Closure Days on September VPK Attendance Rosters
Good Afternoon VPK Providers,
There have been several follow up questions regarding closure days for Hurricane Irma.  Please read the clarifications below for marking September attendance rosters.
Coding Closure Days on September VPK Attendance Rosters
The Coalition has decided NOT to pre-code "D's" on September VPK attendance rosters as previously stated. This change will allow each provider to claim their own closure days based on their individual circumstances.  Please enter a "D" for a maximum of 5 days closed. Additional closure days should be noted with an "N".
Please remember that Office of Early Learning rules only allow up to five (5) days per program year for temporary closures due to a natural disaster.  Any additional days will require a calendar change to make up the days. For example, if you followed the public schools in closing all seven (7) days (9/7 - 9/15), you will be required to adjust your VPK schedule. To do so, please complete the following forms, all of which can be found in the VPK Downloads section of our website or by clicking on the links provided:

The rule also states that a closure is considered temporary if the provider resumes instruction following the closure and is caused by emergency circumstances when a state of emergency is declared by federal, state or local officials for the area in which the provider is located.  Also, a temporary closure caused by emergency circumstances is not payable for any student who does not attend a VPK instructional day following the closure.   In other words, if a child never returns to your program, you will not be paid for the absences.
Please refer to 6M-8.204 , F.A.C. Uniform Attendance Policy for Funding the VPK Program .
If you have any questions, please contact your Certification Specialist: 
Amanda Urdal  
Carolyn Kovanis 
Destiny Woodward  
Peggy Comerford  

If you have questions, please contact your Certification Specialist.

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