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September Newsletter
Welcome to the Newsletter! The Ma Koreh provides a brief overview into "what's happening" at CJDS. This month's issue features:

  • D'var Kesher: The Scratched Diamond
  • "Science is me!"
  • Stories of Alumni Creation: Gabrielle Cohen
  • Photo Highlights
  • What's Coming Up
  • Community Milestones
D’var Kesher from Head of School
Rachel Arcus-Goldberg
September 4, 2020 / 15 Elul 5780
Ki Tavo - Deuteronomy 26:1 - 29:8
D'var Kesher: The Scratched Diamond

There was once a king who owned many beautiful things. More than anything else he owned, his prized possession was a glorious, perfect diamond. Every day, he would take out the diamond to look upon its beauty. 

One day, when he brought out the diamond, he noticed a long, deep scratch. After every jewel cutter in the kingdom came to try and fix the diamond, the king sought out one of the most renowned jewelers in the world. The jeweler examined the diamond from every angle and finally told the king “I can fix this.” 

Several weeks later, the jeweler brought the treasured diamond back to the king. To his surprise, the scratch was not removed from the diamond. Rather, it had been turned into a beautiful rose.

After 5 months, apart from each other, the CJDS students, faculty and staff finally returned to campus last week. I was prepared for everything to feel very different and hoped that after a while the students and faculty would get used to the masks, the handwashing, the time outside. What has been the most surprising is that, after one week, it just feels like school.
Watching all of the students eating outside, watching the learning taking place - I was reminded of the folktale of “The Scratched Diamond.” The pandemic has caused many changes in how we interact with each other. It has caused rifts in many communities and created difficulties that ripple through every part of our lives. There is no denying the scratches that are being gouged on the surface of our beautiful diamond. However, as a school and as a community, CJDS has taken that scratch and made CJDS into something more beautiful, something stronger, something more powerful than it was before.

Starting in the spring, we were able to turn a difficult situation into an opportunity to strengthen CJDS. We started the day and ended each week with incredible community programming around Tefillah and Kabbalat Shabbat. We held live classes that allowed parents a unique opportunity to watch our teachers in action. In addition, teachers and students took time to connect with each other beyond the classroom and helped ensure that no one felt the isolation that ran so rampant in the spring. 

As we begin the school year, students have adjusted to wearing masks and giving each other space. Our faculty have found creative ways to rearrange classrooms or distribute supplies so that the students are able to have a relatively normal experience through the day. Everyone has taken the opportunity to spend more time outside exploring the world, enjoying the sun and embracing the peaceful atmosphere. 

From this scratch, we have created a rose. Our stunning diamond of a school has become more important, more beautiful and more special through this experience. 

Shabbat Shalom,
"Science is me!"
This year, our science classes are taking place outside and our Science Specialist, Dr. Gina Freeman couldn't be more thrilled. CJDS usually gets the chance to be outside in nature many times throughout the week, but we are thankful and excited to be out in nature every day.

This week, third grader Liav caught a small fish and snails in the CJDS pond. Gina shared that he "also caught so much fresh air and sunshine. The photo of a proud Liav oozes 'Science is me!' He couldn’t stop talking about catching the fish, his wet socks, weeding at recess and more."
Gina went on to share that "Some children thrive in nature, and Liav thrives in nature! As teachers, it is our duty to figure out what sparks the interest and imagination, and this picture says it all!"

The fun doesn't stop there. While in Kindergarten last year, these first graders plucked the seeds from corn that decorated the Sukkah. These seeds were then planted in the yard of our Science Specialist Gina, and now transplanted to the Butterfly Garden by the same students. 

Keep a lookout for our Tri-color corn which will decorate this year’s Sukkah.
Stories of Alumni Creation Featuring
Gabrielle Cohen
Meet Gabrielle Cohen: A junior at Bowling Green State University, the President of Hillel at BGSU, and she is a CJDS Alumna.

Gabrielle shares, "So many aspects of my education at Columbus Jewish Day School have affected who I am today. I found my passion for art and music and continued with band through my sophomore year of college, being in advanced ensembles, composing my own music, and learning new instruments. I was a part of the Falcon Marching and Athletic Bands for two years and got to travel to the National Championships playing alongside BGSU’s sports teams (on national TV!)."
"CJDS has given me an immense love for science and the environment. When transferring to New Albany Middle School, I had a strong love for science and because of CJDS, I excelled. I took advanced courses during high school and helped pioneer the biomedical science program, receiving a perfect score on the national exam. CJDS has also given me a love for language learning, and I learned Mandarin Chinese in middle and high school."
Gabrielle is currently working on her Bachelor of Science in Architecture in the Architecture and Environmental Design department at BGSU.

In Gabrielle's time as a member of Hillel, board member (social chair), and now as president, she feels as though her education at CJDS has given her a leg up in both her knowledge of Hebrew and her understanding and observance of Jewish holidays. "I have been able to share my love of Judaism through fun trivia games and being a resource available to whomever around me needs it" explained Gabrielle.
While in middle and high school, Gabrielle sang with HaZamir, the international Jewish high school choir, and got to sing at multiple Lincoln Center Stages, Carnegie Hall, and the Metropolitan Opera House. While a senior at New Albany High School, Gabrielle studied the processes of repairing, designing, and building solar panels in conjunction with the professional team in charge of the transformation of OSU’s solar decathlon house from living to classroom space.

Gabrielle shares that what stuck with her the most about Columbus Jewish Day School is "the culture of Kabbalat Shabbat." She continues, "I remember singing the blessings along with entire school in the gym every Friday and feeling an overwhelming sense of community. I have tried to bring this sense of community to BGSU Hillel and create an environment in which all members and all other students can feel the bond that we share as Jews."
We want to FEATURE YOU in our next newsletter and on our social media channels.

Are you a CJDS alum who recently graduated high school or college? We want to know your next steps! Starting college in the Fall? Traveling the World? Recognized for doing something spectacular? We want to hear about your professional accomplishments, and how CJDS has impacted your educational and Jewish journey. 

Reach out to our Alumni Coordinator, Kerry Selfinger, here. We want to hear from you!
Photo Highlights
A special guest in first
grade -- Ariot.
Leo & Mila excited to look through new Hebrew workbooks.
Grant showing the tooth he just lost during lunch.
Fourth and fifth grade
music class.
Julia presenting her About Me in math class.
Fifth graders outside for Humash class.
Mr. D. reading a story to Kindergarteners outside in
the butterfly garden
Eran blowing the shofar outside for the month of Elul.
Kindergartener Hadar looking out over the Butterfly Garden and painting the sky.
What's Coming Up
Mon., 9/7 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
Thurs., 9/17 - 2:40-3:15pm - (Virtual) Kabbalat Hag Rosh Hashanah
Fri., 9/18 - Erev Rosh Hashanah - NO SCHOOL
Mon., 9/28 - Yom Kippur - NO SCHOOL

*If you are interested in joining our virtual events, please email Amanda Chernyak for the Google Meet Link.
Calendar updated 9.3.2020
Community Milestones
Mazel Tov!
Mazel Tov to CJDS Alumna, Lilah Solove, on becoming a Bat Mitzvah. CJDS Teacher Eran Rosenberg presented Lilah with the Torah Yad as a gift on behalf of CJDS. 

Mazel Tov to Cantor Jack Chomsky on his retirement. Cantor Chomsky is a beloved CJDS Alumni parent, and we are thankful for his commitment and leadership to our community.

Mazel Tov to the 18 Difference Makers receiving recognition in the community. We want to give a special shout out to the difference makers in our community including: Ben Kanas (Alumnus), Brett Kaufman (Alumni Parent), Joel Marcovitch (CJDS Parent), and CJDS Supporter Brian Schottenstein. We are honored so many families in the CJDS community are making a difference.
Mi Sh'Berach

We wish CJDS grandparent and alumni parent David Lippy a speedy recovery.

We wish Naomi Kayne (longtime friend and supporter of CJDS) a speedy recovery.

We wish Steve Wasserman, Hebrew Name: Ysrael Ben Mindel (close friend to Annelyn Baron) a speedy recovery.

We wish Sandy Grossman Dworkin (close friend to Annelyn Baron) a speedy recovery.

We extend our prayers to any family in our community who may be impacted by coronavirus.
May Their Memory be a Blessing

We extend our condolences on the passing of our friend Jack Meizlish. Jack was a dear friend to CJDS and a wonderful supporter of the school. He loved to help serve lunch in the cafeteria and read to the Kindergarteners. We send love and support to the Meizlish family.
Baruch Dayan Ha’emet.
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