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"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."  -Barack Obama 
CKAR Office Opens on Kenilworth Avenue
CKAR Headquarters , 6801 Kenilworth Avenue, Suite 200
The Central Kenilworth Avenue Community Revitalization Development Corporation (CKAR) has been serving the community of Riverdale since 2007. The CDC began with a neighbor asking for help to revitalize the Central Kenilworth Avenue Corridor between River Road to the North and Edmonston Road to the South. The neighbor lived in the unincorporated community of Templeton Knolls. Revitalization partners including Templeton Knolls Civic Association, Riverdale Heights Civic Association, Eastpines Civic Association , Town of Riverdale Park, CKAR Steering Committee, Neighborhood Design Center (NDC), The Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) and the University of Maryland Engaged University came together and began to identify action plans and revitalization strategies for the area through a series of 3 workshops. 

Over 80 community members and citizens were engaged in discussions about community issues. With this community-focused feedback, community planners, architects and designers were then able to create professional plans to address area challenges with solutions. The entire process was community-based, interactive and collaborative.  Moving forward, CKAR coordinated this effort and has partnered with several agencies to bring forth these action plans that are still relevant today. 

CKAR has opened its office on the Kenilworth Avenue corridor. The facilities include small and medium-size meeting facilities, office space, storage and ample parking.

CKAR is committed to addressing the problems that were identified through this planning charrette, and implementing the strategies. In Fall of 2014, the organization led the effort to designate our community as a Maryland Sustainable Community. The designation was approved in April 2015. CKAR wasted no time in pursuing State grants favorable to communities with this designation.  

In 2010, CKAR formally organized as a 501c(3) and has been successful in attracting members from every facet of our community - businesses, non-profits, government, churches, legal professionals, civic associations, health and housing counseling. Part of the organization's strength and capacity lies within the commitment and professional expertise of its board leadership.  CKAR members serving on the board provide expertise in sustainable planning, design and management, community advocacy, fiscal and project development, municipal government, housing counseling, academic programs, non-profit management, social service and educational programs for the Hispanic community.  CKAR Board members also sit on other non-profit, local, State, and Federal boards. 

Will you join us? Please consider your role as an active business leader and resident, non-profit manager or community leader. Contact CKAR to get involved. We serve the community and would like your voice, experience, input and expertise! Send us an email.
Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland is pleased to announce multiple upcoming Homeownership opportunities in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, Maryland. These properties will be rehabilitated homes. If you or someone you know would be interested in purchasing a home with HFHMM, please register for one of our upcoming information sessions. Home ownership applications are now being accepted for household incomes ranging between: $46,000.00 - $70,800.00 annually; based upon the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Area Median Income (AMI) adjusted for family size as of April 2015.

Saturday, September 26th, from 9am - 12pm in Riverdale, MD.

To register for the homeownership information session please
Register Here. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Donna Clayburn at Donna.Clayburn@HabitatMM.org. We hope to see you there!

  Habitat For Humanity Prospective Homebuyers Riverdale Information Sessions Flyer

CKAR In Action:
Summer Grant Activity

This summer, using our community's MD Sustainable Communities designation, CKAR applied for two grants from the Maryland State Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). If awarded, funds from both programs will strengthen our community. 

First, on July 9th, CKAR submitted a proposal for DHCD Community Investment Tax Credits to partially offset costs incurred by businesses that desire to customize their training to fit the unique requirements of their business. Businesses investing in our community's workers will benefit by reducing their recruitment, hiring and employee retention costs. These credits would support our "Back to Work" workforce development initiative.

Through CKAR's partnership with Prince George's Community College/Team Builders Academy Program, CKAR provides outreach, intake, job readiness, case management and skills development to prepare our residents for long-term employment in the services and construction industries. CKAR seeks companies interested in creating customized training modules to train Riverdale residents to fit their business needs. Participating companies will have workers that are highly skilled to meet the needs of that industry and their employees will be invested in long term employment and opportunities for vertical movement in the company. 

Businesses may register their interest now to participate in the CITC program to receive a 50% tax credit on their community donation to CKAR.  Contact CKAR to register for this program.

On July 15th, CKAR submitted a Community Legacy Grant Application to secure gap funding needed for the Edmonston Road Sustainable Rain Garden (pictured above) within the Greater Riverdale Sustainable Community. The rain garden is located at 5224 Edmonston Road. This project is a partnership with University of Maryland's Landscape Architecture Program, Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation and the Department of the Environment. The rain garden will address the need to control and direct the flow of significant storm water run-off on Edmonston Road. For Greater Riverdale, it is an opportunity for community enhancement and environmental education and stewardship through the integration of plantings, benches, bi-lingual signage, sidewalks, permeable paving and lighting.

CKAR is still awaiting news regarding the award of Community Investment Tax Credits. If awarded, they will become available for CKAR to offer to businesses and individuals in Spring 2016. At that time, any contribution to programs or projects made by businesses or individuals in CKAR projects may qualify for tax credits to partially offset their contribution. Contact CKAR at (240) 608-2527 or email us at info@ckarcdc.org to discuss this program opportunity.
DHCD Visits Greater Riverdale's 
Edmonston Road Sustainable Rain Garden       
CKAR's Edmonston Road Sustainable Rain Garden
CKAR's Edmonston Road Sustainable Rain Garden Project

Good news! In August, CKAR hosted a Review Team visit from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development's (DHCD) Division of Neighborhood Revitalization at the site of the proposed Edmonston Road Sustainable Rain Garden. Please view the YouTube link above describing the project that was filmed for the site visit featuring University of Maryland Landscape Architecture Professor, Dennis Nola.  We will keep you updated on the progress of this project.
Board of Licensing Commission
Regular Session Meeting
Tuesday, Sept. 22, 1-5
CKAR would encourage you to attend and support CKAR's position "NOT TO WAIVE Improvements"  to benefit the community. This position is supported by Councilmember Dannielle Glaros (District 3), and Mayor Vernon Archer, Town of Riverdale Park. You may call ahead of the meeting to testify in person at 301-583-9970, or simply attend to show support. 
Riverdale Business Highlight
Guiding Exceptional Parents is a local business owned and operated by Dr. Sarah Wayland, a local Riverdale resident who supports  families in two related ways: (1) Care navigation for children with special needs, and (2) as a Relationship Development Intervention consultant. Dr. Wayland earned a Ph.D. from Brandeis University in Cognitive Psychology and has worked at Northeastern University,University of Maryland School of Medicine, and University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Study of Language. She is also a certified RDI Consultant.

Guiding Exceptional Parent services include assisting parents in:
  • Understanding reports and evaluations and figuring out how to follow through;
  • Assembling the best team to address your child's medical needs;
  • Finding appropriate therapists;
  • Finding the right educational placement;
  • Finding enjoyable extracurricular activities that are appropriate for your child;
  • Coordinating with schools, clinicians, care providers, and others involved in your child's care to make sure nothing is overlooked;
  • Implementing effective parenting strategies; and
  • Identifying the most important issues to address.
As a Relationship Development Intervention consultant, Dr. Wayland helps parents learn how their child's mind works. By working closely with parents and children, she helps families learn how to create meaningful learning opportunities in everyday situations so that their child can acquire the social-emotional skills fundamental to making and maintaining meaningful relationships.
Click HERE for More Information on
Dr. Wayland's Riverdale Foundations in Parenting Classes
, beginning October 1st 
CKAR Partners with CASA de Maryland
'"Neighbor to Neighbor" Campaign

CKAR's Partnership with CASA de Maryland connects Neighbors to Neighbors. Riverdale residents may enter into an Employer/Worker agreement to hire CASA workers who are members of the organization, and your neighbor. CASA Members are trained in trades such as construction, carpentry, landscaping, painting, tiling and electricity through partnership with Prince George's Community College. Members are held to CASA de Maryland professional standards and are  honest and reliable workers. Workers are available daily for jobs also involving moving, packing, transporting, and deep cleaning. 

Please contact: 
Michael Petrick, CASA de Maryland Workforce Development Coordinator HERE!

Click Here to Learn How to Hire a CASA Worker
Employer/Worker Agreement Form

CKAR's Employer Partnership Program
CKAR staff will conduct one-on-one business meetings in Greater Riverdale to inform employers in the project area on funding programs to improve their business facades in preparation for Purple Line Patronage. We will provide information on the status of The Purple Line project and identify resources as needed for back office business support, business plan development, marketing, grant writing, grant administration and project coordination/ implementation as a part of CKAR's Employer Partnership Program. 

Purple Line-Kenilworth Avenue to Riverdale Road.

Purple Line-River Road to Kenilworth Avenue.

Become A  Member or Business Partner!
Learn more about CKAR's Community Development Plans and how to get involved by visiting CKAR's Website , Follow us on  Twitter @CKARCDC  or Friend us on FaceBook . To speak with CKAR, please contact us at 240-608-CKAR or Email. You may make your contribution to CKAR by using the Donate Button on our website. Click Here to Donate-Thank you!!

Riverdale Civic Associations:

Riverdale Heights/Riverdale Hills and Crestwood Civic Association: Next Meeting,  The Center for Educational 
Partnership, located at 6200 Sheridan Street, Riverdale, Md 20737. Please contact Cindy Daymont  at: cindydaymont@yahoo.com.
Templeton Knolls Civic Association (TKCA):  

Please contact Alice Bishop at:


Eastpines Civic Association: Please Contact  John Arrington at: 1jarring@gmail.com.  

Community Events/Notes
  • Sept. 21, SEED will host  its quarterly Fresh Produce Giveaway from  4pm-6pm, The organization will distribute over 5,000 pounds of fresh produce to individuals and families for free. Volunteers may arrive at 3:30 at 6201 Riverdale Road Suite 200, Riverdale, MD 20737.   
  • Oct. 3rd Riverdale Park Day, from 12 noon to 5 p.m. at Riverside Neighborhood Park.
  • Email to receive news of the Next Transforming Neighborhood Initiative (TNI) Meeting, Community Events, Resources and Job Announcements .   Please email lmnick@co.pg.md.us
  • Sowing Empowerment and Economic Development, Inc. (SEED) Foreclosure Counseling and Home Buyer Education available locally through the following agencies: Sowing Empowerment and Economic Development 301-458-9808 and Centro de Apoyo Familiar 301-328-3292. 
  • Youth Development Programming and ESOL Education, GapBuster, Inc., Riverdale, MD. 301-779-4252
  • ESOL Education, Templeton Elementary School, Riverdale, MD, 301-985-1880

Job Announcements

Coming Soon  to Riverdale!

Click HERE for More Information
CKAR's membership consists of resid ents and leaders representing various local industries; including, education, business, non-profit, religious, legal, civic associations and more.  Our mission is to bring together a diverse multi-lingual community to promote the social, economic and business interests of the Riverdale community. 

Join by calling 240-608-CKAR (2527) or emailing info@ckarcdc.org.