Top officer at dying Hawaii GOP announces formal litigation against conservative HIRA over series of embarrassing revelations


Honolulu, Hawaii
-- Following weeks of endlessly shocking revelations from conservative organization Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) which have embarrassed top officers of the politically imploding Hawaii Republican Party (HRP), state chair Shirlene Ostrov's finance chairman and running mate Mark Blackburn utilized internal party communications to widely announce the party's intention to pursue a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against HIRA and to make the state party's litigation strategy against fellow Republicans the cornerstone of HRP's entire political strategy for General Election 2018"I want to state publicly that I am exploring along with other party members all legal remedies against you and the rest of your HIRA ship of fools including a possible class action suit. With that said govern yourselves accordingly."

Just like Fritz Rohlfing before him
-- the most recent failed party chairman who, instead of using his time in party office to mount a serious challenge to Democrats, wasted thousands of donor dollars and squandered months of wasted political time leading a quixotic legal campaign against HIRA with the paid help of Democrat union lawyer and former attorney general Mike Lilly -- top Hawaii GOP officer and Democrat campaign donor Mark Blackburn explicitly informed the State Committee in writing on August 18th, "I will not be putting up with any continued attacks from HIRA and have instructed attorneys to explore all legal remedies in this regard."  Political neophyte Blackburn appears to now have the full authorization of the party's executive committee to sue HIRA for telling the truth about extensive party corruption and for revealing the extensive financial connections for years between top party leaders and Democrat political campaigns at the expense of dozens of state, local and national Republican candidates in Hawaii.

Blackburn, who is known to speak for state party chair and close associate Shirlene Ostrov, raged extensively over the past few weeks in repeated correspondence with the Hawaii GOP's governing State Committee about the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) and the extremely accurate and thoroughly embarrassing information concerning how party leaders routinely help Democrats which is kept secret by HRP from card-carrying Republicans in Hawaii but revealed to party members by HIRA:  "The usual suspects continue to leak party info to HIRA and Eric Ryan."
Top party boss and full-blown RINO Miriam Hellreich -- who has overseen the steady decline of the Hawaii GOP for the past two decades -- appears to align herself with Blackburn's decision to make Ostrov pursue of class action suit against HIRA:  "Too often, we have seen negative emails going out to the entire HRP membership list which were filled with misinformation and untruths. We have seen verbatim remarks from Ex Com and State Com meetings published in a very unfavorable light which were designed to weaken the HRP."  This comes from the same Miriam Hellreich who seems to have made it her life's mission to 'weaken' and destroy the Hawaii GOP from within and turn the state party into a joke for local Democrats and liberal news reporters to tell at cocktail parties (as well as a perennial embarrassment to national Republican leaders who recognize Hellreich's role).
During extensive and fractious internal deliberations by the Hawaii GOP's State Committee this past week, Blackburn accused HIRA and its president Eric Ryan of spreading what he tried in vain to portray as "fake news and half truths" about Democrats infiltrating the state party's leadership for the past two decades.  However, in light of
extensive documentation provided by the Federal Election Commission and the State Campaign Spending Commission which validate HIRA's claims , Blackburn stopped short of accusing the FEC and CSC of secretly colluding with HIRA to manufacture hundreds of public financial records connecting the bank accounts of top GOP leaders in Hawaii to Democrat campaigns.

Additional revelations from HIRA which greatly concern party leader Blackburn include how HIRA has regularly revealed that GOP candidates are routinely set up for failure (including in 2018) because 100% of donor funds at the state party are spent on useless and costly administrative overhead expenses , with no funds expended on campaigning, lobbying, messaging, organizing or candidate support.  Blackburn also expressed great dismay that he had personally been outed as one of several top party leaders -- both past and present -- who have been regularly donating a political fortune to Democrat candidates while such GOP leaders have deliberately starved the struggling party and any hope of political activity through a longtime 'bait and switch' scheme that diverts 100% of donor funds to overhead for the wasteful state party and the separate, yet financially-dependent Oahu League of RINO Women.
In fact, Blackburn has become so obsessed with 'getting HIRA' that he and Miriam Hellreich were reading HIRA's latest revelations just yesterday DURING a meeting of the Republican National Committee (RNC) at the RNC's summer meeting in Nashville.  Yes, while sitting together at the RNC meeting, Blackburn and Hellreich were actually simultaneously reading HIRA's latest revelations on their smartphones and presumably discussing the forthcoming class action suit, instead of listening to the RNC presenters like their delegation colleague Gene Ward, who chose to sit away from the HIRA-obsessed trio.  Blackburn, the only guy to show up at these RNC power meetings wearing blue jeans in a room of suits and jackets, might end up funding the legal crusade against HIRA by himself -- perhaps using money from selling off some of his culturally appropriated Polynesian artifacts -- given that the state party has gone broke while quietly trying to use donor funds to purchase a permanent office space and cover all related expenses for the completely separate group (with many of the same officers), Oahu League of RINO Women .  What kind of crazy misuse of funds is that?  No wonder Democrats keep winning!

Like Ostrov, Blackburn apparently believes there's nothing wrong with giving donors the false belief that their contributions to the state GOP will help elect Republicans when these monies are actually just being spent keeping the lights on at an overpriced, useless suite of luxury offices (both for the state party AND for the Oahu League of RINO Women) while zero money (or effort) is spent trying to win elections or influence the people of Hawaii.
Yes, Democrats have enjoyed the sounds of silence from HRP while Hellreich has kept the state party off the political battlefield and away from making an impact on policymaking by the state legislature, the governor, the four county councils, the four mayors, and our four-member congressional delegation.  As HIRA exclusively reported several weeks ago,
Hellreich and Saiki have made it crystal clear to Ostrov, Blackburn and the rest of the state party leadership that HRP under no circumstances is to challenge Democrats over any issues, nor fight any public battles with the majority party which might leave local voters forming an opinion that that Republicans are different than Democrats.  Saiki indicated that with gubernatorial candidate "RINO Bob" McDermott being pro-taxes and pro-rail, the Hawaii GOP should avoid talking about those issues too.
Perhaps it's just a total 'coincidence' that RINO Blackburn, like his immediate predecessor as HRP finance chair John Henry Felix , financially supports Democrats like Ikaika Anderson and Ralph Nader and others with large campaign contributions to help Democrats ensure that Republican candidates lose elections.  Maybe it's also not a coincidence that Miriam Hellreich built an entire state GOP event earlier this year around celebrating Democrat and rail oriented developer Stanford Carr , who donates so much money to Democrat campaigns (including the 2016 cycle) that Republican candidates didn't even stand a chance.  Or . . . maybe it's NOT a coincidence at all that the usual GOP officials put in charge of raising money at the Hawaii GOP (Blackburn, Felix, Hellreich, Rohlfing, Saiki, et al) have actively helped to ensure that Republicans remain on the political sidelines with zero political strategy to unseat Democrats - using donor funds (including from powerful Democrats) for the exclusively approved purpose of merely paying the rent and related expenses for the office suites occupied by RINO state party and by the Oahu League of RINO WomenQuid pro quo maybe?!?
Political neophyte Blackburn's extreme sensitivity to HIRA's recent exposure of his public record of being just another high-ranking state party leader who donates thousands of dollars to Democrat campaigns appears to be a primary motivator behind the forthcoming class action lawsuit by HRP against HIRA.  In addition, Blackburn seems to strongly resent HIRA's revelations that the state Republican Party is in greater financial stress than before, perhaps since Blackburn became the chief fundraising officer for the Hawaii GOP three months ago and things look pretty bleak.  Disappointed party members across the state have been eagerly awaiting follow-through by Blackburn whom his boss Shirlene Ostrov promised while campaigning for the state chair job would quickly raise large sums of money from wealthy donors and business leaders Recent public reports from HRP to the state and federal oversight agencies show that the money has not materialized .
Of great interest to party leaders statewide is that, since announcing the class action lawsuit to the HRP State Committee, thin-skinned fabulist Blackburn has refused to reveal the budget for party monies to be spent on legal fees in the months and years ahead; even though party leaders are scheduled to meet to discuss the state party's 'admin overhead only' state budget next week.  Confidential sources within the party inform HIRA they guesstimate that Blackburn and Ostrov might be willing to plop down $80,000 to any naive lawyer willing to take the losing case due to the increased effectiveness of HIRA in unmasking the fraud and failed leadership at HRP.

But it remains unclear if such speculation about costly legal action means that new party attorney and Ostrov supporter Gary Grimmer would be pressured by Ostrov to take on the costly legal gambit set in motion by Blackburn and the Hawaii GOP -- the poorly-advised lawsuit to shut down HIRA's free speech in order to keep a lid on HRP's fraudulent 'bait and switch' fundraising and perennial pro-Democrat party mismanagement.  Over the past two years, Fritz Rohlfing wasted thousands in party funds trying to silence HIRA; a move which  prompted Hellreich, Saiki and Barbara Marumoto to "rip Rohlfing a new one" for blowing all that money without anybody's permission and without any hope of winning .  But with HIRA's damning revelations consistently being proven to be factual, a desperate Hellreich and Saiki might help Blackburn to push Ostrov to pull the legal trigger.  What's more, while Blackburn tells people that he speaks for Ostrov, the real possibility here is that Ostrov has completely lost control of party, as RINO's Hellreich and Saiki fight for control, using Blackburn as their 'enforcer' of the do-nothing, Democrat-benefitting status quo at the RINO-led state GOP.
HIRA president Eric Ryan responded to Blackburn's announcement of the Hawaii GOP's class action lawsuit with the following statement:  "Sadly, the entire 2017-2018 political strategy for Hawaii's GOP is to not learn any lessons at all from 20 years of steady decline at the hands of Miriam Hellreich and the state party's useless RINO leaders.  Nope, instead the closet Democrats who've hijacked the state Republican Party will make it their number one priority to try yet again to sue HIRA in order to silence our perfectly legal utilization of the 1st Amendment's guarantee of free speech and keep us from telling the truth about these public figures and the rampant corruption and pro-Democrat leadership inside HRP.  Republicans in Hawaii deserve to know why we keep losing elections, where their donations are going, and what kind of liberals are making the bad decisions at HRP that regularly benefit Democrats.  Clearly, these RINO party leaders are as determined as ever to run the party completely into the ground while operating their financial 'bait and switch' scam, just like we've been warning fellow Republicans for years.  With another soon-to-be-wasted election cycle already underway, it's just another dark day at Hawaii GOP headquarters.  HIRA's attorneys eagerly await service of HRP's misguided class action lawsuit.  And we will again prevail because HIRA consistently tells the truth."
For her part, state chair and political neophyte Shirlene Ostrov
recently whined to Hawaii Public Radio that 'HIRA is a disruptive force.'  "HIRA is not a credible organization.  They're focused on tearing Republicans down.  And so there's a campaign on Fake News and all of that."  This is the same Shirlene Ostrov whose newly-proposed budget and strategy pays for her sister organization, the Oahu League of RINO Women, to get a free office for life while leaving state and local Democrats less worried about their political futures than any previous state chair of the Hawaii GOP.  She has already committed 100% the proceeds from the forthcoming Mike Huckabee fundraiser to paying for the related office expenses for the Oahu League and the Hawaii GOP.  That's all folks.  Democrats are celebrating in the islands while local RINO party leaders are off celebrating in Nashville.
In stark contrast to how a handful of scrappy local Republicans are showing initiative by mounting efforts across the island to combat the coming tax increases, party boss Miriam Hellreich spent the last week introducing Blackburn and Ostrov to the elite perks and elbow rubbing which come with flying off to RNC meetings; such as this week's Nashville 'RNC summer meeting' for a week of eating, drinking, boat rides, entertainment, and listening to how the other 49 states and the national party are actually giving the opposition party a hard time.  It almost makes you forget how yet another week has merely flown by when HRP accomplished absolutely nothing to make high-taxing, big-spending Hawaii Democrats worry at all about remaining in power in the Aloha State.  Voters and taxpayers are crying out for help, but nobody at the state party is hearing their cries.  With Republican silence, Democrats remain blameless and re-electable.

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