“We are a covenant-based community with fair, balanced and consistent standards. We are focused on the preservation and enhancement of our tranquil mountain environment, lake and recreational amenities.”
Board Member Elections
Board member elections ballots will be sent out on September 21st for e-voting. Please take the time to check your email and/or text messages for the voting link to vote for the 3 board vacancies. Election ends September 30th at 9pm MT. Any questions please contact Heike at office@columbinelake.com or call 970-627-8120.
Got Fish?

On September 2nd CLCC stocked the lake with 591 pounds of 12-16" Rainbow Trout.

Please remember the fish limit is 3 per person per day. Catch & release is strongly encouraged. One fishing pole per person and Fishing Pass must be present with no more than 6 fishing per pass.

Happy fishing!
Acts Of Kindness

Cathy Lund has lived in Columbine Lake for 4 years and recently has been spending some of this past summer volunteering her time helping out at Grand Pizza, one of Grand Lakes' favorite restaurants. Cathy learned through friends that Grand Pizza was short-staffed due to COVID-19, like so many other businesses this summer, so she decided to help. Cathy has been doing her part to help keep this local business alive by donating her time there, without getting paid. CLCC loves to hear stories of our community members taking such an interest in helping the business that surrounds us. 

If you or know any CLCC members who go above and beyond and would like to submit an article please email office@columbinelake.com. 
News from the Architectural Review Committee

We appreciate how difficult it is to get projects complete in the short window of time we have here in the mountains. We know planning is difficult but we need time to properly review your application as we meet monthly to approve permits on additions, dock or decks and deck repairs, new sheds, play structures or any structures…just about anything you are working to improve your home in this HOA. Please have your application for a permit in 2 weeks prior to our ARC meeting (2nd Saturday of every month). We can than research and process the permits and allow our meeting for working approvals more expeditiously. We have a 30-day approval process but will follow up on the Monday following our ARC meeting to let you know about permit approval. Smaller projects such as paint, stain, reroof, driveways and repairs can be approved quicker as long as they meet CLCC building criteria. Please know you are required to get a permit for any work done. Doing work without a permit can be subject to fines in the future. When in doubt call or email the office.  
Fall Home Maintenance List

  • Annual cleaning and service of fireplaces
  • Annual cleaning of furnaces
  • Replace furnace filter
  • Clear gutters of leaves and pine needles
  • Weather strip doors
  • Check and repair caulk around windows
  • Test snow blower and make sure you have gas
  • Test Heat Cable
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors
  • Clean and cover or put away patio furniture
  • Line up driveway snow removal services
Keep Columbine Lake Beautiful!
We are asking for your help keeping invasive weeds at bay in the Columbine Lake neighborhood. This is a ‘many hands make light labor’ situation. There are three primary species that we need to watch for and eradicate. One additional species may be added to the list. So that’s it- you only need to become knowledgeable about 3-4 plants.

We are hoping that homeowners will take responsibility for sections of our roads. You would agree to learn the plant species and then agree to walk the road you have selected and weed as you go. Weeding begins around early July and runs into early October.

The Weed Warrior program was started by Marilyn Binkley several years ago. In that time, the primary weed species have been pretty well controlled. There is one guarantee and that is that the weeds we are targeting will come back every year. We need to have a cadre of people who will commit to eradicating those weeds in a section of our neighborhood.

You do not need to live here full time to take a section of the road. Walking a section every other week is sufficient to keep things under control. Can’t do that? Find a friend who is on a different schedule than yours, and take a section together. You could also volunteer to help at those times when the weeds seem to be getting ahead of us.

These are the road sections that are already spoken for:
Columbine Drive from the north entry to the Office
Deer Drive
Alpine Drive
Primrose Lane
Kinnikinnick from Deer Drive to Western Rd

If you have any doubt that this weed control program is worth it, take a look at the north side of the road into Grand Lake near the turnoff to the Post Office. There is no vegetation there except chamomile that has taken over and crowded out any other species. It starts as pretty white flowers and ends up as a dry weedy, stalk with no other plants nearby.

If you’d like to become a part of this group or have questions, email Katie Ellis at katieswildtree@gmail.com or call her at 970.434.1690 and ask anything or tell us the road section you’d like to take care of. We thank you and will be in touch.

Thank you,
Columbine Lake Weed Warriors
Office Floor is Complete!
Office floor is completed. Office is open for homeowner's with limited hours. We ask you please respect our staff and wear masks and adhere to the 6' of distancing.

Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday & Friday's from 10 to 3

We welcome you to stop by to conduct any CLCC business, say a quick hello and meet Dave & Heike and check out the new floor. Please be considerate of their time.
Keeping CLCC Clean
We need your help with disposing of your trash. With the wildfires burning so close this will keep wildlife closer to our community so everyone needs to do their part in making sure the trash gets put into the dumpsters and NOT thrown over the gates, or left behind the dumpster. Please help out by instructing your family, guest, and renters where the trash is and how to open the door to the compactor. We also need your help with keeping the trash cost down and with not throwing away items that may be harmful. Construction materials, paints, stains, appliances, electronics and chemicals are NOT to be thrown in the dumpster and need to be taken to a store that can dispose of them safely or call a trash company to ask the best way to get rid of them. CLCC takes this very seriously and will start posting pictures of violators.
Why does CLCC have a 15 MPH speed limit?
1.     Safety. We must all remember that there are children, wildlife, and pets in the community, and our roads are particularly dangerous due to the lack of sidewalks and street lights.

2.     Keeps your HOA dues down. CLCC roads will not washboard, get potholes, or otherwise deteriorate as fast when speeds are less than 15 MPH.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to not only follow the rules and regulations, but inform your family, guests, and renters.
Click on the above button and tell us why you love Columbine Lake.
Friendly Reminders
It’s Fall! Elk are bugling and trees are becoming more gold in color!

Please remember NO BLUE TARPS, only brown, forest green or camouflage can be used as per Article II, 2.01-H


All boats need to be removed from CLCC common grounds by November 1st.

Thank you!
Update on Clubhouse Pool

At the September CLCC Board of Directors meeting, the majority of the board voted to continue to keep the Clubhouse and Pool closed for at least another 30 days. We know that this decision will please some people but disappoint others. Please recognize that the board takes very seriously its fiduciary commitment to safety for every person in the community.
CLCC is always looking for good contractors to recommend to you and your neighbors. If you know of one please click the button below to submit their information.
Please do not email the office your contractor recommendations and help us out by clicking the above button to give us the information.
Thank you!
Board of Directors

Mark Woltkamp, President
Liza Eilers, Vice President
Julie McCarty, Secretary
Scott Wilson, Treasurer
John Amerman, Director
Rebecca Fine, Director
Geoff Schaney, Director
John Joyce, Director
Becky Brentlinger, Director

Full Time Staff

General Manager             
Dave Kaeding                   

Heike Wilson

Operations Technician
Keith Kratz
Clubhouse Rockstars
Nanette (Nan)Barbiche
Ivan Blom & Lee Blom
Renita McGrail
Will Reddy
Ann Romshek
Janis Trevino