April 13, 2015  
Volume IX, Number 15
Question of the Week: 
Adults: What can I do to inspire my family to resemble the first Christians?
Children: What can my family and I do to help others who are in need?

Adults:     What questions about Jesus still arise in the midst of my faith?
Children: What question would I ask someone about Jesus appearing to the Apostles?


Monday, April 13-  St. Martin I

Tuesday, April 14-  Blessed Peter Gonzalez
Wednesday, April 15-   Blessed Caesar de Bus
Thursday, April 16 - St. Bernadette Soubirous
Friday, April 17- St. Benedict Joseph Labre
Encounter the Joy of the Gospel!  
¡Descubre la Alegria del Evangelio!
Pre-conference: May 17
Conference: May 18-21       
Post-Conference: May 21  

Register online, or print the registration form in the brochure  to register by mail.  Utilize the same procedure if you participated in "Save Me A Place." Just check the "Save Me A Place" category.  


Hotel reservations for the Annual Conference should occur before April 22!  Go to our webpage for details.  Learn more.

Update About The Conference! Tim R. Smith Joins Us!


Come join Timothy R. Smith for an interactive night of songs, heartfelt stories and hilarity that celebrates our common journey of faith. Tim's ministry has taken him across the United States, conducting parish missions, men's retreats, youth rallies, and music ministry workshops that engage, educate and inspire.


Tim has over 100 musical compositions published by OCP. His songs combine traditional and contemporary musical idioms that are easily accessible to both listeners and worshiping assemblies. Some of Tim's well-known liturgical compositions include: Give Me Ears To Listen,  Voice Of Christ, O Mother Of Jesus, In Every Age, and his newly released Mass of the Sacred Heart.
2015 White Papers: Ministerial Applications of Evangelii Gaudium for the Domestic Church
Cardinal Richard Marx of Munich and the Council of Cardinals (C8) gave insight into Pope Francis' thinking as he wrote "Evangelii Gaudium" (The Joy of the Gospel).  He said the Pope was concerned with a "holistic evangelization which includes culture, society, politics and economy" and not one that only concentrated on catechesis and sacraments. Throughout the Exhortation there is a call to conversion and to joy in every aspect of a disciple's life. 
This year's  White  Papers provide ideas in understanding how "Evangelii Gaudium" might be applied to families - the domestic church - with "new ardour, methods or expression" (Lineamenta for The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith) that deepen family members' joy for their faith.

At the conference, each paper will be presented.  After the presentation of each paper, a panel of responders will comment on the information presented from the worldview of their cultural and family situations.  After the final presentation, there will be small group discussion to concertize how the information can be applied to the participant's local settings.


Paper #1: The New Evangelization: Involving Families, the Domestic Church by David M. Thomas.  The family now sits right in the middle of all the cultural turmoil of the postmodern world. What can done by the church on a practical level to assist families to survive as they face the challenges of life today?


Paper #2: Families Evangelizing Families, A Spirituality of Accompaniment by Lauri Przybysz, DMin.  Rather than bemoan the disconnection of some families, we must be creative in finding opportunities for ministry among them.


Paper #3: Parents as First Preachers: Naming Grace in the Domestic Church by Mary E. Pedersen, DMin. The Second Vatican Council document, Lumen gentium, gave parents a mandate to serve as "first preachers" in the domestic church.  How would they do that in today's world?
The Federation For Catechesis With Hispanics
WEBSITE NOW LIVE!   fchcatequesis.org or fchcatechesis.org

Webinar: 17 de abril del 2015-- 12:00 - 1:00 PM PT  en Español
Padre Eduardo Fernandez, SJ
Viernes, Abril 17 se iniciara una serie de presentaciones sobre la catequesis en la web patrocinadas por FCH. Nuestro presentador será el padre Eduardo Fernández, profesor de teología de la escuela Jesuita en Santa Clara. El tema será "Enseñar como Jesús ." El padre va explorar diferentes modos de cómo podemos trabajar con familias y niños Latinos en la catequesis. Mas información.
Webinar on April 17, 2015 10:00 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time in English
Fr. Eduardo Fernandez, SJ

Friday, April 17th FCH will sponsor the first in a series of webinars on catechesis with Hispanics. The presenter will be Fr. Eduardo Fernandez, Professor of Theology at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara. His topic will be "To Teach Like Jesus." He will explore ways to reach Latino families and children via catechesis. Click here to learn more.

Reflections Offered By Presidential Candidates
Lorraine De Luca

Th leadership of the Evangelization Committee asked Lorraine DeLuca and Ken Ogorek, the two candidates being discerned for the role of president of NCCL this spring, to share their thoughts on evangelization for NCCL members and others to read.  Both entries are now available.  
Ken Ogorek

Simply go to 

and access the blog.  

While you are there, please consider subscribing to this curated evangelization (and evangelizing catechesis) resource website designed for catechetical and evangelization leaders in the Church.  And share this site with others who might benefit from it. 

Strong Catholic Families

 Over 5,100 people responded to the Strong Catholic Families survey of parents and leaders regarding what they most wanted to hear from the church/church leaders. The results highlight two specific messages that were clear preferences and also indicated that leaders and parents did not always agree on what were the most important messages for parents. 


View the results and read an analysis at the new Strong Catholic Families website and "Like Us" on Facebook so you can stay informed as new insights are shared in the coming weeks.

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