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Boat Lottery
The annual CLCC Boat Lottery is here!
Message from the
Re-Vegetation Committee
Dear CLCC Neighbors,
The re-vegetation committee would like to bring to your attention the opportunities for lower cost re-vegetation of areas affected by the East Troublesome Fire. 

Middle Park Conservation District (MPCD) is now taking orders for their spring tree seedling and perennial sale. These are low cost options that will help with future growth on your property. Please note these are not large, mature trees, but will grow to be just that. This is a high demand sale and they will sell out. Order as soon as possible for your best chance to get your choice of trees. See their offerings and ordering instructions here. See the species chart here. Pay special attention to the elevations the trees are able to grow in, and select those that grow up to and above 9000' for best results. Trees will be available for pick up on May 27th in Granby. 

MPCD is also offering wildflower and grass seeds for bulk purchase and a grass mix created especially for the areas affected by the wildfire. Grass and wildflower seed listed on the seedling sale page is available throughout the year and they will not run out of these items. Most perennial grasses and wildflowers will come back in our Columbine areas that were not heavily affected by the fire, but we can always help nature out a little! Seeding in spring can help reduce erosion and will help choke out the noxious weeds that will take this opportunity to grow back stronger and more quickly than ever. See the seeding fact sheet here for information about seeding after wildfire and the East Troublesome Seed Mixes here for information on mixes created specifically for fire recovery. 

If you have lost your home to the East Troublesome Fire, you can get your seed mix for free, thanks to the Grand Foundation

Contact Katlin at 970-724-3456, ext 4 with any questions about these programs. She is very helpful! 
Weed Warriors are looking for help
The CLCC Weed Warriors will have a very important job this coming spring and summer. Noxious weeds grow back with a vengeance after soil is disturbed and when vegetation is lost. Please contact Katie Ellis at 720-434-1690 or [email protected] if you would like to volunteer to help with noxious weed mitigation along a stretch of CLCC roads or in a common area after the snow melts.
Please play by the rules when on your OHV's
Please remember that the OHV (snowmobiles, four--wheelers and such) debate is very controversial on both sides for and against. It continues to be hot topic. The Board of Directors asked the community this summer for their input for solutions to having OHV’s in the neighborhood with fair and balanced rules to keep everyone safe. Homeowners in favor and opposed to keeping OHV’s in the neighborhood weighed in. Due to the fire the topic was put to rest till spring, however we are still experiencing some who continue to violate the rules. Most common violations are

*Circling around the neighborhood and “joyriding”
*Riding after 8 PM
*Speeds above 15 MPH

Be a good neighbor and help us out.

Let’s all abide by these rules. Check your Owner Regulations! 
Snowshoe Days are Here!!
Our Columbine Lake area is an excellent place to take a snowshoe stroll in the woods. The three greatest things about snowshoeing are:

1) Trails can be established pretty much anywhere.
2) It’s easy to do. If you’re good at walking you’ll be able to snowshoe.
3) It’s a wonderfully pleasant form of exercise that is easy on the joints.

I have typically set trails throughout the eastern section of the neighborhood from our home base at the very end of Primrose Lane. I’ve gotten a pretty good start so far this year and I welcome you to enjoy and, if you’re up to it, extend the current trails which you will find in the following places:
From the end of Primrose: Feel free to go through our yard to access trail that goes east (you’re now in RMNP) and drops down and crosses Little Columbine Creek. From there you can go north around a loop in RMNP land that is east of Alpine Circle (another good access point) – or find the spur that continues northwards along border of RMNP and Alpine Circle to Western Rd (near where snowmobile trail crosses). You’ll also find a trail along the north side of the Little Columbine Creek which crosses the creek half way down and puts you up onto Primrose. There is also a trail along south side of CL border that starts on Holly Place and runs east to connect with the east end of Primrose (back to our place). From the Holly access point it is a short distance down to the lake by the office.
Have fun!!

Bernie Guth
Sledding Safety
Sledding and tubing can be a great way to enjoy winter weather. The joy of speeding down the hill can make it easy to forget that these activities can also lead to injuries. Taking a few safety measures can help keep you and your kids safe on the hills this winter

For safety concerns we ask no sledding on on the roads or the office hill.
New Year's Resolutions
With the start of a new year, many people make a list of “New Year’s Resolutions”. Here are some thoughtful resolutions for responsible CLCC residents, guest and renters:

1. Always maintain our neighborhood 15 MPH Speed Limit. (Thanks for slowing down for our neighborhood youngsters and dogs)
2. Sign up for CodeRed (Code Red is used by Grand County Sheriff’s Office to contact you in emergency situations or for critical community alerts)
3.Have your outdoor lights on timer (off by 10 PM)
4.Review your homeowners insurance policy
5.Meet your neighbors if you have not already
6.Purchase the green reflective signs (9-1-1 Reflective address signs SAVE LIVES)
8.Make sure CLCC has your current information
9.Observe the neighborhood parking rules. No Parking on CLCC Roads
Five Energy Tips
1. Install a programmable thermostat.
2. Use energy efficient light bulbs.
3. Replace existing appliances and electronics with “Energy Star” products. 4. Plug electronic equipment into electronic power strips.
5. Reduce your water heater to 120 degrees. (from
What is Lake Patrol?
Lake Patrol are your neighbors who have who have volunteered to help keep your private lake private and help mitigate unauthorized users. One way to do this is for all homeowners/guests have their passes. Lake Patrol volunteers are also very helpful with advice on where to fish, what to fish with, and other fishing places around the Grand Lake area. Please don’t hesitate to engage with them and introduce yourself. Lake Patroller’s will have yellow vests on that say CLCC Lake Patrol. Having homeowners volunteer rather than hiring a security officer help keep your annual dues low. When homeowners and their guests or renters don’t follow the rules the result can be an increased cost to the HOA. Respect and protect your neighbors and this beautiful neighborhood by following the rules.
Office Help Wanted
CLCC office is looking for a part-time office administrative assistant to work a varied number of hours a month based on workload. Flexible working schedule as long as the timing of duties is completed on time. Work from home with occasional in-office responsibilities.
Must be able to communicate effectively, be self-motivated, able to work alone, efficient in all Microsoft and Google applications, and have a proactive approach to work and conflict resolution. Please send resumes to [email protected].
Social Events
Trash Lock Key Code
In the November Newsletter we introduced the trash lock project to the community. After a rough few months we have been successful with getting the project back on track. We will be emailing everyone's codes out in the next few weeks. Once you receive your code please start using it and make sure everything works and be sure to pass on to your family members/guests and renters.
CLCC Committees
Liza Eilers
Becky Brentlinger
Rob Shamo
Dave Holst
Mari Fountain
Sally Lowdermilk

Safety and Security
Becky Brentlinger
Dave Kaeding
John Korpal
Dennis Hathaway
Vince Verbel

Becky Brentlinger
Sharon Illsley
Ken Lund
George Coolen
John Amerman
Bernie Guth

Re-Vegetation Committee
Liza Eilers
Dave Kaeding
Jana Miller
Martin Ruble
Scott Wilson
Rob Shamo
Mary Beth Fleurquin
Betty Bush
Susanna Nelson
Charlotte Jecminek
Kristin Alix
Trela Phelps
Cindy Kahan
Bernie Guth
Lake Patrol
Becky Brentlinger
Pete Varga
Tony Garr
Jody Fattore
Phoebe Kellar

Social Committee
Rebecca Fine
Cathy Lund
Gretchen Everett

East Troublesome
Fire Fund Raising
Liza Eilers
Brian Owens
Jana Miller
Rob Shamo

Weed Warriors
Lisa Kalama
Nanette Barbiche
Katie Ellis
Betty Bush

Fine Structure & Fee Schedule
Geoff Schaney
John Amerman
Rebecca Fine 
John Joyce
Homeowners can contact the office for copies of approved financials or CLCC insurance policies.
We understand that many of you look forward to the winter potlucks, game nights and usage of the hot tub and pool. We regret that the clubhouse and pool remain closed due to the Covid-19 and we appreciate your understanding.
CLCC Hours
Currently closed due to COVID
however we are available by email [email protected] or 970-627-8120

Currently closed due to COVID - 19

Wednesdays & Sundays
10 to 4

CLCC is limited in recycling hours due to space and vendor schedule
Emergency and Important Numbers

Grand County Sheriff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-725-3343
Grand Lake Fire Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-8428
Grand County Offices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-725-3347
Town of Grand Lake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-3435
Middle Park Medical Center . . . . . . . . 970-887-5800
Three Lakes Water & San . . . . . . . . . . . 970-627-3544
Columbine Lake Water District . . . . . .970-627-3683
Mountain Parks Electric . . . . . . . . . . . . .970-887-3378
(click on the underlined name and it will take you to their webpage)
Board of Directors

Mark Woltkamp, President
Liza Eilers, Vice President
Julie McCarty, Secretary
Scott Wilson, Treasurer
Sharon Illsley, Director
Rebecca Fine, Director
Geoff Schaney, Director
John Joyce, Director
BeckyBrentlinger, Director

Full Time Staff

General Manager             
Dave Kaeding                   

Heike Wilson

Operations Technician
Keith Kratz
Clubhouse Rockstars

Nanette (Nan) Barbiche
Ivan Blom & Lee Blom
Renita McGrail
Will Reddy
Ann Romshek
Janis Trevino