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Following Sunday's very disturbing and obscene zoombombing of our worship service, Council President Celeste Larson and members of the "tech team" met on Monday to establish protocols to avert a future incident.

No longer will an open invitation be available on our website, although we may invite newcomers to introduce themselves and provide identifying information, after which login credentials could be offered. Watch your Saturday email for the necessary password, along with the order for worship. Passwords will not be reused; a new one will be sent each week.

We will also make use of Zoom's "waiting room," whereby the host admits each participant, closing the meeting a few minutes after worship begins. (Don't be late!)

Screen sharing will be enabled only for worship leaders for whom it is necessary.
While we anticipate that these measures will be sufficient, the group also agreed to a back-up plan. In the unlikely event of a reoccurrence, the worship ("meeting") will be shut down by a host immediately. Should that become necessary-and we do not expect it to be-please watch your email for directions for resumption of worship.

Many of us have experienced this as a real trauma. An opportunity to process is scheduled for tomorrow evening at 7:00. If you did not receive an email invitation, and wish to participate, please contact Pr. Bourret.

Family Promise News

CLC's pattern of generosity continues! Members of the congregation contributed over $400 in gift cards to assist the Family Promise families who are staying in hotels rather than being hosted by me mber congregations. (In masks, Curt and Edie Blodgett deliver their gift.) Paula Brown writes, FPM's Outreach and Network Coordinator:

Holy Cow, Robin and Mary!  Our administrative assistant just told me that recent donations from CLC-affiliated donors amounted to over $400 and we are just so grateful! 

We'd love it if you'd extend our thanks to the congregation in your next newsletter/e-blast:

Family Promise Metrowest (FPM) offers its deepest gratitude to the members of Christ Lutheran Church who have recently donated.  We continue to help our homeless neighbors and those at risk of becoming homeless because of hardships such as job loss, wage reduction, or illness due to COVID-19, and we are grateful for your support now more than ever! 

Three of the four families who were in shelter at the beginning of March have moved into their own apartments, one of which is ready to welcome a new baby any day now! The remaining family, whose mother is also pregnant and due later this summer, is ready to join them as soon as she can locate affordable housing. 

It would be such a blessing to have the baby come home to its own home, so if you know of any landlords with units available, please reach out to FPM!
Music Notes
Tom Berryman, Music Director
Song leader and composer Nick Page prepared a video of his "We Pray" for Christ Lutheran, featuring Gail Weston-Roberts as a soloist and CLC Choir members Celeste Larson, Kim Petot, Scott Carlson, Hilding Hedberg, Jeff Kinney, Robert Weaver and John Whitlock.  We pray combines two songs, the African-American spiritual "Balm in Gilead" and "Feel the love around you."  The video is a reprise of the gospel service Nick led last September at Christ Lutheran.  Here is a link to the CLC "We Pray"

Have a listen, and "like" us!
Adult Formation

Book Group

This month's book group selection isn't exactly one aimed at spiritual or intellectual g rowth , but perhaps for the occasional disengagement necessary for both! The group will be reading what some call "beach chair" books: something light or humorous. The next virtual get-together will be July 27 at 7:30. Contact Marianne Swenson for an invitation:  mswenson10@comcast.net


As we seek to be a part of the renewed movement toward racial justice, one of the most inspiring, living leaders in the civil rights movement is Rep. John Lewis. 

If you haven't yet seen the documentary of his life and contributions, "Good Trouble" click on 
to purchase a ticket to view the film, then watch for an opportunity to discuss it with others from CLC.
Call to Action
Advocacy Action

Mary Campbell, Director of the ELCA's AMMPARO program of accompaniment for immigrant minors and their families, has raised an alert regarding proposed changes in the processing of asylum seekers, effectively barring those fleeing domestic abuse, sexual exploitation and abuse, and extortion by gangs. 

CLINIC (Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc) has prepared a kit that gives suggested wording and offers a variety of ways you can respond. You can send in multiple comments. You can use their Quick Comment link, AND use the .gov website, AND mail in a handwritten letter.  See this link:  https://cliniclegal.org/resources/asylum-and-refugee-law/new-proposed-rule-places-us-asylum-system-grave-risk . See also this document:
Comments are due no later than July 15.

Survey Response

Please send in your responses to the Worship, Music, and Visual Arts survey regarding Zoom worship: how you have experienced it, and how we might refine and improve it. 

Thank you!
Looking Ahead

The WMVA Committee continues to explore the possibility of in-person, outdoor worship, with appropriate safeguards in place.

READINGS FOR THIS WEEK - 6th  Sunday after Pentecost

July 12, 2020

The parable we hear this coming Sunday likens the word of God to seed that Christ sows into the field that we are. Come to worship, to receive the seed of the word, and at the table, to be nourished for a fruitful life.

                  First Reading                      Psalm                     Second Reading                     Gospel
                  Isaiah 55:10-13
            Psalm 65:[1-8] 9-13             
Romans 8:1-11          
Sing For Joy
Enhance your understanding of the weekly scripture readings by listening to Sing For Joy  from St. Olaf College.  The Sing For Joy radio program, produced by St. Olaf College , has a simple mission: to explore the weekly themes of Christian worship by providing the best in sacred choral music and thoughtful commentary. The musical performances eloquently "do the talking," while the concise remarks from host Pastor Bruce Benson illuminate the meaning of the texts.
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