Captured in the Sacred Valley of Peru by faculty member Don Leonard, "Salt of the Earth" was awarded 1st Place in the Places category of the 2016 International Photography Exhibition.
NEWSLETTER: April 30, 2018
A Message from CLAS
From all of us here at CLAS, thank you for a wonderful semester! Good luck with your final papers, projects, and exams. We hope you have an enjoyable and productive summer! Please feel free to contact us throughout the summer if you have any questions, and you can always visit our website at for information about upcoming courses or events. We will be back in the fall!
Luther Nolan, Ohio State student pursuing an Andean & Amazonian Studies minor, featured in the Lantern

Luther Nolan has been an Ohio State staff member for 16 years, serving the university as a groundskeeper. He is also a current student, pursuing a history major as well as two minor s in  Spanish and Andean & Ama zonian Studies. His inspiring story about the value of continuing education was featured in a recent news article in the Lantern. 

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Featured Autumn Course: ANTH8891.06: Theory & Problems in Cultural Anthropology: The Anthropocene
Nick Kawa, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology, is teaching a course on Ethnography of the Anthropocene next fall that may be of interest.  In addition to readings and case studies from Latin America, the course considers new narrative form and ethnographic challenges.  

In the past one hundred years, science and technology have vastly expanded our capacity to transform the global environment. But in our tendency to see the "human" everywhere, we sometimes lose sight of how various forces and lifeforms that make up our environment are constantly pushing back against us. The Anthropocene should remind us that while our technologies have expanded our ability to impact the planet, a much broader array of elements is constantly thwarting our attempts to wrest control of the world around us.

The class will be taught on Wednesdays from 11:15 AM - 2:00 PM in AU 18. For more information, please contact Nick Kawa at
CLAS Alum Awarded $12,000 Research Scholarship
Congratulations to former CLAS intern Sandy Lackmann! Sandy was recently awarded a $12,000 Arts and Science Undergraduate Research for her honors thesis titled "Advocacy or Abuse? The role of U.S. immigration law in the lives of asylum-seeking Central American women." Sandy is a third year student double majoring in International Studies and Spanish and minoring in Human Rights. For more information about Sandy's award, visit the news story on our website:

MÁS ALLÁ Summer Camp Returns!

Calling all high school students! Join CLAS this summer for the  MÁS ALLÁ summer camp. In a single week, students can learn how to play Andean panpipes and other instruments, have an immersive Spanish-language experience, and learn about Andean culture by performing it. 

The camp will take place from June 11-15 and is open to all high school students regardless of musical experience or ability in Spanish. Camp instructors are OSU graduate students with specializations in Hispanic-Linguistics, Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology. The cost for the entire week is only $299. Please visit the website for more information about this valuable opportunity:
Discovery Theme Project: Be The Street
Be the Street has pulled together faculty and graduate students from five departments - Theatre, Dance, Spanish & Portuguese, English and Comparative Studies. Over the past year, Be the Street has worked with the renowned Albany Park Theater Project (APTP), an award-winning Chicago theater company, to develop a new community-engagement program in the Hilltop neighborhood.

On May 5th, join Be the Street for open rehearsals held throughout the day (8:30 am - 4:00 pm). On Sunday, May 6th, there will be a community conversation at 1:00 and a public performance at 2:30. All performance events will take place at Third Way Cafe (3058 W. Broad Street). For more information, visit:
Autumn 2018 Less Commonly Taught Languages of Latin America: Course Offerings
The Center for Latin American Studies is excited to announce new less commonly taught language course offerings for Autumn 2018, including:
  • Yucatec Maya
  • Haitian Creole
  • Portuguese
  • Quechua
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