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ILCLA 2021

Course Highlight

SPAN 8650: Latin American Indigenous Mobility and Immobility explores Indigenous migration, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism, challenging stereotypes that bracket these populations as disconnected from the world. This course is taught by Prof. Michelle Wibbelsman and will be offered Spring 2021.

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Gastronomía Tradicional Altoandina

Teach the Andes: Resource of the Week

Gastronomía Tradicional Altoandina (developed by Alli Micuy, Llaqta Kallpanchaq and Runa Kawsay) is a 264-page full-color cookbook with images and recipes as well as brief descriptions of Andean food; perfect for grades K-12.

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November 18
5:30-6:30 p.m.

Diversity Speaker Series: Middle East Studies Center

"Reckoning with Minority Community Rights in Turkey, and the Parallels to Black Lives Matter"