With these donations comes the responsibility of donating to the right organization. Students in Tzedakah Club applied to be a part of a task force that would research for grants that would make an environmental impact at CJDS. As part of the application process, students are required to have been in Tzedakah Club for at least one year, be in fourth, fifth or sixth grade, and write a paragraph explaining why they would like to be on the task force. The amount of responses Tzedakah Club teachers got was overwhelming. Additionally, the students' paragraphs turned into impressive essays. One student wrote how he dreamt about giving to people in need: “Tzedakah Club encourages me to help and repair the world every time I have a chance” (Zeke, 4th grade). One student took it upon herself to get her siblings involved in tzedakah work over the weekend. “On Sunday, I did a lemonade stand with my siblings. We earned $64 and donated it to Nationwide Children’s Hospital” (Dafna, 5th grade). 

Our students are learning to be thoughtful, mindful and giving people. Students are learning skills to be helpful contributors and informed philanthropists such as researching charities, making phone calls to local agencies, working together, counting money or packing supplies, creating realistic goals, and understanding the importance of follow-through. Students inform and demonstrate social responsibility to their school and home communities to take action. They learn that one person can make a difference in this world.