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Columbine Lake still has a stage 2 Fire Ban

Open fires such as a campfire are prohibited.

Propane fireplaces and grills are ok with an on/off switch.

Charcoal grills are not allowed.

No smoking outside.

CLCC NEVER allows ANY fireworks or sparklers.

Thank you for following all fire regulations & keeping our neighborhood safe from fire!

Violation of the fire ban by any person will result in an immediate fine of $500 assessed directly to the owner

(CLCC usually has stricter fire restrictions than the county)

Always check out the fire restrictions tab on our website for more info.

Columbine Lake Country Club | Columbine Lake Homeowner Site


What are the helicopters doing?

Aerial Mulching Operations to Begin on Forest Lands Within East Troublesome Fire Burn Area. The East Troublesome Fire’s Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program partners will begin another round of aerial helicopter mulching operations on Sept. 20, 2021. Northern Water will coordinate mulching on 2,200 acres in the burn area to mitigate wildfire effects of sedimentation and debris flows and risk to downstream life and property. 

Read more here

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Fire Hydrant Testing

The Fire Department will begin testing our fire hydrants on October 4th through the 17th. As a result of the testing, you may end up with dirty water coming out of your faucets. Please just run the water till it comes clean. For any other concerns with your water please contact Three Lakes Water & San. (970) 627-3544.

Facts about CLCC 1% Transfer Fee

In our last HOA Board Meeting past President Brian Owens shared the history and facts on the 1% transfer fee to dispel any misunderstandings in our community. He described the process that took over a year to complete. The processing included consultant help in researching all HOA mountain communities in Colorado, including attorney consultation, and several member forums to discuss the why. A PowerPoint presentation to the community was held in member forums, feedback was encouraged and several board meetings reviewed this topic. As part of our CLCC annual meeting, an additional presentation was conducted sharing feedback from forums, research, and details on the transfer fee and rationale. The entire community voted on the transfer fee as part of the annual budget. Owens explained it was not just a few people or the Board that made the decision, rather a thoughtful process engaging the members that helped us meet the financial obligations that we had struggled with at that point in time. 


Help CLCC keep the recycling program going by doing your part to keep the contaminants out! Recycling is on Wednesdays and Sundays from 10 to 4 or until full. If Recycling is full please take your recycling home. CLCC does not have the staff to clean up after you so please do your part with keeping CLCC clean and the wildlife safe.

Learn more about recycling the right way here

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There are several vehicles around our community that do not have current licenses. Our HOA requires all autos, trucks and OHV’s to be currently registered with valid license plates and minimum liability insurance as provided by Colorado law for public roads. We suggest you check your tags as you will be subject to fines for each of your vehicles that are not compliant.

Article X. Vehicles and Roads

Section 10.01

1.    No automobile or truck shall be operated on any CLCC road, unless the same has valid license plates, minimum liability insurance as provided by Colorado law for public roads, and the operator has a valid driver's license. Class 5 Violation 

Fall Home Maintenance List

  • Annual cleaning and service of fireplaces
  • Annual cleaning of furnaces
  • Replace the furnace filter
  • Clear gutters of leaves and pine needles
  • Weather strip doors
  • Remove garden hoses from outside
  • Check and repair caulk around windows
  • Test snow blower and make sure you have gas
  • Test Heat Cable
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors
  • Clean and cover or put away patio furniture
  • Line up driveway snow removal services
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As you close up your home, boats, outdoor furniture and secure your firewood for the upcoming cold weather, please know we have had a regulation for over 10 years that states only Brown, Forest Green, or even Camouflage is compliant.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers for making the pancake breakfast a huge success this year.


Bobbi Kahler

Bonnie & Steve Thompson

Carla S Mead

Carrie and Norman Edson

Cathy Lund

Cheryl Witzman

Chris & Sheri Muilenburg

Christine Russell and Larry Russell

D’Layne & Jeff Kerr-Layton

Deb Waterman

Ed & Sara Reif


Erica Ferdani

Jane Bodmer

Jim McComb

David & Mary Fleurquin

Erin Yelle

Frizbe Easler

Holly & Ron Gralak

Holly M Murtaugh & Family

Jodie Kern

John Sack

Jeff Bruno

Katie Ellis


Kandi Kaeding

Laura Fast

Lynnda Gies

Mary Lynne Hixson

Matt & Kristen Clough

Mike McCrystal

Nicole Croy

Rick Fowler

Rusty & Rena Czerwinski

Jill Curry-Jahn

Trela Phelps

Vince and Kathy Verbel

And anyone who we might have missed


Thank you, J!

For volunteering your time over the summer to host yoga for CLCC owners. You are a gem and we appreciate you!

Thank you CLCC!

fire fighters.jpg

The Grand Lake Fire Department showed up and received a huge round of applause from the community.


CLCC owners donated $1,155 to the Grand Lake Fire Department. They are ever so thankful to the generosity and gratitude from all of you.



CLCC owners also donated over 4 boxes of food to the Mountain Family Center. They were so thankful to receive the boxes and especially the items that they requested, such as peanut butter, pasta, water, and baby wipes. You all have made a difference in others’ lives. Thank you!


We had over 45 volunteers with 426 folks checked in. We used 20 lbs of pancake mix, 432 oz of OJ, 60 lbs of sausage, and 60 lbs of eggs, 3 bottles of vodka, 2 bottles of St. Brennen’s, and 1.5 cases of sparkling wine.

Click here for Pancake Breakfast Pictures


Boats need to be removed from CLCC racks and property by November 1st.

Boats removed from community property by CLCC employees will have a pickup charge of $50.00, plus a $25.00 per month storage fee until the owner reclaims the boat. and loss of boat lottery entry.

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Donnie Kern.jpg

Please Welcome Donnie Kern

to the CLCC staff. Donnie will be assisting with CLCC maintenance needs. Please say hello and introduce yourself when you see Donnie around.

Update your contact information

If you need to update your contact info (Addresses, phone number, or email address) please email


Driveway Snow Removal Contractors

Craig Cranston


Carl Astifan


Kurt Kallnback


Chris Bonnett


Bryant Liles 


CLCC cannot guarantee the contractor’s performance and the owner should perform his or her own due diligence inquiries, such as contacting former clients of each contractor to see what their experience has been.


Order Your Reflective Address Signs Today!

Help out the Emergency Response Teams with purchasing these address signs. In low-light conditions, such as at night or smoky conditions, non-reflective address signs are hard to see. Consequently, it may be difficult for emergency personnel to find your home in the event of an medical emergency, fire or evacuation order.

9-1-1 Reflective Address Signs – Grand County Wildfire Council (

Buy Now

Check out some of our anglers catching the Pike

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fossen pike.jpg
2021 Pike Montgomery.jpg
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October Clubhouse hours

Closed Tuesdays & Thursdays

Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays 4 to 8

Saturday 12 to 8

Sunday 10 to 6

Clubhouse phone number 970-557-3291


for a GREAT Summer! So many smiles, kind words and good times! Thank you CL Volunteers, Staff, Participants and the Events Committee that were part of the 4th of July Celebration, Camp Columbine, Yoga, Happy Hour, and our inaugural Regatta! And a special TY to our First Responders that are Forever Family. Memories made especially for our precious legacy of little CRers! I have never been prouder of our Community! Sticking together through it all!… Watch the newsletter for information on future events (taking requests @ THANK YOU!-- 

4th of July Photos

Christian Dore

Columbine Lake resident and artist, Christian Dore is excited to showcase his small works series inspired by the surroundings of our wonderful Columbine Lake. Come visit Christian on Saturday, October 16th - 12noon - 4pm at the pergola near the club house. In a continued effort to help our community, 10% of sales will be donated back to CLCC to help with ongoing wildfire relief. 

For more information about Christian's artwork please visit: Christian Dore

Dore on Deck.jpg

Board of Directors

Mark Woltkamp, President

Liza Eilers, Vice President

Scott Wilson, Treasurer

Rebecca Fine, Director

Geoff Schaney, Director

John Joyce, Director

Becky Brentlinger, Director

Sharon Illsley, Director

Full Time Staff

General Manager             

Dave Kaeding                   


Office Manager

Heike Wilson


Clubhouse Rockstars


Nanette (Nan)Barbiche

Renita McGrail

Will Reddy

Ann Romshek

Heather Martin

Maintenance Assistant

Donnie Kern