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News from the Canadian Library Association
Update from the Executive Director

Since the January 27, 2016 vote by the CLA members to dissolve the organization and support the creation of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations CLA staff and Executive Council have been working tirelessly to wrap up business, transfer programs where possible and plan the CLA National Forum taking place June 1 - 3 in Ottawa.  Below is a table outlining the work done to date.

Special Purpose Funds
CLA has been working with legal counsel and the Accountant to determine appropriate stewardship of CLA's Special Purpose Funds.  A financial analysis of the Funds has been undertaken.
Due to the current real estate market in Ottawa and the location of the office, we have had no success in sub-leasing the space. This represents a significant liability for CLA. Discussion and negotiation with the Landlord has begun.
CLA Archives
The majority of CLA's physical archives have been transferred to Library and Archives Canada. The remainder will be transferred just prior to applying for dissolution.

Discussions have taken place with the CFLA regarding digital files and how we might ensure that they remain available and accessible to the library community.
CARL and CULC are currently taking a policy lead on the issue of Copyright, working with the CLA's Copyright Advisory Committee, until the CFLA-FCAB is able to lead advocacy efforts on this issue.

TPL and OPL continue to lead the eBooks initiative in consultation with the CLA eBook Task Force. CFLA will take on this issue and feel that CULC is best positioned

The CFLA is aware of the issues that CLA was focussing on and will receive a report from the CLA National Forum that we hope will help inform their decisions around the broad issues that require national advocacy.
CLA Position Statements
CLA has initiated discussions with CFLA regarding important position statements, highlighting the Intellectual Freedom Statement as a critical statement to have in place early.

CFLA recognized the importance of national statements and is currently reviewing all CLA position statements on the website. The goal is to have relevant ones re-adopted at its first AGM in 2017 and archival access maintained for those no longer relevant or current. [Chair's Update from CFLA-FCAB, May 24, 2016]
Intellectual Freedom 
CLA's Intellectual Freedom Advisory Committee is working on the 2015 edition of this survey.

Discussions have taken place with CFLA regarding its potential adoption of this annual survey. No formal decisions have been made as of yet.

Discussions have taken place with CFLA regarding its potential adoption of some of these awards.

Some of these awards have funds associated with them which CLA is still investigating. No formal decisions have been made as of yet.
Scholarships and Research Grants
Discussions have taken place with CFLA regarding its potential adoption of some or all of these awards.  No formal decisions have been made as of yet.
Website - CLA.CA
Website - (Feliciter)
CLA and CFLA/FCAB are please to announce that CFLA-FCAB will take over the contract for the CLA and Feliciter websites to ensure nothing is lost.  Domain name ownership is being assumed by the Federation to ensure an orderly transfer.  Eventually, domains will be phased out or redirected to the Federation.
Website - - Library Shipping Tool
We are please to be able to say that we have found an organization to take over administration of the Library Materials Shipping Tool.  We are in the process of working through details with this organization and Canada Post and hope to be able to make an announcement in the near future regarding the new administrative body.
Website - - SLIC
CLA is in the process of moving the SLiC website to a new temporary host organization. We are working with both the Editor as well as the School Libraries Advisory Committee and the Voices for School Libraries Network.

An announcement will be made regarding the new host once SLIC has been transferred and both parties are ready to go live with the new site.
Physical Assets & Services
CLA Staff have been working to dissolve CLA's physical assets (selling of desks and other furniture, office supplies, donating where appropriate, etc)

They have also been cancelling services when they are able to in order to minimize cost and save where possible.
RDA - International Standard Co-Published by ALA/CILIP/CLA
RDA, the International Standard co-published by ALA/CILIP/CLA will be assumed by CFLA-FCAB. [Chair's Update from CFLA-FCAB, May 24, 2016]

This was also announced in the May 13, 2016 CLA Digest.
We are pleased to be able to share, jointly with the CFLA-FCAB, that the Federation has agreed to take over the role and responsilibities currently undertaken by CLA related to the accreditation of Canadian MLIS programs by ALA Accreditation. CARL will work on this on behalf of CFLA/FCAB.

The Canadian Council of Information Studies (CCIS-CCSI), the national council of Deans and Directors of Canadian Library and Information Science programs, has expressed an interest in working with the Federation on the recommendation of the Canadian representative to the ALA Committee on Accreditation. This partnership will be investigated.
CLA has informed IFLA that it will not be renewing its membership for 2016.

The Federation will ensure continuity of membership in IFLA and are working to ensure that all existing Canadian participation in IFLA and its committees is not undermined by the transition to CFLA-FCAB. [Chair's Update from CFLA-FCAB, May 24, 2016]

IFLA has provided information, via CLA, for the CFLA regarding membership along with options for consideration regarding the potential for CFLA to take over.
YCW Program
2016 - 2017 home found with Canadian Council of Archives

2017 - 2018 consideration by the CFLA as to whether they want to take this on. PCH is interested in speaking with the Federation once established.
Copyright on CLA Publications
We have made progress on the transfer of copyright of some CLA publications and will make announcements when details have been finalized. We continue to work to find homes to transfer the remaining copyrights so as to avoid having any copyright orphans once CLA has dissolved.

Legal counsel has provided feedback on how best to transfer these copyrights.
Guidelines and Standards (other than RDA & Leading Learning)
Discussions have taken place with the CFLA regarding the potential to take ownership of these standards.  No formal decisions have been made yet.
Leading Learning
Further discussion has taken place with the CFLA-FCAB as well as the school library community regarding a permanent home and long-term stewardship of this standard.

We hope to be able to make announcements in the very near future.
The CFLA-FCAB is working with OLA, Victoria Owen and Margaret Ann Wilkinson on any responsibilities CFLA-FCAB should take on with WIPO [Chair's Update from CFLA-FCAB, May 24, 2016]
The Treasurer, Executive Director, and CLA Financial Officer continue to monitor CLA finances closely.  They reach out to the Accountant when needed.
Book Sales
ALA has been notified that CLA will no longer be taking book orders for ALA Editions as of May 15, 2016.

An announcement was made on May 12, 2016 that we have found a new Canadian distributor for ALA Editions. We are awaiting finalization of details between ALA Editions and this Canadian organization. Once we have this we will be able to make an announcement and provide details to the community on where they can access ALA Editions.

The Canadian Public Libraries for Fair Ebook Pricing coalition is seeing a great response to its campaign so far.  More than 20,000 visits have been logged to the campaign website  and the story has been picked up many times by prominent media outlets including CBC, The Toronto Star, and TVO.
On 5 March 2016, The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) approved a resolution to support libraries calling for action from the federal government on eBooks and asking for an investigation of restrictive eBook prices to public libraries thanks in large part to the efforts of Tim Tierney, Chair of the Ottawa Public Library and Ottawa City Councillor.  The coalition's most recent media push resulted in the opportunity to share our key messages and principles directly with Simon and Schuster.  Data and analysis  on impacts are currently being compiled in preparation for further discussion with this publisher.
CLA wishes to thank the contributions of all involved in this initiative.  Special thanks and recognition are expressed for Toronto Public Library and Ottawa Public Library, who have dedicated many resources including staff and trustee time. The work of these systems has been invaluable to the coalition's success.  

Message from the CFLA-FCAB Chair Paul Takala

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to provide this update on the Federation. On May 16, 2016 the Canadian Federation of Library Associations / Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques was officially incorporated as a federal not-for-profit corporation. The Inaugural Board is now in place and will serve until our first AGM at the OLA Super Conference in February 2017. The Board has established a hiring committee to recruit a Senior Project Executive who will serve until a permanent Executive Director is hired by the new Board.

As someone that participated in the working group and now the Inaugural Board I want to say how encouraging it has been that the Canadian Library community has come together to collaborate on establishing a new national voice for Canadian Libraries. To continue reading please click here.

Wordmark/Graphic Identity Challenge - CFLA/FCAB

As operations of the new Canadian Federation of Library Associations/ Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB) are commencing we are looking for some assistance at creating our graphic identity.

We are asking member associations and libraries that have in-house graphics talent to spend a bit of time creating a concept for the Board to review. We will be engaging in conversations around this at the CLA Forum in Ottawa in June. We are not able to provide financial compensation at this time but will be recognizing those who submit and giving credit to the design creator.

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Shipping Tool Update

Effective July 1 st, 2016, libraries using the Library Materials Shipping Tool (EOE Secure) will only be able to pay for their shipments using either credit cards or stamps.

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À compter du 1 er juillet 2016, des bibliothèques qui utilisent l'Outil d'expédition des documents de bibliothèque (solution protégée SCE) ne pourront payer leurs expéditions qu'au moyen d'une carte de crédit ou de timbres.

Plus d'information

Reg2016 CLA National Forum News

We are ready for you!
On site registrations still accepted.
Thank You!
We wish to acknowledge and thank our curators and program committee for a stellar program and for the time and effort put into developing the sessions.

Thank you to:
  • The Promise and the Peril of Intellectual Freedom in the 21st Century, curated by Alvin Schrader, University of Alberta
  • Competitive Landscapes: Look Around & Make Decisions, curated by Rebecca Jones, Brampton Public Library
  • Digital Strategy and the Government of Canada,  curated by John Dupuis, York University
  • Influencing Canadian Copyright: Getting Ready, curated by Ann Ludbrook, Ryerson University & Susan Haigh, Canadian Association of Research Libraries
  • Delivering Content in the Digital Market: Licensing Issue or Paradigm Shift?, curated by Deb Hutchinson-Koep, West Vancouver Memorial Library
  • Convergence of Libraries, Archives and Museums, curated by Salvy Trojman, Gale
  • National Metrics Program, curated by Ryan Patrick, Counting Opinions
  • From Truth to Reconciliation: A Discussion on the Path Forward, curated by Ry Moran, National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation
  • Future of the Profession, curated by Rebecca Raven, Brampton Public Library
  • Unconference - the Incubator Room, will be moderated by Michael Ridley University of Guelph and Ana-Maria Critchley, Toronto Public Library
  • Curator Wrangler, Christina Hwang, University of Alberta
For more information on the Forum visit:
We encourage you to register and be a part of the discussion!

Follow the conference discussions on twitter #claott16

Would you like to join us in celebrating our CLA Book Award Recipients? Tickets still available!

Tickets and details can be found here:

Library Careers
Check out the latest career ads and find out more details by visiting CLA Library Careers Listing:

Geoffrey R. Weller Library
Salary: Not given
Closing date: May 31, 2016
Posted: May 27, 2016
Salary: Not given
Closing date: June 24, 2016
Posted: May 27, 2016

Director of Learning & Research Services
UNB Libraries, Fredericton, NB
Salary: Not given
Closing date: May 27, 2016
Posted: April 27, 2016

Research and Learning Librarian
University of Calgary
Salary: $59,160 to $80,651
Closing date: June 3, 2016
Posted: May 09, 2016

Library Technician
Cancer Care Ontario
Salary: Not given
Closing date: June 8, 2016
Posted: May 25, 2016
LCS Librarian
University of Guelph Library
Salary: Not given
Closing date: June 21, 2016
Posted: May 25, 2016

Check out several more postings on CLA Library Careers Listing 
Employers? Look to CLA for all your career ad needs! With over 16,000 page views monthly, it ranks the highest-viewed area on the CLA website. Ads range from $225 - $350 per month (depending on level of membership)!  
Workshops / Webinars / Events
Innovative, Responsive, and Vital Libraries
Wednesday, May 25 to Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Mortenson Center Associates program continues in 2016 with "Innovative, Responsive, and Vital Libraries," May 25-June 21, 2016. This professional development program will cover inventive practices and services in areas such as:
  •         Leadership and Communication
  •         Digital and Print Collections
  •         Information Technology
  •         Marketing and Advocacy
  •         International Professional Networking
  •         Innovation and Community Outreach
Fee: Program costs $2500

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Looking to improve your services for genealogy researchers?
Thursday, June 2, 2016 

Join us at the Genealogy Boot-camp  where we'll be discussing issues around genetic ancestral research; creating programs for children; the best way to take your genealogy collection to the web; and a panel of three different sized libraries reporting on how they effectively market their services and tools.

It's going to be a day packed with great information and will give you the chance to chat with other librarians from around the province. 

2016 IATUL Conference:Library Leadership in a Sea of Change
Sunday, June 5 to Thursday, June 9, 2016

Libraries are developing services for new emerging trends such as data management and curation, scholarly communication/publishing, copyright, open access, text and data mining (TDM) and digital initiatives. Libraries are also reshaping spaces to better respond to the ever changing and growing needs of end user communities. We see more and more collaboration between different units in order to create new and better learning environments where different professionals are joining forces to use their skills and knowledge to support their different communities.

You are invited to attend OLA's 115th Annual General Meeting and Luncheon
Friday, June 10, 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm

Lunch will be served first followed by the AGM.
Where: Hamilton Public Library, Central Library (teleconference is also an option)
Jane Hilton, 2015 OLA President, Presiding
The OLA AGM will be held in conjunction with the Ontario Library and Information Technology Association (OLITA).
Registration (free of course!) is open. Registration (member and non-member rates) for those also wishing to attend Digital Odyssey will also open shortly.
Call for Resolutions
OLA members are invited to submit resolutions for consideration at the 115th Annual General Meeting. Resolutions should be received by Friday, June 3. The OLA Resolutions Committee requires that the mover and seconder be available by phone on Monday, June 6, 10 am to discuss the wording of each resolution before it goes forward to the Annual Meeting. Resolutions to be considered will be made available to all participating delegates by Wednesday, June 8 on the OLA website. 

Annual Institute on the Library as Place: Transformative Spaces
July 7, 2016 to July 8, 2016

Plan, develop, design and build. The 2016 Library as Place provides a progressive approach to assess trends and design that will help you transform places and spaces in your library. A host of sessions, including our bootcamp stream will guide you through the blueprint of starting your build process.  

Break outside the library walls! Explore retail transformations and creative service points. Develop your community's dream space.
Early bird registration closes June 10! 

CILIP Conference
July 12, 2016  to July 13, 2016 Brighton UK
The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals will be hosting their annual conference on 12-13 July at the iconic Brighton Dome - a Grade I listed multi-arts venue - originally built as a stable block for the Prince Regent's horses! Brighton is approximately an hour south of London by train.

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RDA Essentials
Author: Thomas Brenndorfer  
ISBN 978-0-8389-1328-4 
Price: $ 148.00 

This concise guide to cataloging with RDA: Resource Description and Access specifically hones in on the needs of those seeking a simplified path to creating basic RDA records. First describing foundational RDA concepts and vocabulary, Brenndorfer then distills RDA instructions, matching them to cataloging practice in easy-to-follow language. Current with RDA instructions through the April 2015 update to RDA, this guide makes an excellent primer while also serving as a bridge to more complex cataloging. It's an ideal resource for:
  • Small libraries that require standard cataloging but don't need all the details of structure and content of the full RDA
  • LIS students who need an introduction to cataloging
  • Paraprofessionals seeking a ready reference for copy cataloging
  • Experienced catalogers needing a quick summary of RDA practice
To order this and other titles, please submit your inquiry at  shop CLA

IFLA Adventure
Author: Judith Saltman, Dan Gillean, Jamie Kathleen McCarthy, Myron Groover, 
Jack Unrau, and Rachel  Balko 
ISBN 978-0-88802-339-1
Sale Price: $ 19.95  (original list price $ 35.95)

Discover for yourself this unique manuscript chronically
Canadians involvement with IFLA for the past 85 years
with profiles including Elizabeth Morton, Erik Spicer,
Guy Sylvestre, Harry Campbell, Marianne Scott and culminating
with the first Canadian President to IFLA, Ingrid Parent.

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Demystifying Copyright 2nd Edition
Jean Dryden
ISBN: 978-0-88802-2340-7
Sale Price: $ 19.95 (original list price $ 30.99)

The guide is intended to provide concise accessible information about Canadian copyright law for those who conduct research in Canadian libraries and archives in order to understand how copyright works and how to apply the rules to particular situations. The term 'researcher' includes all those who consult the resources of libraries and archives for any purpose, whether the outcome is a dissertation, a family tree, a school project, or the answer to a question of personal interest. The librarians and archivists who serve researchers will also find it useful when responding to questions about copyright; however, the guide does not cover the administration of copyright matters in a library or archives.

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Canadian Copyright in Schools and Libraries    

Author: John Tooth
Sale Price: $29.95 (original list price $39.95)

Canadian Copyright in Schools and School Libraries addresses copyright issues that typically arise in those educational settings.  The author's goal is to provide some direction to help school staff across Canada answer copyright questions in their daily work. This publication offers some focus for the reasonable handling of copyright issues based on legal interpretation and case law.

John Tooth is a professional librarian and educator with an MLIS from the University of Western Ontario, an MEd and PhD from the University of Winnipeg.  After a brief retirement, John accepted a position as Copyright Officer and Head of the Copyright Office for the University of Winnipeg Library beginning in October 2012. Prior to this, he was coordinator of the Instructional Resources Unit of Manitoba Education, and served as the copyright consultant for the Department and for schools for some 35 years.  He now undertakes education and copyright consulting work.

To order this and other titles, please submit your inquiry at
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Dewey Decimal & Library of Congress Classification
Author: Christina Neigel
176 pages, Softcover
Sale Price: $ 29.95 (original list price $ 49.00)
Christina Neigel's much anticipated publication An Introduction to Dewey Decimal & Library of Congress Classification Systems: A Workbook is now available for distribution. Ms. Neigel states that "this book presents and introduction to the two major North American systems of classification" providing "readers with the foundational skills to build basic classification notations and recognize their meaning and significance when using existing library records."

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The Night Gardener   
Author: Jonathon Auxier
ISBN 978-0-670-06772-5
Price: $ 19.95  
Note: This is a signed copy by the author. Limited quantities remain.  
When orphaned Irish siblings Molly and Kip arrive to work as servants at a creepy, crumbling English manor house, they discover that the house and its inhabitants are not what they seem. Soon the siblings are confronted by a mysterious stranger and the secrets of the cursed house will change their lives forever. This much-anticipated follow up to Jonathan Auxier's exceptional debut, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, is a Victorian mystery in the tradition of Washington Irving and Edgar Allan Poe. The Night Gardener is a mesmerizing read and a classic in the making.    
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This One Summer 
Author: Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki
ISBN 978-1-59643-774-6
Price: $ 18.95  
Note:  Limited quantities remain.  
Rose and Windy are summer friends whose families have visited Awago Beach for as long as they can remember. But this year is different, and they soon find themselves tangled in teen love and family crisis. From the creators of Skim comes an investigation into the mysterious world of adults.  

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Awards TD Book Awards 2016 Luncheon
The Canadian Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques (CLA/ACB) is pleased to invite you to the book awards luncheon where these awards will be presented to our winners!

The luncheon will take place at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel on Thursday June 2, 2016 from   11:00 am to 12:45 pm EST.

Awards that will be announced:
  • Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award the winner is: Sidewalk Flowers, by JonArno Lawson, illustrated by Sydney Smith, published by Groundwood Books. 
  • Young Adult Book Award the winner is: The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow, published by Simon & Schuster Canada.  
  • Book of the Year for Children Award the winner is: The Nest by Kenneth Oppel, illustrated by Jon Klassen, published by HarperCollins Canada.   
These awards are generously sponsored by  Library Services Centre .  

To purchase your tickets to the 
TD Bank Group  sponsored CLA Book Award Luncheon, please  click here  or  click here  to the main CLA Forum registration page look under Special Event Tickets for Non-Forum Guests. 

**Please note all attendees will be given a choice of one of three award winning books which will be signed by the authors themselves at the luncheon.

2016 Award for the Advancement of Intellectual Freedom in Canada
The Canadian Library Association is pleased to announce that Richard Beaudry and Gail Chaddock-Costello have been chosen as winners of the 2016 Award for the Advancement of Intellectual Freedom in Canada for their demonstrated leadership and exceptional courage in resisting censorship and opposing violations of intellectual freedom in school libraries and schools.
Read more

Complete information on all CLA awards criteria and judging, prizes, nominations and applicable forms are available on the CLA website or on request from the CLA office at info@cla.cla 
Member Updates
Should you have any questions on your membership please contact our Office Manager  

Network and Committee News

Voices for School Libraries  The Winter 2016 edition of the online journal, School Libraries in Canada is now available . Please click here to read more.

Community Highlights

League  Updated bibliography on library impact and outcome is now available!
On the website of IFLAs Statistics and Evaluation Section, you can now access the updated version of the Bibliography "Impact and Outcome of  Libraries."

The bibliography has grown from ca. 550 to 624 titles since 2014. It contains publications on impact and outcome measurement for public and academic libraries, for school libraries and for special libraries. It covers studies that assessed the impact of libraries on information literacy, academic success and the social community. Extra sections deal with the impact of electronic services and the financial value of libraries.

Read more
2016 Forest of Reading Silver Birch Award Winners
The votes came in! Over 250,000 children have participated in the Ontario Library Association's (OLA) annual Forest of Reading program and have helped to choose the best Canadian authors and illustrators of our time. The following awards were presented today at the Toronto Festival of Trees, a "rock star concert for authors" hosted at the Harbourfront Centre.

IFLA World Library and Information Congress
The event takes place from  13 to 19 August 2016, Columbus, Ohio, USA. Don't miss out!

News From the Community

INAC Indigenous Reads
In June, communities across Canada will celebrate National Aboriginal History Month and National Aboriginal Day's 20th Anniversary to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Indigenous peoples. I'd like to invite and encourage all Canadians to make June Indigenous Book Club Month, and to read Indigenous literature.
Whether you are part of a book club, read often to your children, or simply enjoy a good story, Indigenous titles are among the world's best reading today. The idea behind Indigenous Book Club Month is to celebrate the wealth of diversity and perspective that it brings to our country, and to promote it as best we can. There's no question that, in so doing, we all help bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, increase awareness and understanding through shared culture, and encourage steps toward reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.
You may have heard my initial interview with The Current on CBC, during which the idea was first introduced. What began with an invitation for Indigenous authors to discuss the idea turned into a national conversation, highlighted by social media reactions and suggestions.
Libraries provide valuable promotion to make June Indigenous Book Club Month. All efforts to encourage everyone to seek out and read an Indigenous author or story, provide a recommendation to others, or a simple social media post using the hashtag #IndigenousReads are all great places to start.
Reconciliation between Canada and Indigenous Peoples involves all Canadians taking steps to improve understanding and awareness, and this Month can help us take those steps together. Thank you for your continued support for Aboriginal History Month, National Aboriginal Day, and now, Indigenous Book Club Month.
Minister Carolyn Bennett