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D’var Kesher from CJDS Head of School
Dr. Tali Zelkowicz
 December 20, 2018 / 12 Tevet, 5779
Parashat Vayechi, Genesis/Bereshit, 47:28-50:26

D'VAR KESHER: As We Enter 2019

Living in two rhythms of time as we do as Jews in America and at CJDS, we are about to head into another new year. I can’t help but feel that 2019 sounds downright futuristic, like some date for a science fiction film! And yet, we are less than two weeks away from concluding the second decade of the second millennium of the Common Era (C.E.). I am grateful to our sixth graders who last week inspired us to think about what a hero is, and who our own heroes are, because they helped me think about a hero of mine and how timeless and relevant his teaching is for 2019.

Parker Palmer is an educator, scholar, philosopher, and Quaker Pastor. I think one of the reasons Parkers’ ideas continue to resonate today as strong as ever, is because he is helping us to weave ourselves back together. In this remarkable “information age,” when content literally travels the speed of light, and we, ourselves, are overflowing with navigating various and multiple identities, in order to keep up we are forced to compartmentalize so many parts of ourselves throughout the day. Sociologists even have a word for the condition. They call it “multiphrenia.” We are often not even aware of it. But so much of our day and our multi-media modality cause precisely the four separations that Parker cautions against: separating head from heart, facts from feelings, theory from practice, and teaching from learning.

I am proud that CJDS is counter-cultural in this regard and serves as a corrective to these processes that actually compromise our humanity and our ability to feel whole. Going back to Parker’s work as we embark upon 2019 has led me to the following realization about what contributes to CJDS being so relevant and valuable. A CJDS education embraces and practices what Parker calls, “paradoxical thinking.”

Paradoxical thinking requires that,
“we embrace a view of the world in which opposites are joined, so that we can see the world clearly and see it whole… The result is a world more complex and confusing than the one made simple by either-or thought – but that simplicity is merely the dullness of death. When we think things [back] together, we reclaim the life force in the world, in our students, in ourselves…holding the tension of paradox so that our students can learn at deeper levels is among the most difficult demands of good teaching… (Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach, 1998)."

At CJDS, we honor both sides of productive tensions such as canon and personal meaning-making ( keva and kavanah), boundaried limits and compassion ( din and rachamim), we honor both the community and the individual, we celebrate diversity and unity, we embrace the combination of Jewish and secular wisdom, to name just a few of the productive paradoxes we balance. As well, just this fall, we launched the addition of e-Portfolios which will be added to graded progress reports, allowing us to draw on both quantitative and qualitative data for the fullest possible picture of student progress. 

As Americans, we are emerging from quite a polarizing 2018. So, I find much solace and inspiration in our school which provides our students with tools for thinking our world back together. And I look forward to 2019 when we will continue the sacred work of offering an immersive, integrating, experiential, intellectually challenging, and joyful Jewish and General Studies education to our children, who deserve no less.

Wishing you and your families Shabbat Shalom, a safe, refreshing winter break, and a healthy and happy 2019 filled with paradoxical thinking!
Monday, December 24 - Friday January 4 Winter Break NO SCHOOL

Classes Resume Monday, January 7, 2019
Friday, January 18: All School Kabbalat Shabbat 1:40 p.m.-2:20 p.m.
Monday, January 21: (Tu B’Shevat) Martin Luther King Jr. Day NO SCHOOL
Thursday, January 24: 2nd Grade Siddur Ceremony 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Sunday, January 27: Tu B'Shevat PJ Library Birthday of the Trees with CJDS & CTA at the Franklin Park Conservatory 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Friday, February 1 Professional Development Day NO STUDENTS
Friday, February 8 All School Kabbalat Shabbat (3rd/4th Grade Leading) 1:40 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.
Friday, February 15 President’s Weekend NO SCHOOL
Monday, February 18 President’s Day NO SCHOOL
Friday, February 22 All School Kabbalat Shabbat (1st Grade Leading) 1:40 p.m.-2:20 p.m.
Wednesday, February 27 Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
Thursday, February 28 Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
Friday Dec 14: Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev (Temple Beth Shalom)

Monday Dec 17: Rayna Weiner with Rabbi Mitch Levine (Agudas Achim)

Tuesday Dec 18: Rabbi Alex Braver and Morgan Levin (Tifereth Israel)

Wednesday Dec 19: Cantor Bat-Ami Moses (Temple Israel)

Thursday Dec 20: Rabbi Rick Kellner (Beth Tikvah)

Friday Dec 21: Rabbi Hillel Skolnik and Cantor Jack Chomsky (Tifereth Israel)
Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev (Temple Beth Shalom)
Rayna Weiner with Rabbi Mitch Levine (Agudas Achim)
Rabbi Alex Braver and Morgan Levin (Tifereth Israel)
Rabbi Rick Kellner (Beth Tikvah)
Cantor Bat-Ami Moses (Temple Israel)
Pictured below: Michele Bernstein (front left) with members of the Jewish Family Services’ Cafe Europa Social Program for Holocaust Survivors - along with CJDS students, during their visit to CJDS for our December 7th Hanukkah Kabbalat Hag program.
Dear Rachel,

I wanted to thank you and the entire CJDS community for welcoming the Jewish Family Services’ Cafe Europa Program with such open arms for your Chanukah Shabbat program on Friday, December 7th. The eleven Holocaust survivors attending had a wonderful time singing and dancing with your students and hearing them speak Hebrew with such fluency. It was a beautiful afternoon and we appreciate you including us. We look forward to joining you for future events. The survivors loved seeing your students perform. 

I have attached a photo from the day. Thank you again. 


Michele Bernstein, LISW
Geriatric Social Worker
Jewish Family Services
Lunch & Recess Clubs
  • MONDAY RECESS: Dance Club with Ms. AG & Katie Feldstein
  • TUESDAY LUNCH: Israel/Hebrew Club with Lin Raveh - Israeli Shlicha
  • WEDNESDAY LUNCH: Tzedakah Club with Susan Couden & Rabbi Sharon Barr Skolnik
  • THURSDAY RECESS: Journalism Club with Dr. Denae D'Arcy
  • FRIDAY RECESS: Choir with Angelo Dunlap
The CJDS Chronicles
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CJDS's Tzedakah Club is excited to be starting a new project, as we will be creating "Blessing bags" to hand out to those in need throughout our Columbus community.

In an effort to create beautiful, full bags, we are looking for donations of the following items in as large quantities as we are able to collect:
  • Socks (adult)
  • Granola/protein bars
  • Hand warmers
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Ziploc bags

Thank you so much for any and all donations that you are able to make - this will help our children use their hands to make change and experience the feeling of bringing light and warmth to those who are most in need in our community.
After School Clubs
(Click on the images below for more information, associated fees and registration forms.)
Registration now open!
(Click on the image below for more information, associated fees and registration.)
MONDAY: Chess & Board Game Club with Jeremy Arcus-Goldberg!
TUESDAY: Tennis for students 10 and Under (K-5th grade)

NEW DATES: January 8– February 26 (No Class 2/19)
7 weeks of fun!
WEDNESDAY: Giving Garden with Rabbi Iah Pillsbury.

Available to 4th-6th grades only.
THURSDAY: Lego Robotics with Jeremy Arcus-Goldberg.
LIFECYCLES In our community, at every point, our families are perpetually entering new stages in their lives. In keeping with the tradition of living Jewishly, CJDS acknowledges, honors, and celebrates these moments: Births, B’nei Mitzvah, graduations, marriages, and in moments of illness, healing and loss.
The Hebrew term for gratitude is הַכָּרַת הַטוֹב (Hakarat HaTov), which means "recognizing the good."

To Dr. Denae D'arcy for helping out in the CJDS first grade classroom.

To Elaine Edelstein for spending many hours cutting and laminating items for our classrooms.

To CJDS students Zeke M. and Eva K., for coming early to School Tefillah and setting up the room.
MI SH'BERACH When a member of the CJDS family is ill or in need of healing, the entire community lends its support and its prayers for a full and complete recovery. 

We wish our dear CJDS friend and community volunteer, Steve Shkolnik, a speedy recovery.

We wish CJDS Kindergarten teacher, Annelyn Baron a refuah shelmah as she recovers from a routine medical procedure.
KESHER: CJDS Parent Organization
CJDS Mom's Night Out!

The mom's of CJDS are planning a “Mom’s Night Out” for late January/early February at the New Albany  Board and Brush  (close to the school). We are planning on a weeknight between 6:30-9:00pm. 

If you haven’t been yet it’s a fun, hands-on, activity and you get to leave with a custom item you made yourself (here is a sample one I made a few weeks ago). Even if you’re not very “crafty” the process is very easy and they’re there to help! 

We would like to book the private event but would need to know how many are interested in participating. The event would be $65 per person. There are Wine/Beer/Soft Drinks available for purchase but we can bring our own snacks. 
Great opportunity to get out of the house, spend time with other moms and leave with a meaningful personalized decoration for your home. 
Spaces are limited! Please let us know in  SIGN UP GENIUS   by December 24th if you’re at all interested!

We will then confirm a date and time and send a formal Board & Brush signup form. 

Warm regards,
Sara Martin-Fuller (1st Grade mom)
As in the past, we are so grateful to all the help from the community members - grandparents, friends, parents, and others – on whom we rely to serve hot lunch to our students. Our volunteers bring such a warmth and love to our students and we love having all of you! In order to make this sign-up process even more smooth this year, we would love each family (any family member or friend) to sign up for two dates during the whole year to serve lunch. It can be a parent, a grandparent, a special friend - anyone who is interested in spending time with our wonderful students and serving them food.
CJDS is proud to have a Parent Organization called Kesher (Hebrew for "connection"). Kesher has a team of grade representatives led by a president.

Kesher is responsible for the CJDS Hot Lunch program, social gatherings outside of school, teacher appreciation, the CJDS Chesed committee and more! To get involved, please be in touch HERE.
Hot Lunch server responsibilities include:

11:15 a.m.: Arrive at CJDS
11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.: Set out the plates and assemble lunches
12:00 p.m.-12:30 p.m.: Students arrive for lunch at 12:00 p.m. and we help serve the lunch to those who have ordered.
Help with cleaning up and conclude by 1:00 p.m.