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Andean Music Ensemble

Course Highlight

SPANISH/MUSIC 2208.22/7780.22: Andean Music Ensemble explores music from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. The course also challenges students with music-learning methods that are different than those of formal music ensembles. This course is taught by Prof. Michelle Wibbelsman and will be offered Spring 2021.

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Interactive Features

Teach the Andes: Resource of the Week

Interactive Features of the Andean & Amazonian Indigenous Art & Cultural Artifact Collection include interactive maps, 3D virtual images of ceramic pieces, SoundCloud virtual recordings, YouTube videos, Library Guides, and news articles.

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The Second Mother

Streaming of Brazilian movie "The Second Mother" on Feb. 18 at 7 PM. Learn more

February 13
5-9 p.m.

La Pocha Nostra Workshop

4-hour guided workshop introducing participants to the pedagogical foundations of LPN's interdisciplinary performance practice.

February 23
1:30-3 p.m.

Ethnography Film Series: Linda & The Mockingbirds

A screening of Linda and The Mockingbirds + Discussion with Eugene Rodriguez.