In this issue - Owner Regulations Revisions, Deadline Reminders, Upcoming Events 

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Columbine News

dying pine

Important Policy Changes

Please note this Owner Regulation addition.

ARTICLE XXIII. Section 23.01 Trees 

  • On a regular and continuous basis, owners are required to remove dead, diseased, dying, downed trees, shrub or slash from their lots. Non-compliance is a Class 1 Violation. 

Signs of diseased and dying pine

Our Volunteers Are The Best!

A sincere thank you to all of the amazing volunteers this summer who made our CLCC special events successful.  Without you, these events would not be possible! We hope you enjoyed building a sense of community with us this season and hope to see you again next year!  We know that everyones time is valuable and thank you all for your efforts. 

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Pike Update

We continue to work on pike removal from our lake. So far our community efforts have led to the removal of approximately 58 of these fish eating machines. We will continue our "Pike for Cash" program through the winter. Keep up the fight and "Happy Fishing"

pike 2
pike 1
Sept 15

Tree Removal Deadline is

September 15th!


You have all received an email informing you of removing dead, diseased or downed trees, shrubs and scrub from your property by September l5, 2022. This was sent before Slash and Trash to encourage you to mitigate your property and help our whole community with fire danger. 

In early August volunteer homeowners reviewed all properties and listed those with dead, diseased or downed trees, shrub, or scrub. The volunteers could not enter private property so they only could view a lot from the road and as such their count could be slightly off. Almost half of our homeowners had trees that needed removal. 

To date, many owners have begun taking out trees, shrubs and scrub but MANY have not and Sept. l5 deadline is looming. In compliance with HB 22-1137, a new Colorado law that establishes procedures for HOA violations, here is what will happen after the deadline:

  • Your property will be re-reviewed and if trees have not been removed you will receive official Notice of the Violation with the notice of a $500 fine. 
  • The official Notice will be sent through email/Appfolio and if you do not acknowledge receipt of the Notice, a Notice will be posted on your property and a letter send certified mail, return receipt requested.
  • Upon receiving Notice, you will have 30 days to remove the dead, diseased or downed trees, shrubs or slash from your property. 
  • If you do not remove them within 30 days, the $500 fine will become due unless you set a dispute hearing. 

Welcome Janna Sampson

Janna was appointed to fill the board position left open by the unfortunate passing of Becky Brentlinger. She was selected based upon the voting results of the 2022-2023 board member election, her excellent skills and experience and commitment to our community. Janna will serve out the remainder of Becky's term, until may of 2023, at which time she will be eligible to run for re-election if so desired.

Janna Sampson

***Fall Events***

campfire smors

S'mores Around The Campfire

Saturday, September 24th, 5:00pm at the CL Office Parking Lot

A relaxing night around the fire with friends as we enjoy making mouth-watering s'mores. Bring your chair and roasting sticks. Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate will be provided. Please email Rebecca Fine to RSVP by Sept. 19th! 

Potluck & Game Night 

Saturday, October 8th, 5pm at the Clubhouse

Please bring a dish or dessert to share for the potluck at 5:00pm. The Games will begin around 6:00pm.

pot luck game night
chili cook off

The Battle Of The Taste Buds Is Back!

Saturday, October 22nd, 5pm at the Clubhouse.

Bring your appetite and your favorite chili recipe, side dish, or dessert. Homeowners will get to vote, and a prize will be awarded for the best chili. Always a fun event. Beverages will be provided. 

Eat, Drink and Be Thankful 

CLCC Friendsgiving & Game Night

Saturday, November 12th @5pm at the Clubhouse

With the holidays just around the corner, it's a good time for friends to gather. Please bring your favorite fall dish and we'll provide the turkey! Fall feast to begin at 5pm followed by games. 


Our Trash Compactor Has An Upgrade!

Prior to this upgrade, we have relied on clubhouse staff and maintenance personnel to run the rammer, enabling more room for trash to be safely contained away from wildlife. With our growing numbers in our community, and especially during the summer and holiday months this has continued to be problematic. It's not unusual for staff to have to tend the trash 15 - 20 times in the course of a few hours, not to mention the nonworking hours when the trash needs attention.

 The automatic control will allow our staff a lot more time to tend to their maintenance and clubhouse duties, without worrying about trash overflow, and eliminate the hazards of trash bags left on the ground when drop in is full. 

We contiunue to monitor it's functioning and will make necessary adjustments as needed.

Activate Your Secure Portal!

An email blast was sent August 3rd announcing the request to activate your home owner account on AppFolio. If you did not receive this email please contact the office. If you have not yet set up your account, please do so as soon as possible. 

Moving into the 21st century will make the world of difference for both our office administration and for you the homeowner to have access to past records and upcoming events and changes. 

We cannot streamline the administrative duties until we're all on board!

  • Make contact information changes in an instant.
  • Issue payments and look at payment history in one place.
  • Make and manage architectural requests.
  • Keep informed with our association calendar. 

It's user friendly and secure. Change can make some of us pause, reach out for help if you need it. Many associations and even health professionals use similar software. Businesses around the word have been moving away from paper checks for decades.  The time to get on board is now. 


AppFolio will streamline the architectural permit process. From submitting your permit to notification of project completion.

snow plowing

CLCC cannot guarantee the contractor’s performance and the owner should perform his or her own due diligence inquiries, such as contacting former clients of each contractor to see what their experience has been.

Get prepared, then...Let it snow!

It's just about that season. If you need contract snow removal for your driveway, we have provided the contacts for contractors who have plowed our neighborhood in past years and will continue this season.

Snow Removal Contractors 

Chris Atencio - 303-915-4596

(Mainly west end of neighborhood)

Craig Cranston - 970-531-8842

(Mainly north end of neighborhood)

Chris Bonnett - 970-531-2565

MattReed-Tolonen- 970-531-0179

boat racks

End of Season

Boat Removal Is

November 1st.

Remember to remove your watercraft from the lake shore and all boat racks must be cleared prior to 11/01/22.    Any vessels remaining lakeside beyond that date will be removed by CLCC personnel. 

Columbine Lake Facts

There have been several lake related questions this season. For those inquiring minds, we thought we could clear things up. 

Columbine Lake is considered a large natural lake, creek and spring fed. One of its main sources is the Harbison ditch which provides an abundance of snow melt in the spring. Our staff spends in excess of 500 man hours per year maintaining the Harbison alone.

A physical survey, taken in 2017 indicated a maximum depth of 46 feet. The lake comprises approximately 70 surface acres, a volume of 57 million gallons, and the average depth, given gradual slopes on the northeast and southwest sides of approximately 25ft. Summer water temperatures average 62 degrees (F) at the surface to 43 degrees (F) at the deepest point. 

Columbine Lake gives us opportunities for recreational fishing, small craft boating, and wildlife watching. Just like all natural resources, we can be our lakes worse enemy. We should all do our best to respect and preserve its natural beauty.

We do need your help. Volunteers are needed for lake patrol this season. Volunteers make sure that only CLCC owners and their families are using our lake, with safety as a priority. Please contact the office if you are interested. 

Columbine Lake
Columbine lake depths

Did you know?

Besides taking a dip in the pool, or a soak in the hot tub, our clubhouse has books, games, and puzzles to take out on loan. Ask our staff next time you stop by. We're still on the honor system, just have your homeowner pass handy. 


Join us

Clubhouse Staff Wanted

We're always looking for some extra staff members at our clubhouse. If interested in a part time position please contact the office for further information. 

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