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Earth Day, Saturday, April 25 
CKAR Invites Local Businesses to Engage with the Community!   

Do you want to make a difference in the community where your business resides and profits?  Join CKAR and our partners, Anacostia Watershed, Dept. of Environment, Dept. of Public Works & Transportation and, St. Bernard's Catholic Church to begin the restoration and clean-up of Greenvale Creek, located at 58th Ave. & Riverdale Road (adjacent to St. Bernard's Catholic Church) and, extending to Carters Lane and Greenvale Parkway.  Greenvale Creek has much significance, as it serves as the crossover with three small bridges that allow our children from the East Pines community to walk daily to Templeton Elementary School.  It is also used by residents for local transportation as well as shopping in the immediate and neighboring areas. CKAR's 1st Vice President and Professor in the Plant Sciences and Agriculture Department at the University of Maryland, Dennis Nola, will play an instrumental role in assisting with this long-term effort by utilizing his students to develop plans and designs for community involvement, landscape improvements, rain barrels, etc. Registration Information:  Sat., April 25th from 9-11:30am,  Everyone wishing to participate must sign up on the Anacostia Watershed (AWS) Website .  Register Here! This ensures we are not held liable for injuries.  Also, due to the nature of the Creek, only adults 18 and over may assist.  Lastly, by registering through AWS each participate will receive a free T-shirt. If someone does not sign up, t-shirts may not be available.  A celebration will be held at 12 Noon at the Bladensburg Waterfront with food and entertainment.  All are welcome!                                  
Over 150 business, community and elected officials gathered together last Monday at the State House to support the Purple Line and to call on their legislators to keep fighting for the Purple Line, which is nearly ready to begin construction and create many jobs for residents in the Prince George's community.  With $2 billion in federal funding approved for the Purple Line and Red Line (Baltimore), Purple Line advocates have delivered their message to Governor Hogan that delay nor cancellation of the projects are acceptable. Prince George's Councilmembers Mel Franklin, our own District 3 Councilwoman Danielle Glaros, our District 22 delegate Anne Healey, and Deni Taveras were among those appearing at a press conference to strongly support the Purple Line. CKAR will continue to advocate for the Purple Line, as it will be very instrumental in helping our community to acquire much needed training and job opportunities.
"Luck" In Housing?

On St. Patrick's Day it seems appropriate to consider the role that luck may have in our lives. Specifically, as one experiences parenthood and approaches employment choices in order to care for children, it becomes obvious that unless your family has at least a minimum of one graduate degree, you're really out of luck and house poor in Maryland.


Not only do many people in our communities spend more than 30% of their income on housing, oftentimes a home for the poorest of us is of very low quality. Prince Georges County is said to be a county that provides affordable housing, but compared to Midwestern housing for example, the quality is staggeringly low for the comparable high cost. If you live in Maryland, it is pretty hard to rise above the high cost of housing. In order to pay the bills, we might live on top of our family members or ask a relative to live with us. Compared to many regions in the country, Maryland has one of the highest costs for housing and lacks affordable rental housing. A responsible paying renter quickly learns that she will likely pay less for a mortgage than for renting that 3 bedroom home she needs. But, as luck would have it, she'll still live beyond her paycheck, and maybe "live on credit" like many struggling families if she's "lucky."


With all of the bad luck that we cannot foresee and plan for, like job loss and layoffs, unattainable educational opportunities and family illness, the cycle of poverty in housing continues for many families in Maryland despite their efforts to promote themselves. Maryland's foreclosure rate is still among the highest in the nation. In order to break this cycle, it is important to encourage the development of affordable homes and apartments in areas that do not segregate us based on our personal economic luck, but rather bring our communities together. Mitigating the housing luck of our neighbors will have a positive societal "income!" 


Job Announcements
PAID JOB TRAINING-Theatre Tech, Job Placement, Internships, College Prep.
Joe's Movement Emporium 
Contact Shonique@joesmovement.org


En d Time Harvest Ministries is Looking for a Managing Director and Career Development and Outreach Coordinator. Contact 301-220-4333 from 9-4:30pm. 

MGM Construction Workforce Recruitment

Visit one of three  One Stop locations to apply:  Oxon Hill, Laurel and Laurel
For more information, Contact MGM_EDC@co.pg.md.us

Top Group Technologies
Workforce Empowerment 
Community Notes
  • Despite the cancellation of the "Taste of TNI " event due to inclement weather, the event was extremely successful in capturing the participation of 40 restaurants. CKAR is happy to report that 3 great Restaurants from our area, Shagga Ethiopian, The Alamo and The Queensway Restaurant were all slated to participate. CKAR thanks you for your community support!
  • Habitat for humanity has chosen the Riverdale Heights, Riverdale Hills and Crestwood neighborhoods  for the next two years to work on homes and new projects in the East Riverdale area. The Riverdale Heights, Riverdale Hills and Crestwood (RRC) Community Association is looking forward to working with this wonderful organization. 
  • April 25, 9-12, Friends of Briers Mill Run has partnered with Anacostia Watershed Society for Earth day clean up day. Please contact Cindy Daymont of the RRC (cindydaymont@yahoo.com) if you would like to come out and help clean up the stream.  Also community service credit will be given to students.  
  • The Wolfpack Theatre Company will present Nunsense the Musical at St. Johns Lutheran Church to support Breast Cancer in April. Please see attached flyer and contact Cindy  Daymont at cindydaymont@yahoo.com to buy tickets. Nunsense the Musical Flyer!

Become A Member!
Now you can learn more about CKAR's community development plans and how to get involved by visiting our New Website at  CKARCDC.org , follow us on Twitter @CKARCDC or friend us on Facebook at  Facebook.com/CKARCDC20737 . To speak with CKAR, please contact us at 240-608-CKAR.  

Riverdale Civic Associations:

Riverdale Heights/Riverdale Hills and Crestwood Civic Association: Next Meeting,  The Center for Educational 
Partnership, located at 6200 Sheridan Street, Riverdale, Md 20737. Please contact Cindy Daymont  at cindydaymont@yahoo.com.
Templeton Knolls Civic Association:  

Templeton Knolls Civic Association (TKCA), Call Alice Bishop at 301-927-3603 

Eastpines Civic Association: Please Contact  John Arrington at 1jarring@gmail.com.  

Community Happenings
March 2015
  • 3rd Annual Growing Community Gardens Gathering being held on March 28th, 2015 at the Center for Educational Partnership, Register Here! Contact Michelle Nelson for more information atnelsonm@umd.edu 
  • SAVE THE DATE: Health, Environmental Education and Awareness (HEEA) Day
    June 13th 12-5pm

    5628 Tanglewood Drive, Fletchers Field #2, Riverdale, MD HEEA Day Flyer
  • Sowing Empowerment and Economic Development, Inc. (SEED) 

This month at SEED,  there will be two First Time Homebuyer classes held in Riverdale,    Maryland on Saturday, March 14th and March 21st from  8:30am-4:30pm. 


SEED and the University of Maryland Extension program will be providing its first Health and Nutrition workshop series of the year. Participants must attend all 4 classes to receive their certificate. The workshop series will be held in the SEED Training Center, 6201 Riverdale Road, Suite 201, Riverdale, MD 20737.

Sign up today for more information at tnunes@seedinc.org.  


Spanish Language
Workshops : 


March 18  10:00 am - 12:00 pm

March 25  10:00 am - 12:00 pm

April 1     10:00 am - 12:00 pm

April 8     10:00 am - 12:00 pm 

English Language Workshops 


March 20 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

March 27 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

April 3    10:00 am - 12:00 pm 

April 10   10:00 am - 12:00 pm  

SEED is partnering with Department of Human Resources for the Million Meals Project to provide fresh produce from now until May.   SEED Food Distribution Center is open Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-3, located at 6201 Riverdale Road, enter building through back door.


  • Foreclosure Counseling
    and Home Buyer Education available locally through the following agencies: Sowing Empowerment and Economic Development 301-458-9808 and Centro de Apoyo Familiar 301-328-3292. 
  • Youth Development Programming and ESOL Education, GapBuster, Inc., Riverdale, MD. 301-779-4252
  • ESOL Education, Templeton Elementary School, Riverdale, MD, 301-985-1880

CKAR's membership consists of resid ents and leaders representing various local industries; including, education, business, non-profit, religious, legal, civic associations and more.  Our mission is to bring together a diverse multi-lingual community to promote the social, economic and business interests of the Riverdale community. 

Join by calling 240-608-CKAR (2527) or emailing info@ckarcdc.org.