A Clarification
on the Electric Deer Moon Newsletter

Dear Friends


This is a note to clarify the contents of the Loominosity Newletter that you received on Sept 19th for the Electric Deer Moon of Service...

In The Sacred Trinity of Kin process I have normally used the daily Dreamspell Kin (in this case 65, Red Cosmic Serpent) and also the kin number of the Ancient Calendar System (Longcount aka New Earth Resonance) to arrive at the Center Heart Bridge...and this is what I stated was done...

Yet in this issue I did something different (for whatever reason) which may indeed prove to be a new way to look at and consider  each of the 13 Moons!!

I felt very drawn in by what I feel now was the energy of Dragonfly and instead of using the New Earth Resonance/Longcount for the Day the Moon began, I used the Dreamspell Galactic Signature for the Day the Moon ends, October 17th (Kin 92, Yellow Magnetic Human) - so beginning and ending created the Center Heart Bridge -

The themes and statements about the third Deer Moon feel very relevant and timely...nothing about that has changed

My own statement in the newsletter about there being many doors to enter and that my working within this is always showing me something new has even greater significance to me now than ever before!! Its quite a journey!!


Thank you so much for your patience. It is my sincere desire to send information that is opening and has relevance to us all. I appreciate the opportunity to share, to learn, and to grow!


With Love and In Lak'ech

Sarah Gallant