Williams Fork Fire burning in Grand County. More information can be found here.
Please respect our community and keep it safe with obeying the current STAGE 2 Grand County Fire Ban and report any violators to 
(970) 627-8428.

NO open fires or smoking outside. Click here for more information.
Interested in becoming a board member?

CLCC has 3 vacancies. We are looking for motivated, dedicated and efficient members to join our board. Board members must consider the Community as a whole and not have a specific agenda. You will have input in creating a budget, make decisions regarding issues of non-compliance and ARC violations, review contracts and delinquencies, generate resolutions and oversee our committees. The CLCC Board of Directors currently has nine community members, each of whom serve a three year term. This year, the terms of three existing board members will expire. Each of those current board members has indicated that they do intend to run for re-election to the board, however we want to give other CLCC owners the opportunity to potentially join the board by also running for one of those three expiring board positions in the upcoming election. If you are interested in running for a board position this year, please send a short paragraph expressing your intent and your background/qualifications to office@, no later than August 30th. A formal board member description can be found in our CLCC Bylaws, Article IV

As you know from our last communication, we have replaced and insulated the office floor to save our staff from freezing this winter. SADLY, our contractor had his TABLE SAW stolen on August 4th that was outside the office. PLEASE help us if you see or know of someone who has taken this. No questions asked—just return to office. Thanks much!
Did you know?

Did you know that we had 3600 folks dumping trash in June alone? Did you know we had 1 ton of trash in July? Did you know that MOST owners, guests, renters, contractors do NOT adhere to our 15 mph rules on the road? CLCC has a community of 456 homes with 2 new homes in progress, in total larger than the Grand Lake community. We are a small town with busy roads and ask that you inform your families, guests and renters of our community rules. If you see someone that is dumping trash that is outside of our community or you have contractors, guests, renters ---please inform them of our rules
Additional boat racks available

We are excited to announce another 15 new racks for a total of 146 racks to award during the boat lottery process every year. An email went out to all the folks who were on the waiting list – and now we are taking first come, first pay for the additional racks. If you are interested please fill out this form and make payment to the office.

We are trying to accommodate your boat needs yet we see owners having an average of 3-4 boats per home and its impossible to house all, as this easily totals 1,872 boats!

There are signs posted at designating areas NOT to leave boats on the ground for safety reasons however, owners continue to disregard this (see picture above). Sadly some owners are using others’ boat slots when in a hurry or not taking the time to properly put their boat away and we receive many complaints about this. Please know your boats will be removed if improperly stored and you will have a $25 fee to retrieve them. That $25 does not cover the amount of staff time to keep boats where they belong. Thank YOU to owners who abide by CLCC rules, we appreciate you!
Member Election Process
Since we were unable to have an Annual Meeting this year, board member elections will be done using the same electronic voting system that was successfully utilized a few months ago to approve the proposed annual budget. The board member election is expected to take place before the end of September. Once the exact timing is set and the slate of candidates is finalized, you will be advised via email blast about the specific details of the election process.

In the meantime, an email blast will be sent out to verify the primary email address and mobile phone number we have on file which will be used to send out the voting link. Each vote will be weighted based on the number of lots you own. 

If your lot is owned by a Trust, LLC, Corporation or Partnership it is your responsibility to notify the office based on your documents to let us know who can vote. 

If your lot is owned by multiple owners it is your responsibility to notify the office of who has been designated to vote prior to the election start date.
ATV/OHV Rules and Regulations
As a CLCC homeowner it is your responsibility to know and obey the rules and regulations and to inform all family members, guests, and renters of them. Please familiarize yourself with the CLCC Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) regulations for use on our roads 

Ø No child under the age of 10 may drive an OHV
Ø Drivers over the age of 10 must have a valid driver’s license OR be accompanied by a person with a valid driver’s license and wear a helmet
Ø OHVs are to be used only to travel to and from a place or activity

Circling around the lake and neighborhoods and “joy-riding” is prohibited

We want to let you know there is an amendment to Article II to Building Criteria Section 2.01.

(i)   Exterior Decor or exterior decorative choices that are affixed or permanent and “face” the public community must meet color (see section c above) and size restrictions (no greater than 3’ x 3’) and reflects our mountain criteria. “Face” meaning facing directly to your neighbor, the street, or the lake and any permanent or affixed item placed on your property. Murals are not allowed. Items such as religious or specific holiday decor should be reserved for a specific religious or holiday season. 

Exterior Projects

Remember all exterior repairs, building, modifications, painting or staining require a permit found here

Need Mulch?

Slash mulch and fire logs are now available at the horse pasture for you to haul away.

If you are new or did not get a chance to take advantage of the CLCC slash weekends, Grand County Wildfire Council will be doing their annual county chipping day for Grand Lake residents on September 5th. More information can be found at here.

Remember to thank the Grand Lake Fire Department for volunteering their time and slash trailer to help with CLCC homeowner slash this summer.
Update on Clubhouse Pool

At the August 8th CLCC Board of Directors meeting, the board voted to continue to keep the Clubhouse and Pool closed for at least another 30 days. We know that this decision will please some people but disappoint others. Please recognize that the board takes very seriously its fiduciary commitment to safety for every person in the community.
ATV/OHV solutions feedback

CLCC Board of Directors wants to thank all the homeowners who have submitted their very thought out solutions on ATV/OHV vehicles. The BOD takes these issues and your thoughts very seriously and will continue to discuss over the next month before making a formal proposal to the community.
Non Toxins Please

A reminder that we have many dogs, plus a lot of beautiful wildlife in our area. Don't use poisons around your yard! You may not like the pesky voles, but the fox, ferrets, weasels & birds do!
who have volunteered their time at CLCC

Did you know that when you volunteer for Lake Patrol, Slash n Trash, Election Panel or have a special skill CLCC can utilize your help keep HOA dues low?

Thank you to the following homeowners who have helped out this summer.

Robin Finegan
Geoff Schaney
Liza Eilers
Julie McCarty
Bill & Peg Titus
Mike & Pam Easton
Norm Edson
Becky Brentlinger
Sara Reif
Lynnda Gies
Pam Eastop
Mark & Diane Woltkamp
Harriet Palmer-Willis
Rebecca Fine
John Ammerman
Donna Sack
Rob Shamo
Brian Owens
Mari Fountain
Sally Lowdermilk
Dave Holtz
John Korpal
Mike McCrystal
Jodi Fattore
Tony Garr
JJ & Tami Joyce
Dennis Hathaway
Scott Wilson
Weed Warrior Program volunteers still needed

Columbine Lake homeowners have an an active effort to manage & control our noxious weeds, both on private & community property. It is aptly named, the Weed Warrior Program.

We are currently looking for homeowners to keep this program alive.

If you are interested please contact

Herbicide is available at the CLCC shop anytime to use on your property.

Key Personnel
Board of Directors

Mark Woltkamp, President
Liza Eilers, Vice President
Julie McCarty, Secretary
Scott Wilson, Treasurer
John Amerman, Director
Rebecca Fine, Director
Geoff Schaney, Director
John Joyce, Director
Becky Brentlinger, Director

Full Time Staff

General Manager             
Dave Kaeding                   

Heike Wilson

Operations Technician
Keith Kratz
Clubhouse Rockstars
Nanette (Nan)Barbiche
Ivan Blom & Lee Blom
Renita McGrail
Will Reddy
Ann Romshek
Janis Trevino