March 5, 2019
Earth Day and National Assembly

"Because all creatures are connected, each must be cherished with love and respect, for all of us as living creatures are dependent on one another ."  Laudato Si' 42

Around the world people will celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2019.  All CLC members are asked to prayerfully discern how God is inviting you and your local CLC group to observe this day.  

This summer, please bring a photo, written reflection, or some symbol of your Earth Day Action to post on the Earth Day collage board at the CLC-USA National Assembly in Pittsburgh (July 18th-21st.)  

The Assembly will give us the opportunity to share our experiences with one another.  At times we may feel what we can do is so little compared to the enormity of the issues, but when we share our efforts, we can see that our offering is part of a much bigger effort! 
Go Vegetarian for Lent!

Fasting during Lent reveals our dependence on God, not on worldly resources.  Fasting from meat and moving toward a plant-based diet also makes a significant, positive impact on the sustainability of our planet.  For example, ranching is responsible for as much as 80% of Amazon deforestation, and meat production contributes to high greenhouse gas emissions.  Also, a plant-based diet is a heart healthy diet!  So, join with other people of faith this Lent by  eating vegetarian or vegan!  
Synod on the Amazon

Pope Francis invites the whole Church to engage in a discernment process on the Amazon, how the lands and indigenous peoples are being impacted, and how is the Church of today being called to respond.  The Synod takes place in October 2019.

Here is a link to a video with Mauricio Lopez, our World CLC Past-President who describes the efforts to save the Amazon, the lungs of the Earth, and the Indigenous people whose home is threatened. Video of REPAM and Synod on Amazon

Groups are encouraged to read and pray with the Vatican's preparatory document:  New Paths for the Church and an Integral Ecology
CLC UN Ocean Plastic Project
Aim for Less  Plastic in Lent 2019 through prayerful daily awareness of consumption of plastic and solidarity with others worldwide.  

Post actions, reflections on Laudato Si, resources on: CVX - CLC Ecology Facebook Group  with the hashtag #OceanAction21726.  This is a good resource to see what other CLC members worldwide are doing, too!
Links for More Resources

Global Catholic Climate Movement (CLC is one of 700 member organizations in GCCM.) 

Catholic Climate Covenant 

Ignatian Solidarity Network

Use Less Plastic for Lent (Green Anglicans)

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