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Dozens of youngsters and oldsters gathered for "Wonder and Wisdom" on Sunday, sharing highs and lows, praying for one another, feasting on sweet potato curry and smoky rice (!), and constructing Peeps© dioramas together. Take a look, and put the next W & W on your calendar: Sunday, April 28, 5:00-7:00 pm. Whom will you bring?

Tomorrow evening will be the last of our mid-week Lenten gatherings. (We'll be hosting Family Promise next week.) Come at 6:15 for a simple meal of soup & bread, and stay for Vespers at 7:00. Rounding out our theme of Christian non-violent resistance, we'll hear about the life and witness of William Stringfellow. Never heard of him? You can change that tomorrow evening.

Music Notes
Tom Berryman, Music Director
For Sunday, April 7, Lent V, the CLC Choir will be singing Heinrich Schütz' (1585-1672) setting of Psalm 10, from the Becker Psalter. The text, in a new translation by Gracia Grindal, begins "Oh, Lord, you seem so far away, have you gone into hiding." The Choir has been learning several of the Becker Psalms from a new edition prepared by Alice Parker, using new poetic texts by Gracia Grindal. We will include a setting of Psalm 117 on Easter Sunday, with strings. Heinrich Schütz was a significant post Reformation era German composer. In recent years the Choir has performed his setting of the John 3:16 text, "Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt" and a movement of his "St. Matthew Passion" text, "Ehre sei dir Christe."
The Organ Prelude is Ralph Vaughan Williams' chorale prelude on the Welsh tune "Rhosymedre," "My song is love unknown," a hymn we will be singing on Sunday. Here is Vaughan Williams' transcription for band:

Rhosymedre By Ralph Vaughan Williams
Rhosymedre By Ralph Vaughan Williams

 and a performance of his original version of organ solo:

Stephen Tharp | Rhosymedre | Restored Pipe Organ | Catholic Parish in Brooklyn |
Stephen Tharp | Rhosymedre | Restored Pipe Organ | Catholic Parish in Brooklyn |
Tom Berryman, Music Director
Youth & Family
Gail Weston-Roberts,  Interim Youth & Family Ministries Coordinator
Hello, CLC youth and families and all!

Oh look: here's a familiar, biblical, seagoing vessel with marshmallow and plastic passengers and crew, assembled at  Wonder & Wisdom church supper two days ago. You'll have the chance to see another familiar, biblical, Red Sea crossing with marshmallow charioteers and fleeing Israelites in the narthex if you're around this week. Really fun group creativity was had! No instructions or manuals--just spontaneous responses to bible stories in our heads and loads of crafts materials at hand. Thank you very much, hot glue!

Coming up: the last appeal for  donations to Hoops & Homework will be made this coming Sunday, so we hope that those of you who haven't written a check or stashed cash in the Youth's big collection envelope will come prepared! Your generosity is greatly appreciated, both by our budding fundraisers and the children of Framingham.

Thank you, all! -Gail W-R, Int. Y. & F. Coord.
The Kindness Connection: Our Stories Unite Us
Monday, 4/8/19 7-9 pm at the Morse Institute Library, Natick
For the entire community (all ages)

Join us for an intimate evening facilitated by WBUR's Executive News Director, Tom Melville, where local storytellers will share their stories (in various ways!) and help us celebrate the many ways kindness connects us. This event is part of our first annual SPARK Kindness Week (April 7-13, 2019). Visit SPARKKindness.org to learn more about how kindness is being celebrated in our community!

- Lead Sponsors: Patrick's Promise Foundation, Morse Institute Library, Natick Center Cultural District, Wegmans, SPARK Kindness

Adult Formation
Adult Forum

The adult forum series on immigration stories, Faith on the Move, continues with "What is that in your hand?" (Exodus 3:9-4:17) on Sunday at 9:00 in the Memorial Room. Join us! Conversation is always lively, and newcomers are always welcome.

CLC Book Group

Exit West by Mohsen Hamid tells the story of a young couple whose courtship plays out as their country is lurching toward civil war. As they flee the violence through special portals to Mykonos, London, and San Francisco they struggle with the changes migration brings to their lives. Magical realism and dystopian scenes combine to make this one of the New York Times 10 Best Books of 2017. The book group will gather on Monday, May 20 at 7:30 pm.

Bible Study

Led by Pastor Richard Hurst, the Bible study group meets each Thursday at the church. We invite you to join with us as we gather for coffee and refreshments at 9:45 a.m. in the Memorial Room so that the hour discussion/study can begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. 
Call to Action
Holy Week and Easter are fast approaching, and offer wonderful opportunities to invite friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are not part of a faith community. Do you have a hard time summoning the courage to do so?

Pray about someone you might know. Think about what you find most meaningful in the worship services you attend: is it the joy of hearing your sins forgiven, or the humility and humanity of foot-washing on Maundy Thursday? The haunting solemn reproaches on Good Friday? The mystery of gathering in semi-darkness that leads to an eruption of light and music at the Easter Vigil? The glorious hymn-singing on Easter Sunday? Chances are, someone you know will appreciate that, too. You might just ask, "Do you have a tradition of worship during Holy Week and Easter?" If your already friend does, you've made a new connection that you can celebrate; and if not, you might share what's meaningful to you, and ask, "Would you be interested in joining me?" Please share a postcard or two of a schedule of services, available in the narthex.
A few-but just a few-slots for volunteering with Family Promise this coming host week remain. Consult the calendar on the FP bulletin board, or check the website: www.familypromisemetrowest.org.

And thank you!
Looking Ahead
By now we hope that you have the liturgies of Holy Week inked onto your calendar. These days are the most sacred time on the Christian calendar, when we recall and participate in the events that begin with Jesus' triumphant entry in Jerusalem, his last supper with the disciples, when he gave the new commandment (Latin: mandatum) to love as he loved, stooping to wash their feet, the betrayal by Judas, his arrest, trial and execution, and culminate when, from the death and darkness of the tomb, he is raised to new life.

In these days and through Jesus' selfless acts, Jesus' humanity and divinity meet most vividly, most deeply, most truly; and his resurrection confirms that this One who died an ignominious death is who he was: the Beloved Son of God, the anointed one. Don't miss any of it.

The quiet ministry of creating warm covers to be distributed worldwide by Lutheran World Relief continues weekly as area church women gather to sew colorful quilts. Dorothy Nail made this one. 

On Sunday, April 7th , we celebrate the Fifth Sunday in Lent ,  9:00 a.m. Adult Forum, 10:00 a.m. worship. Pastor Rebecca Bourret preaching and presiding.
April 7, 2019   Fifth Sunday in Lent

We are nearing the conclusion of Lent. This Sunday's gospel story is of Mary of Bethany who at the dinner table anointed Jesus' body, as if he were already dead. We gather together this Sunday, remembering the death of Christ, yet feasting on the life of his body in holy communion. Come: join Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Paul, John, and the rest of us at the feast.

First Reading        Psalm            Second Reading           Gospel
Isaiah 43:16-21      Psalm 126      Philippians 3:4b-14        John 12:1-8 
Sing For Joy
Enhance your understanding of the weekly scripture readings by listening to Sing For Joy http://www.stolaf.edu/singforjoy/ from St. Olaf College.  The Sing For Joy radio program, produced by St. Olaf College , has a simple mission: to explore the weekly themes of Christian worship by providing the best in sacred choral music and thoughtful commentary. The musical performances eloquently "do the talking," while the concise remarks from host Pastor Bruce Benson illuminate the meaning of the texts.
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