October 8, 2021
The Christ the King H.S. Open House was held on Saturday, October 2nd. It was our pleasure to host this event for prospective students to experience all CK has to offer.

Thank you to the faculty, staff, and students for their informative presentations and time given to share how wonderful being part of the CK family really is!

A second open house will be held by reservation on Wednesday, November 3rd, 6pm - 8pm.

The CK Campus was filled with school spirit this past Monday! At our annual CK Walk-A-Thon our students raised over $14,000 dollars for various clubs and school projects. Our marching band energetically led the students around the campus. Students also participated in the CK color walk battle, pie throwing contests, and a visit from Mister Softy!

Ms. Hollingsworth's Pre-Calculus Honors Class worked in our brand new Zspace this week. Students were asked to identify types of professionals who work with fractional parts, dimensions, and areas to complete their jobs daily. The class chose an architectural project. They worked in teams to create their own amusement parks. They applied topics such as fractional parts, partitions, whole numbers, dimensions, and area in a one-of-a-kind learning experience!

On Thursday, Christ the King Senior Julianna Laguna took The Candidate Fitness Assessment. The Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) was developed to measure and evaluate a candidate's potential to successfully complete the physical programs at the United States Naval Academy, United States Air Force Academy, and United States Military Academy.

The CFA consists of six physical and motor fitness events that are designed to measure muscular strength and endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, power, balance, and agility. When administered together as a single battery, these six events will help the Admissions Board determine if a candidate possesses the stamina and movement skills required to successfully complete the physical program and perform the duties required of commissioned officers in the uniformed services.

The six test events of the CFA are administered consecutively in less than a 40-minute time period. The CFA is an important component of the admissions process at each Service Academy and is used to determine if candidates can meet the physical rigors of military life. The test must be administered properly and standardized in order to accurately reflect a student's physical and motor fitness and to be fair to all candidates.

Julianna is applying to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Good Luck Julianna!
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Tina Charles ('06) was presented with the "Key to Queens" by Queens Borough President Donovan Richards in recognition of her achievements at this year's Olympic Games. The event took place at Queens Borough Hall. Several of our student-athletes and coaches were there to congratulate and support our former Royal. Members of our Broadcasting & Media Club were there to document this memorable event right along side the media outlets. Congratulations Tina Charles on your many achievements; you continue to make CK proud!

  • Columbus Day - No School - October 11
  • PSAT & Pre ACT - No Classes Grades 9 & 12 - October 13
  • Parents' Guild Meeting - October 13
  • Sophomore trip to Philadelphia / Fright Fest - October 15
  • Progress Reports - October 15
  • Senior Halloween Breakfast - October 29
Our Daycare teachers are always finding new, creative and engaging activities for our youngest students on the CK Campus.

Check out our social media to see our 3-K Ducks class working on their letter formation with Play-Doh and our Sunflower class playing a fun colorful math game.

Come Celebrate Halloween with CK Kids!

CK Kids will be hosting three fun Halloween events here on the CK Campus for all children ages 3 & up.

We hope to see you at our Spooky Cooking Class, Creepy Art class or our Saturday Halloween Party!

Middle Village Prep hosted a high school fair for their students this week. Various high schools attended. Parents were given the opportunity to learn about these different high schools and about the high school admissions process.

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