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MEDREN 2618: Travel and Exploration examines how travel narratives in the "Age of Discovery" shaped Europeans’ perceptions of their own and other cultures, generated and perpetuated stereotypes, and reflected and/or challenged imperial, colonial, and nationalist discourses. This course is taught by Prof. Lisa Voigt and will be offered Spring 2021.

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Teach the Andes: Resource of the Week

Exploring Latin America and the Caribbean in New York City Museums (developed by ILAS K-12 Outreach Program) facilitates K-12 educators' use of museums in New York City to include Latin American history and culture in the classroom.

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December 4
10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Virtual Portuguese K-12 Workshop

Led by Patricia Sobral (Brown University) and Michele Saraiva Carilo (The Ohio State University).