School Readiness Services Impacted by Hurricane Irma
Good Afternoon SR Providers,
There have been several follow up questions regarding closure days for Hurricane Irma.  Please read the clarifications below for marking September attendance rosters, absences, child schedules, and addressing Coalition-assessed parent copayments (parent fees).
Coding Closure Days on September SR Attendance Rosters
The Coalition has decided NOT to pre-code "D's" on September SR attendance rosters as previously stated. This change will allow each provider to claim their own closure days based on their individual circumstances.  However, the Coalition has only authorized the use of "D's" beginning 9/7/17.  If you had to close your program due to Hurricane Irma you should enter a "D" for each child and for each day you were closed.  For example, you closed your program on 9/8/17 to prepare for the storm, you were without power all last week, and you opened back up on 9/18/17. You should put a "D" on your roster on 9/8, 9/11, 9/12, 9/13, 9/14, and 9/15 for each child.
Although most providers have reopened, we realize that it is taking longer for others to recover.  For these situations, please note that any closures beyond 9/15/17 will require additional documentation to justify the closure.  Please contact your Certification Specialist for more information.
Coding Child Absences for Affected Families
Beginning 9/7/17, if you have any children who were absent on a day(s) you were open due to Hurricane Irma you may claim that day(s) as an "E".  This will allow the absence(s) to be counted as excused. 
The Coalition will allow providers to claim "E's" for child absences on their September rosters beginning 9/7/17 through 9/15/17.

Child Schedules
Some providers have asked us about being paid full time rates for children who would normally be on a part time schedule, but attended their program full time while they were out of school.  OEL rule 6M-4.501 Reimbursement During Emergency Closures does not allow the Coalition to do this.  The rule states "...Providers shall be reimbursed at the rate normally received during non-emergency hours when a coalition activates its Continuation of Operations Plan (C.O.O.P.)....In no circumstances may a coalition reimburse in excess of the pre-existing approved hours for an individual child during the temporary closure."  This is a state rule and not a local policy that we can waive.
Charging Coalition-Assessed Parent Copayments (Parent Fees)
To assist families, providers may choose not to charge the Coalition-assessed copayment to School Readiness parents. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Certification Specialist: 
Amanda Urdal  
Carolyn Kovanis 
Destiny Woodward  
Peggy Comerford  
Melody Fernandez

If you have questions, please contact your Certification Specialist.

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