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Join CKAR Sept. 16th and 18th!
CKAR invites you to one of our upcoming Business Town Hall meetings! Attend on either September 16th or 18th. Meetings will be conveniently held right in Riverdale at 6801 Kenilworth Avenue, Suite 201 at 6pm and offered in English and Spanish. Please see details on the right. 

We hope that as business owners in the area, you will share your perspectives, needs, concerns and ideas for improvements along the Kenilworth Avenue Corridor and in Riverdale.  CKAR, municipal and, county officials will be on hand to listen and learn more from you about what your outlook is for economic development in the area and as a business operating in RiverdaleDo you have ideas for improvement to your business or the community, but need support? What supports do you need? Training, Funding, Partnerships, etc...?? Do you have concerns about your business' future operating along the corridor? If yes, please come and share your concerns. CKAR knows that your business is vital to the economic and social fabric of our community and believes that together we can do more. We hope you are able to take time out to attend these community business meetings in order to network with other businesses in the area  and be a part of positive change in your community! 
Embracing and Preparing for Change
The Central Kenilworth Avenue Corridor and Riverdale Community are embarking on Change and Opportunity due to the new construction of the Purple Line Light Rail, set to break ground in 2015. CKAR is a member of the Purple Line Corridor Coalition (PLCC), which strives to
achieve the maximum economic,
social and environmental benefits to
the neighborhoods, residents and
businesses in the corridor. The PLCC
is administered by the National
Center for Smart Growth at the
University of Maryland, which
informs the project on a regional and
collaborative approach that focuses on
preserving small businesses and their
development, affordable housing,
workforce development, research to
inform the work and investment to
support the vision.   

Remember to attend the November Business Meetings to receive a project update from the Purple Line Outreach Team, details about the alignment in the area, construction phase outreach and business impact mitigation. Additionally, the Small Business Services Division of the Prince Georges County Economic Development Corporation with share county resources that are available to small, local and minority owned businesses.  

CKAR is creating a coupon book to give to visitors to the CKAR table at the Hispanic Festival on September 21st, which will promote Riverdale and Central Kenilworth Avenue Corridor Businesses. Please submit your coupon by September 5th for placement in the coupon book. Kindly include your logo. Send submissions to CKARCDC@live.com.
Sept. 15th to Oct. 15th 
Hispanic Heritage Month
Photograph of Eloy District, Mexican Irrigator in Pinal County, Arizona

Visit:  hispanicheritagemonth.gov to learn more about fun events happening in the DC area for individuals and families, activities for educators and anyone interested in learning more about Latino American history. 
Sept. 18th 

"How to Perform Teaming Agreements and 
Strategic Partnerships" 
PlieroMazza is a Washington, D.C.-based law firm where attorneys have a rich diversity of experience. PilieroMazza has a nationwide practice providing professional legal services to government contractors, corporations, and non-profit organizations. 
Visit to register: 

Sept. 22nd 
Registration for Fall Classes is Monday, Sept. 22nd at 6:30pm. 6 levels of ESL classes - Level A (beginner) through Level 5 (Advanced). Levels A-4 are free of charge and Level 5 is offered for $50 tuition per semester.These classes are open to everyone over the age of 16. More information at:
Operation Hire
Operation Hire: Maryland's 100 Day Veteran Hiring Challenge will take place from June 1-September 9,
2014.Businesses and Organizations Register on the Maryland Workforce Exchange.

Be a Part of Our 
Transforming Neighborhood
kids-holding-hands.jpg If you are unaware, the community of East Riverdale has been identified as one of six neighborhoods in the county that faces significant economic, health, public safety and educational challenges. The Prince Georges County Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI) team meets with organizational and civic association leaders, residents, and youth  monthly in East Riverdale and Bladensburg to receive community input in order to come up with solutions that will contribute to improving the quality of life in these neighborhoods. If you are close to any of the following key concerns in a professional or personal way, and you feel that your knowledge and/or experiences will be informative or helpful to this effort, your participation at these meetings would be helpful. They include violent crime, property crime, 3rd grade and 5th grade reading and math scores, school absentee rates, foreclosure rates, concentrations of Section 8 housing, income levels, pedestrian deaths/injuries and residents on public assistance. For more information about this initiative, click Transforming Neighborhood Initiative to learn more. For meeting date details, contact lmnick@co.pg.md.us.



Arthur McNew, A Humble Warrior and Co-founder of CKAR CDC!


It is with great sadness that CKAR CDC share the news of the passing of Arthur (Art) McKnew, who represented the St. Bernard's Parrish on CKAR's Board and, was a resident of Riverdale Woods.  Art passed away on Friday, August 22nd with his beloved wife and devoted family at his bedside.  His calm presence, words of hope and inspiration for all people was displayed through his daily interaction with the community he served and, were a tribute to his faith and love of Riverdale!


Art was at the forefront of addressing the day laborers situation along Central Kenilworth Ave. While many backed away from the issues, he was a great example of one person making a difference through love, kindness and understanding.  He was a very serious advocate of their needs and greatly appreciated. This was done in a most humble manner when he would deliver coffee and meals to the laborers and treat them with the respect we each deserve.  Art and his wife were nominated by Father Sergio to be one of 204 area parishioners honored on January 1, 2014 with the "Manifesting the Kingdom" award.  This is the second time the award has been presented by Cardinal William Guerl, archbishop of Washington, to those individuals for exceptional service to the local church. St. Bernard, Riverdale and CKAR has lost a great friend whose love for mankind touched each and every path he crossed!  CKAR are especially grateful to have had Art in our lives. Rest in Peace Art! 

"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own."

Cesar Chavez

Business Highlight
The Eastern Carryout, located in the Riverdale Plaza Shopping Center opened in 1989. The Shopping Center was bustling with business.  There was a Giant grocery, fitness center, movie theatre, bank, IHOP and much more that the community could enjoy! The next year, 1990, The Asian Restaurant opened in a small strip mall on Kenilworth Avenue.  The proprietor, Mr. Robert, selected a combination of Chinese and American food to be purchased by customers at both locations.  The most popular meals remain to be Chinese and fried chicken that offer a special taste from a "home" recipe.  

Mr. Robert contributes his success of the two businesses to quality food, clean and organized establishments, and last but not least, excellent customer service.  Many of his customers are long-timers that have lived in the area for many years. 


A few concerns Mr. Robert has are public safety, additional population and more construction with the Purple Line coming into the area.  How will this affect his business, along with the others?  He has joined CKAR CDC and is happy that there is an organization that can work beside the businesses in an effort to keep them in the community. 

Labor Day 2014 


CKAR celebrates the history and dedication of laborers in America while recognizing the challenges that many people in our community face today in finding work, and especially in our region, in obtaining a livable working wage in an economy where costs continue to rise. Individuals and Families of 4 are confronted with visiting food pantries even with one steady paycheck. Some parents wait all day to find work while there children are at school. While many people today view Labor Day as a day the marks the end of summer, it has a rich history that connects us all; including, the American work ethic, an immigrants fight for prosperity, fair labor laws, child labor laws, minimum wage, purchasing power, and yours, mine and our identity.  Work defines who we are, whether laboring as a stay at home mom, steadying into work on the train for that 9 to 5 job or dedicated to keeping the floors clean at the local high school. 


CKAR's Empowerment Center Project seeks to provide educational and employment opportunity to anyone facing challenges in obtaining employment in our community. We also seek to provide services that will remove obstacles that inhibit one's educational and employment access and success. Training and Education must also be at the forefront in facing these challenges. CKAR is working very hard to promote this vision and is looking forward to partnering with the county and state governments, businesses, non-profits, universities, the faith based community and more in forging this project to meet the challenges present in our unique community! 

Students at Potomac Job Corps in Maryland
Job Corps is a free education and training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible young people at least 16 years of age that qualify as low income, 
Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life.
Community Happenings
September 2014
  • Sept. 3, Ventanilla de Salud, St. Bernard's Church, 3-6pm
  • Sept. 5 and 6, Free Dental Care at UMD Comcast Center, 7-5pm
  • September 20, WE3 Women's Empowerment Conference that will be held at the Bowie Comfort Inn and Conference Center from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.For registration, vendor information and sponsorship information, visit www.we3-wlc.com. 
  • Sept. 9, Career Fair, Hilton Baltimore - BWI
    1739 West Nursery Road
    Linthicum Heights, MD 21090, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Sept. 21 Hispanic Festival at Lane Manor Park, 12-6pm
  • Sept. 26 SEED Overcomers Breakfast at Greenbelt Marriott, 8am, Call 301-458-9808 for tickets, sponsorship and vendor information.
  • Sept. 27, Charity Tennis Classic, 3-7, purchase tickets at www.pathofgreatness.org
  •  Every Wed. and Fri. SEED Food Distribution, 6201 Riverdale Road, 1st floor, 12-3pm
  • Foreclosure Prevention and First Time Homebuyer Workshops Monthly in Riverdale at Centro de Apoyo Familiar

    301-328-3292   and Sowing Empowerment and Economic Development 301-458-9808 and 240-206-6704. 

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Upcoming CKAR
Fall Events

Business Town Hall Meetings
Tuesday, Sept. 16th-
Presentation in English
Thursday, Sept. 18th-
Presentation in Spanish 

Join other businesses in sharing your ideas, concerns, perspectives with CKAR and county officials about Corridor and Riverdale Business Needs, improvements desired to the area, thoughts on development, etc...

Business Update Meetings
Thursday, Nov. 13th
Presentation in Spanish
Tuesday, Nov. 18th
Presentation in English 

Updates from the Purple Line Outreach Team and the Prince Georges County Economic Development Corporation's Small Business Division
Where and When
All meetings will be held @ 6pm at: 

Centro de Apoyo Familiar
6801 Kenilworth Avenue
Suite 201
Riverdale, MD 20737
We really hope that you will attend these meetings and voice your ideas and concerns for business in the area. Please simply let us know you are able to come at CKARCDC@live.com

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At National Night Out-
Alice Bishop, Dwight Joseph (Dept. Public Works and Transportation), and Margaret Berg

Update from the 
Civic Associations
National Night Out

The Riverdale Heights/Riverdale HIlls and Crestwood and Templeton Knolls Civic Associations hosted neighbors at National Night Out (NNO) events last month. The Riverdale Heights/Riverdale Hills and Crestwood event hosted 125 people at their NNO at the Riverdale Heights Fire Department while the Templeton Knolls Civic Association hosted  more than 250 residents/neighbors to the event held at St.  Bernard's Catholic Church. Each event provided neighbors an opportunity to come together with fire, community police and personnel, local community and  County government agencies.

Special thanks to our local businesses whom contributed:  Megamart, and Kenilworth Liquors.

 National Night Out has brought blocks of community together in communities across America since 1984 for the the purpose of promoting involvement in crime-prevention strategies, police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie. 

These events naturally lend themselves to the opportunity to get to know your neighbors in a fun and safe environment. Music, snacks, activities for children, and school supply giveaways were all a part of the festivities this year in Riverdale!  
Tecuani Dance Troupe at St. Bernard's Church during NNO
Next Meetings:

Riverdale Heights/Riverdale Hills and Crestwood Civic Association: 
Wednesday, September 10, 7:00 pm at the Center for Educational, 6200 Sheridan Street, Riverdale Hills. 

Templeton Knolls Civic Association: Tuesday, 
September 16, 2014. Templeton Elem. School, 6001 Carters Lane. Contact Alice Bishop at ambishop@umd.edu

CKAR Welcomes New Members

Rosenberg & Fayne, L.L.P.

5402 Kenilworth Ave.
Riverdale, MD 20737
Tel. 301-864-2900



Asian Restaurant

 5401 Kenilworth Ave.

Riverdale Park, MD


Eastern Carryout

5723 Riverdale Road

Riverdale Park, MD

(301) 927-4942

Current Employment Opportunities as of 9/2/2014

 Capitol Hill Hotel  
Washington, DC

Housekeeping Attendant 
United Rentals 
Hyattsville, MD

Part-Time Opportunities at Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD

PF - Service Desk - Brick Bodies Greenbelt

CSA (Customer Service Associate)-Lowe's 
New Carrollton

Patient Accounts Representative-The Center for Vein Restoration
 Greenbelt, MD

HR Assistant - University of Maryland  
College Park, MD

Workforce Assistant - Federal Emergency Management
Hyattsville, MD

Charm City Concierge - Washington, DC

Human Resources Coordinator 
American Legacy Foundation
Washington, DC

Travel Coordinator - Universities Space Research Association  Greenbelt, MD

Bilingual Health Unit Coordinator 
Holy Cross Hospital  
Silver Spring, MD

Case Manager (Bilingual-Spanish) - Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Washington - Washington, DC

Bilingual - Service CoordinatorThe Arc of Prince George's County - Largo, MD

Hyattsville, MD 

COMSEC Custodian Job - Beltsville, MD 

General Maintenance Worker - 
CIH Properties Inc.
 Silver Spring, MD 20903

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants 
Washington, DC
Labor Day Images
Past and Present

Business Owner's Sentiment Regarding Raising the Minimum Wage.
African American Labor Leaders

Bottomley's Farm near Baltimore, MD
L                                                                                 My livelihood

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