CJDS. This month's issue features:

  • D'var Kesher
  • Photos of Virtual Learning
  • Special CJDS Video
  • Virtual Learning Testimonials
  • Community Milestones
  • Community Happenings
D’var Kesher from Head of School
Rachel Arcus-Goldberg
April 3, 2020 / 9 Nisan 5780
Leviticus 6:1-8:36
D'var Kesher:
Together while Apart

Three weeks ago, we launched CJDS Online in response to the Coronavirus and the order to close Ohio schools. As we worked to pull together materials to send home with students, converting lesson plans to work digitally, creating schedules for online learning and launching massive tutorials on the digital platform, I had one thought that kept circling through my mind. “The magic of CJDS is in our community. How can we maintain that from our homes?”

Normally, every grade starts the morning with Tefillah, prayer, and a morning meeting. Together, these two moments frame the day, set the tone and bring the group together after time apart. I decided that we needed to translate this on a school-wide level for the duration of our virtual learning. On our schedule of daily learning, we start each morning with Tefillah as a whole school. The Judaic Studies department, along with our Music and Visual Arts teachers, worked tirelessly the first week to create a seamless format allowing for parent and student voices, for all teachers to participate, and for all grades to access the Tefillot. 

Every morning, the whole community - students, parents and teachers, join together to share gratitude for what we have, prayers for those who are sick and those who are caring for them, traditional words of prayer and morning announcements. In this way, we have preserved the essence of the CJDS community, with the added silver lining of being able to regularly include parents and grandparents in both active roles and as observers. 

Though we are isolated and at home, CJDS has maintained warmth, connection and hope. I am so grateful for the incredible faculty and staff, and board of trustees through this crisis. It is their hard work and support that have allowed CJDS to flourish in a time of hardship. My favorite part of each day is hearing the children say goodbye when Tefillah ends. The chorus of voices, filled with joy and enthusiasm for the day ahead, reminds us all of the importance of the community that we are maintaining. 
Photos of Virtual Learning
Kindergartner Lexie and her brother Aron sharing their floating objects
Noam showing her Sink or Float data for Science
Ben working on "Will Moshe sink or float?" activity
Art and Science integration! Second grader Liav exploring and painting to see which spot evaporated fastest
First grader Marleigh painting and making a hypothesis about water evaporation
Ariella in first grade working on Hebrew with Morah Ari
First grader Ezra eager to show his drawing in Social Studies with Ms. Jodi
CJDS students and families enjoying Tefillah together
PE Teacher Ms. Palma showing students on live video how to get in position before doing 10 jump squats
The Moses family performing during our virtual All School Kabbalat Shabbat!
Ms. Hillah teaching the distributive property during virtual 6th grade math class
Ms. Jodi online teaching first grade math and how to breakdown greater-than and less-than
Special CJDS Video from Faculty & Staff
CJDS faculty and staff miss getting to see all of our students faces each day. We are so grateful we are still able to stay connected virtually. Sending lots of love to every single CJDS student, alumni, and community member. ❤️
Virtual Learning Testimonials
"THANK YOU for your incredible devotion to our students and your flexibility. We know how challenging and how much work this is and we are grateful to you all. THANK YOU for everything CJDS and those committed and fabulous teachers are doing for us and our children right now. HUGE HAKARAT HATOV!"

-Jay and Bat-Ami Moses, CJDS Parents
"Echoing thanks, on behalf of all of the parents, to all of you amazing teachers -- we thought you were great before, but now...just wow.
We are blessed."
-Stefanie Zelkind and Josh Feinberg, CJDS Parents
"After just two days of transitioning to online learning, I’m ready to give all of the teachers all of my money. Just take it!" 
-Gayle Kuhr, CJDS Parent
"CJDS has gone above and beyond to provide virtual learning and continue the feel of its amazing community for the students. The school was completely prepared to provide interactive learning pending a shutdown - Papers sent home, projects and schedules planned, and the confidence shared that everyone would get through this together. Holding daily virtual morning Tefillah has ensured each student/family feels connected to each other and the faculty; it is the perfect way to start each “school” day. CJDS has been a rock for us during this uncertain time. We love CJDS and this community."
- Katie and Shaun Rotenberg, CJDS Parents
"Thank you for a first beautiful Tefilah this morning. I cried (happy tears) when Annelyn said she was thinking of us in her heart from home. Asher beamed also feeling seen and held. I felt the depth of Yehudit's emet [the prayer Emet, almost meaning "truth"] in her powerful iyyun/focusing introduction. Rachel, as always, handled the setting of new norms by modeling respect, patience, kindness, and also seriousness, about boundary setting. I felt the care, love and courage of all of you being a nachshon stepping into these new pedagogical waters. As a parent, I can't thank you all enough for all that you are putting in of yourselves at this confusing and uncertain time for our kids and family. Yom Tov/Have a great day!"
-Dr. Tali and Benny Zelkowicz, CJDS Parents
"You are doing great work with the children."
-Dorit Dill, Jerusalem, CJDS Savta
"CJDS has done an amazing job of transitioning to virtual learning. We were blown away with how proactive and thoughtful the administration and faculty were in setting up virtual learning in a way that would be great for both students and parents. Although everyone is new to virtual learning, what's really been amazing is seeing CJDS values of community and care for one another still shine through. Morning Tefillah and Kabbalat Shabbat has been special because our whole family can participate and feel connected to the wonderful CJDS community. The kids are excited about what they are learning and being connected with their teachers and friends. The teachers have been incredible in navigating the uncertainty, adjusting to the new tools and having patience with the kids as they adjusted to the new style of learning."
-Jane Bodner, CJDS Parent
Community Milestones
Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov to past CJDS teacher Rebecca Schwartz and Rabbi Ilan Schwartz on the birth of their son on March 22nd.

Mazel Tov to CJDS Teacher Yehudit Kanfer on the birth of a new grandson.

Mazel Tov to CJDS Alum parent Dr. Amy Acton for her leadership during this time.
May Their Memory be a Blessing

We extend our condolences to Linda Katz Hackman on the passing of her husband Jerome "Jerry" Hackman. We send love and support to the Hackman family and extend our condolences.
Baruch Dayan Ha’emet.
Mi Sh'Berach

We wish CJDS grandparent and alumni parent David Lippy a speedy recovery.

We wish Naomi Kayne (longtime friend and supporter of CJDS) a speedy recovery.

We extend our prayers to any family in our community who may be impacted by coronavirus.
Hakarat Hatov

To CJDS Staff and Faculty for going above and beyond these past 3 weeks.

To Dr. Gina Freeman , her husband Allan Freeman , Judaics Kindergarten Teacher Annelyn Baron and her grandchildren for delivering maker space packets and materials to families doorsteps.

To Bat-Ami Moses for donating her CD to the Mishloa h Manot bags that went out last month to CJDS families.

To the CJDS Judaics Department for putting on a beautiful Tefillah gathering every morning, and for planning amazing Kabbalat Shabbat virtual assemblies for our families to enjoy.

To every CJDS Teacher , thank you for making the transition to virtual learning look like a breeze, for the countless hours you put in every day to create adjusted lesson plans to fit the needs of your students, and for your patience -- THANK YOU!

Thank you to our amazing Head of School Rachel Arcus-Goldberg for her strong leadership during this time. Our CJDS Community is so grateful!
Community Happenings
Every morning CJDS students, families, alumni, faculty, staff, and the community join together for Tefillah. We mark the date in the Jewish and Gregorian calendar, sing together, and students take turns sharing what they are thankful for that day.

If you are interested in joining us after Passover break, please reply to this email requesting the link.
CJDS First Grade Teacher Ms. Jodi helped us get ready for Passover with a preschool activity about the frogs that plagued Egypt.

We will be hosting more lessons geared towards preschool and pre-k students after Passover break. Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks!