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Welcome Dr. Scott Schwenter

Dr. Scott Schwenter officially starts his directorship tomorrow, September 1st. We are very excited to have him be a part of the CLAS team! Please join us in welcoming Dr. Scott Schwenter in his new role as CLAS Director!

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Julie McNally

Featured FLAS Fellow: Julie McNally

Julie McNally is a FLAS fellow studying Portuguese. "I believe that in studying this language, I will set myself apart from my peers when I apply to graduate school," Julie says. She plans on using her langauge skills to benefit the community in some way, and may even incorporate them into her career.

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Inca Road Map

Teach the Andes: Resource of the Week

The Inca civilization map and activity sheet for the Inca Empire Road System (developed by Rossana Pass, Noble High School) are perfect for teaching grade levels 4-12 how geography influenced Inca culture.

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Kendra McSweeney receives the Alexander and Ilse Melamid Medal

Kendra McSweeney, professor in the Department of Geography, has received the Alexander and Ilse Melamid Medal from the American Geographical Society. The award recognizes "outstanding work on the dynamic relationship between human culture and natural resources."