Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season
We wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are to have homeowners like you. We wish you and your family nothing but the best this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.
East Troublesome Fire Recovery Info
We have several useful tools located on our website https://columbinelake.com/.

Grand County also has several tips and tools https://www.co.grand.co.us/1354/East-Troublesome-Fire
The Columbine Water District has cleared the water for consumption. You do not need to boil the water. If the water is discolored, run your water for a few minutes to clear it up
Underground Electrical Lines
Many have asked about having your electrical lines buried. Please call Mountain Parks Electric directly to get a quote to bury your line from your home to the road. CLCC Board of Directors will be discussing community property electrical lines and costs in the near future.
Fire Recovery Volunteers
Please visit https://columbinelake.com/ for a list of homeowners who are offering assistance if you are in need. If you are interested in leading a volunteer group you can refer to this list or email office@columbinelake.com and we can send out communications on your behalf.

One of CLCC homeowner's who lost their home will need a place to stay starting in April. If you can help out please email office@columbinelake.com

Columbine Lake Fire Fund

100% of these proceeds are committed to our community, and this site is sanctioned by the CLCC Board of Directors. This site was created by CLCC Homeowners in collaboration with the Board, and operates under the direction of the Board Appointee, Liza Eilers.

Other donation sites can be found https://columbinelake.com/ under the Community Donation Tab.
Buy Your Reflective Address Signs Today!
Help out the Emergency Response Teams with purchasing these address signs. In low-light conditions, such as at night or smoky conditions, non-reflective address signs are hard to see. Consequently, it may be difficult for emergency personnel to find your home in the event of an medical emergency, fire or evacuation order.
Homeowners Glenn Hertzler and Geoff Schaney have discovered . that Xfinity/Comcast can adjust your bill for the downtime due to the fire by emailing 
Big News Happening In CLCC
Key code coming to our trash facility
You may have noticed some recent construction work in the trash area. We are installing and testing a new system for trash access control and monitoring. The system is designed to utilize a unique code for each user that will be entered using a keypad to gain access to the trash facility. But do not worry......we are only testing it at this time to ensure it meets the safety, security, and convenience needs of the community. 
Why focus on trash? Trash disposal is one of CLCC’s largest expenses and continues to grow significantly each year due to the increase in our community density and population. Current trash usage is up 22% over the same period last year. Plus virtually everyone in the community uses the trash disposal facility - owners, guests, renters, contractors, even people from outside our community, and, of course, a few bears! So this is the best place to gather data! Our ultimate objective is to better manage costs as well as to provide a more secure trash disposal facility for the community 
Stay posted for updates as we continue our testing over the next several months. We will be emailing everyone their code to the email address we have on file in the near future. Once you receive your code please start using it and make sure everything works and be sure to pass on to your family members/guests and renters (STR properties will be receiving a separate code to give to renters) if they will be using the trash/recycling.
Possible New Development that borders CLCC
As many of you may be aware, the 21+ acre parcel which is adjacent to CLCC (Stanley/Simpkins property) is being purchased by the Town of Grand Lake. They are considering many options; such as moving their maintenance facility, developing parcels for dorm-style seasonal housing as well as other housing, and adding to the snowmobile trail system. The CLCC Board of Directors wants to be involved and has established a committee to monitor and ensure that CLCC interests and many concerns are being considered as the purchase progresses. The Board Of Directors will update the members of CLCC at each monthly board meeting.
We are pleased to welcome Sharon Illsley to CLCC Board of Directors
Pease welcome Sharon Illsley as the newest addition to CLCC Board of Directors. Sharon and her husband Glenn retired in 2019 with plans to make Columbine Lake their retirement home. They spent most of their time working in Alaska. Sharon served the State of Alaska for 25 years,13 as an attorney with the district attorney’s office and 12 as a judge. While they're new to the community as full time residents, they have a long history with the area. Glenn has been coming to Columbine Lake since his family built a cabin on the Lake in 1970 and Sharon has been coming here since she met Glenn in 1987. They are now planning a major remodel of the 1970 cabin. Please take the time to introduce yourself to Sharon when you see her out and about CLCC.
Thank you, John Amerman for all you have done for CLCC! We will miss you!

We also want to take this opportunity, on behalf of the entire CLCC community, to sincerely thank JOHN AMERMAN for his long and valued voluntary service to CLCC as a board member. John has been a board member for almost 14 years now and decided this year not to run for re-election in order to focus on his personal life, including more travel.  The board and the community will greatly miss his community knowledge, his board experience and especially, his always thoughtful and balanced perspective when dealing with CLCC issues.
October Board Meeting Updates
At the October 10th Board Of Directors monthly meeting
updated and additional language was approved
 see below for more info.

Click here to read the Section 4.10 Alternative Energy Projects addition.

The "S" Word
It is time to start thinking about the winter that is not too far away. If you are planning to use your home during the winter months you need to start making arrangements for snow removal in order to provide adequate parking space on your property for all vehicles, snowmobiles and trailers.

Keep in mind the snow must be placed on your property and not pushed onto the community roads or rights-of way, which may interfere with snow plowing operations and emergency vehicle access.

No parking is allowed on community property.

Welcome new homeowners to the CLCC neighborhood
Christopher Bonnett
Patricia B. Orth
Jerry & Deb Waterman
Henry & Jill Jenkins
Cole & Tina Ambler
Kristofor & Caisey Webb
Ron & Jane Tryggestad
Adam & Nancy Browning
Brian & Kera Murphy
Heather Martin
Richard Allen & Carolann Pisko
Sherri & Daniel Szabo
Andrew Frank
Got Heaters?
Xcel gave each homeowner 2 heaters after the fire broke out and many have asked where you should bring them if you don't want or need them. You can drop them off at the office at 351 Columbine and we will coordinate with Excel to pick them up. Thanks.
Update on Clubhouse Pool

At the October 10th CLCC Board of Directors meeting, the board voted to continue to keep the Clubhouse and Pool closed for at least another 30 days and due to the East Troublesome Fire it was not discussed at the November board meeting. Next discussion will be at the December 12th board meeting
Board of Directors

Mark Woltkamp, President
Liza Eilers, Vice President
Julie McCarty, Secretary
Scott Wilson, Treasurer
Sharon Illsley, Director
Rebecca Fine, Director
Geoff Schaney, Director
John Joyce, Director
Becky Brentlinger, Director

Full Time Staff

General Manager             
Dave Kaeding                   

Heike Wilson

Operations Technician
Keith Kratz
Clubhouse Rockstars
Nanette (Nan) Barbiche

Ivan Blom & Lee Blom

Renita McGrail

Will Reddy

Ann Romshek

Janis Trevino
CLCC Hours
Currently closed due to COVID
however we are available by email office@columbinelake.com or 970-627-8120

Currently closed due to COVID - 19

BOD votes on this each month

Wednesdays & Sundays
10 to 3

CLCC is limited in recycling hours due to space and vendor schedules