July 6, 2015  
Volume IX, Number 27
He was amazed at their lack of faith.
"The message that comes through loudly in these readings is that the role of the prophet, the role of the person announcing the will of God, is a pretty thankless lot." Read more.

Question posed:
If God asked you to speak the truth in love to someone, how do you think you would handle it?

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
He instructed them to take nothing for the journey but a walking stick.

Catholic New Service Word To Life Reflections
I had to let it go before it became a negative conflict that would suck the life right out of the Gospel message. Although my efforts were ineffective, I had to continue believing the Gospel itself is life-saving -- and move on to people and situations where it would bear fruit. Read more. 

Questions posed: 
When have you felt that your efforts to share the Gospel message were hitting a brick wall? How does letting go of such a difficult situation help you be a better disciple?
Monday, July 6- St. Maria Goretti 
Tasks Of Catechesis
"Jesus formed his disciples by making known to them the various dimensions of the Kingdom of God.  He entrusted to them 'the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven' (Mt. 13:11); he taught them how to pray (Lk. 11:2); he opened his 'meek and humble heart' to them (Mt. 11:29); and he sent them ahead of him in pairs to every town and place he intended to visit.  (Lk. 10:1)  The fundamental task of catechesis is to achieve the same objective: the formation of disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus instructed his disciples; he prayed with them; he showed them how to live; and he gave them his mission.

Christ's method of formation was accomplished by diverse yet interrelated tasks.  His example is the most fruitful inspiration for effective catechesis today because it is integral to formation in the Christian faith.  Catechesis must attend to each of these different dimensions of faith; each becomes a distinct yet complementary task. Faith must be known, celebrated, lived, and expressed in prayer.  So catechesis comprises six fundamental tasks, each of which is related to an aspect of faith in Christ.  All efforts in evangelization and catechesis should incorporate these tasks" National Directory for Catechesis (NDC) 59-62.

As an attempt to utilize the inculturation process outlined in the NDC, CL Weekly will attempt the discovery of the tasks of catechesis in relation to the modern world's movements.  "Inculturation involves listening to the culture of the people for an echo of the word of God.  It involves the discernment of the presence of authentic Gospel values or openness to authentic Gospel values in the culture" NDC 64.  
Relationship to the Tasks of Catechesis.
Catechesis Promotes Knowledge of the Faith
*Never has the human race enjoyed such an abundance of wealth, resources and economic power, and yet a huge proportion of the worlds citizens are still tormented by hunger and poverty, while countless numbers suffer from total illiteracy. Never before has man had so keen an understanding of freedom, yet at the same time new forms of social and psychological slavery make their appearance. Although the world of today has a very vivid awareness of its unity and of how one man depends on another in needful solidarity, it is most grievously torn into opposing camps by conflicting forces. For political, social, economic, racial and ideological disputes still continue bitterly, and with them the peril of a war which would reduce everything to ashes. True, there is a growing exchange of ideas, but the very words by which key concepts are expressed take on quite different meanings in diverse ideological systems. Finally, man painstakingly searches for a better world, without a corresponding spiritual advancement.

*Praise is due to those national procedures which allow the largest possible number of citizens to participate in public affairs with genuine freedom. Account must be taken, to be sure, of the actual conditions of each people and the decisiveness required by public authority. If every citizen is to feel inclined to take part in the activities of the various groups which make up the social body, these must offer advantages which will attract members and dispose them to serve others. We can justly consider that the future of humanity lies in the hands of those who are strong enough to provide coming generations with reasons for living and hoping. 
* By preaching the truths of the Gospel, and bringing to bear on all fields of human endeavor the light of her doctrine and of a Christian witness, she respects and fosters the political freedom and responsibility of citizens.

Nostra Aetate
No foundation therefore remains for any theory or practice that leads to discrimination between man and man or people and people, so far as their human dignity and the rights flowing from it are concerned.

The Church reproves, as foreign to the mind of Christ, any discrimination against men or harassment of them because of their race, color, condition of life, or religion. On the contrary, following in the footsteps of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, this sacred synod ardently implores the Christian faithful to "maintain good fellowship among the nations" (1 Peter 2:12), and, if possible, to live for their part in peace with all men,(14) so that they may truly be sons of the Father who is in heaven.(15)

At St. Teresa of Avila this Sunday, Msgr. Ray East challenged the congregation to consider the relationship of national freedom to the world.  Can we truly be free as Christians when the world is not free? When genocide is occurring between neighbors? When religion is not freely expressed for everyone? How might our knowledge of our Catholic faith empower us to consider the whole of human freedom in the context of #IndependenceDay?
Catechesis Promotes a Knowledge of the Meaning of the Liturgy and the Sacraments
Prayers from the Roman Missal
The following prayers focus on civic duty and the well-being of our city, state, and nation as well as our leaders. They may be used for weekday Masses, when permitted by the liturgical calendar. Some of these prayers may be adapted for use outside of Mass. When allowed by the rubrics, these prayers may be used with one of the Eucharistic Prayers for Masses for Various Needs and Occasions.
  • Mass for Independence Day and Other Civic Observances (p. 1156)
  • Mass for the Congress (p. 900)
  • Mass for the President (p. 900)
  • Mass for the Nation, (State,) or City (p. 899)
  • Mass for the Progress of Peoples (p. 901)
  • Mass for Those Who Serve in Public Office (p. 813)
  • Mass for Peace and Justice (p. 902)
  • Independence Day and Other Civic Observances I (p. 536)
  • Independence Day and Other Civic Observances II (p. 538)
  • Sundays in Ordinary Time I-The Paschal Mystery and the People of God (p. 430)
  • Sundays in Ordinary Time II-The Mystery of Salvation (p. 432)
Catechesis Promotes Moral Formation in Jesus Christ

"The California Catholic Conference is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in California.  We advocate with policy makers and the public to advance the Catholic vision of human life and dignity, the good society, and concern for those that are poor and vulnerable.  We educate Catholics and the general public. We empower Catholics to put their faith into action consistent with Catholic teaching."

Though many of the resources are intended for California, a wide variety of information is available for all on the cacatholic.org website regarding policy making. 
*The Catholic Legislative Network is intended to form the consciences of voters through emails and various alerts to take action.  Join the network now.
*Public Policy Insights is a newsletter on California, Washington and the world.  Click here to learn more.
Catechesis Teaches the Christian How to Pray with Christ
The following intercessions from the USCCB may be helpful.
  • For the people of the United States, that we may be united in building a society in which everyone can have the opportunity to live with dignity and hope, we pray to the Lord...
  • For the Church, that we may be a witness to Christ's love by practicing charity and promoting justice and peace throughout the world, we pray to the Lord...
  • For Catholics throughout our nation, that the values of our faith may guide us as we exercise our responsibility as voters, we pray to the Lord...
  • For the members of this community, that we may find ways to help build a world of greater respect for human life and human dignity, we pray to the Lord...
  • For those who serve in elected office, that they may lead with courage and wisdom, reflecting the Church's teaching that the moral test of our society is how the weak, the poor, and the vulnerable are faring, we pray to the Lord...
  • For those who are suffering from poverty and injustice, that our decisions this election year may lead to policies and programs that help them live in dignity, we pray to the Lord...
  • For parishioners who have been elected to public office, that they might use their offices to protect the unborn and promote the dignity of the poor and vulnerable, we pray to the Lord...
  • For the earth, that our nation's leaders will be inspired by God's Spirit to protect all of His creation, we pray to the Lord....
  • For workers around the world, especially children who work long hours for little pay, that we might all seek ways to promote fairness, justice, and dignity in their lives, we pray to the Lord...
  • For leaders around world, that they might find ways to bring an end to war and violence, and promote peace and development for all nations, we pray to the Lord...
Catechesis Prepares the Christian to Live in Community and to Participate in the Life and Mission of the Church

Catholic Relief Services complements its humanitarian and development work and experience with policy analysis and advocacy to address the root causes of poverty, conflict and marginalization. CRS examines the issues that are dramatically impacting the safety and well-being of poor and vulnerable people worldwide. Our work is based on the principles of Catholic social teaching, primary among them the protection of the dignity of the human person. Learn more about Public Policy.  Poli­tica publica.   



US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking 

Ending Slavery Is Everyone's Work.  

Learn more about human trafficking and what you can do to fight it. 

Quotes from Pope Francis on Religious Freedom 
Download pdfs in both English and Espanol

"We must promote religious liberty for all people. Every man and woman must be free to profess his or her faith, whatever it may be. Why? Because that man and that woman are children of God."

"Siempre que de la adhesión a una tradición religiosa nace un servicio más convencido, más generoso, más desinteresadoa toda la sociedad, se produce un auténtico ejercicio y un desarrollo de la libertad religiosa...Cuanto más se pone uno al servicio de los demás, más libre es"

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As of June 29, NCCL has received a total of $4312 in donations. With the recent office move, the final tally has not been calculated.  To meet the $6500 goal, a total of $2,188 is all that is left! Consider donating before the final announcement of the total next Monday!  

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Update 4: Are You Ready to be a Candidate for National   Certification?  

National Certification for Lay Ecclesial Ministers promotes professional, competent and

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Your participation in this process supports the building of a "culture of competence" in lay ecclesial ministry and helps to raise the bar for competent, faithful and professional ministry with the People of God. Initial applications for candidacy and completed portfolios will be accepted up until October 1, 2015.  Please visit www.lemcertification.org to begin your journey toward certification!


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