Dear SR Providers:
ELC heard your concerns and is  providing clarification to the School Readiness pre-service training requirements!

Clarification received from OEL regarding Program Personnel states if outside therapists/tutors/all enrichment contractors is not paid for by the provider, they would not be subject to the training requirements as they are neither employed by nor volunteering for the provider.  For these services, having the children sign out when being assisted by these contractors is a good idea to help separate the provider from the therapist/tutor/all enrichment contractors. 

In regards to bus drivers who are employed by the SR provider, if they are transporting children unsupervised they must complete SR pre-service training. However, if there is a staff member who has met the SR pre-service training requirement accompanying the bus driver during drop-off and pick-up, the bus drive does not need the SR pre-service training.

"Program Personnel" is defined in the Handbook as any person employed by or who volunteers at the school readiness program for an average of ten (10) or more hours per month and who either works directly with children and/or is unsupervised with children in care at any time and for any portion of the program day during the program's hours of operation.  Please use the definition of program personnel to guide you while assessing these situations. If it is clear that they meet the definition, they would need to complete the SR pre-service training requirements.
If you have any questions about the SR pre-service training or other SR Health and Safety requirements, please contact your Certification Specialist.

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If you have questions, please contact your Certification Specialist.

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