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This Wednesday beginning at 6:30 we'll hold the first of two Advent mid-week gatherings.

We'll begin with a simple meal (vegan alternative available), read an Advent scripture of two, and engage in a simple faith-sharing exercise. Last, we'll have an opportunity to respond to the text with creative, non-threatening (!) expression, before sending folks on their way by 8:00. Join your sisters and brothers of all ages on the Advent journey. Grandparents, this is a wonderful opportunity to share the gifts of faith and time with your grands!

Several families gathered around tables on Sunday to create Advent wreaths for use with Advent devotions at home. A simple rite and brief prayers for the season were made available as well.

Others used some of the time to create holiday cards for immigrants in detention centers, a simple humble gesture offering Advent hope and light to some for whom the darkness is particularly thick.

Still others packed up 45 "ditty bags" to send to the New England Seafarers' Mission, for folks who work aboard commercial ships and yachts, often at low pay and separated from their families for months at a time. Thanks to all who sewed, contributed, and packed!

Music Notes
Tom Berryman, Music Director
Music for Advent II, Sunday, December 9 includes the organ chorale prelude by Helmut Walcha on " Rejoice, beloved Christians " for the Prelude.

For the Offertory Music, the CLC Choir will sing Jonathan Campbell ' s setting of the Advent hymn " Come, thou long-expected Jesus " ELW 254, also the closing hymn for this Sunday.
The Bell Choir will be playing the Postlude:
Come, See This Child in BethlehemPlain song- Richard H. Redner & Traditional English Melody arr. Linda R. Lamb.
Tom Berryman, Music Director
Youth & Family News
Happy Advent, Youth and Families!

It's starting to look like Sunday, Dec. 16, could work for our next event if it's right after service, i.e 11:15am. (If you haven't filled out the Doodle poll about your availability yet, please do! OR call, telegraph, text, etc.)

Lana Peta, who works with Regis College students, will lead a class in techniques for reducing stress in our lives at this murky, misty time of year. Just in time not only for students facing down finals, quixotic fellow humans, and college-choice quandaries, but also for parents and other Olders who have their own stuff to angst about in December. A great thing to INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to!

Let me know As Soon As Possible if you can come or not, Youth-ers and All Folks! We'll combine this with food and something creative depending on how much time you can spare. And INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. 
Thank ye kindly! Gail W-R
Adult Formation
Adult Forum

This Sunday Seminarian Sharon Ward begins a three-week series on hymnody. Come, learn from our student in residence and from one another. 

CLC Book Group

Tara Westover never saw the inside of a classroom until she was 17. Raised by a religious fanatic of a father as a survivalist, she slept with a can of peaches under her head so she could escape to the hills when the apocalypse came. This memoir makes for engrossing and some say "harrowing" reading. We'll meet on Monday, Jan. 7, at 7:30 pm.

Bible Study

Led by Pastor Richard Hurst, the Bible study group meets each Thursday at the church. We invite you to join with us as we gather for coffee and refreshments at 9:45 a.m. in the Memorial Room so that the hour discussion/study can begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. 
Call to Action
Sunday offers two seasonal opportunities for outreach and fellowship.

Sing with the Bells at 1:30 at Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Center, and bring some cheer to residents and patients there. Two folk from CLC are among those we hope to see.

Then, come by the parsonage anytime between 5:00 and 8:00 and enjoy food, drink, and conversation. Pastor Bourret and Jeff try to accommodate most dietary restrictions: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, onion-free, non-alcoholic, so there should be plenty for you to enjoy! Friends of CLC-- and your friends and family--are most welcome.

Looking Ahead
Next week there will be a second mid-week gathering Advent gathering. We hope that you can make both, but if you can't come this week, do come on the 12 th!

The following week, December 19, is our 6 th(?) annual, ever-popular, "Wass-Ale" event, held at the Morse Tavern, 85 E. Central Street, Natick, beginning at 7:00. We sing Advent and Christmas carols in public, accompanied by whichever instruments folks bring, each ordering from the menu as desired. Do invite friends, neighbors, family members!
On Sunday, December 9th , we celebrate The Second Sunday of Advent ,  9:00 a.m. Intergenerational Sunday School and Adult Formation, 10:00 a.m. worship, Pastor Rebecca Bourret preaching and presiding. 
December 9,  2018, Second Sunday of Advent

On the second Sunday of Advent, we light two candles on the wreath, and we listen to John the Baptist, preaching, baptizing, and urging also us to prepare for the coming of Christ. Come to worship, to see "the salvation of our God."

First Reading         Psalm                   Second Reading        Gospel
Malachi 3:1-4          Luke 1:68-79         Philippians 1:3-11        Luke 3:1-6 
Sing For Joy
Enhance your understanding of the weekly scripture readings by listening to Sing For Joy http://www.stolaf.edu/singforjoy/ from St. Olaf College.  The Sing For Joy radio program, produced by St. Olaf College , has a simple mission: to explore the weekly themes of Christian worship by providing the best in sacred choral music and thoughtful commentary. The musical performances eloquently "do the talking," while the concise remarks from host Pastor Bruce Benson illuminate the meaning of the texts.
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