Volume 28 | Number 1 | Fall 2019

DynamiQue ST is a student conference held annually at WPI. This year, students will participate in the World Climate Simulation . This simulation is used internationally with world power brokers, business leaders, and citizens to raise awareness of Climate Change.

Working in teams representing the diverse world regions, students will see the long-tern effects of their team's policies in real-time.

Bring your students, Grades 7-12, to join us this year for a powerful learning experience about a timely and important subject!
DynamiQue ST is jointly sponsored by the Creative Learning Exchange and Innovation Academy Charter School.
Energy Drink Mania:
A Lesson from Model Mysteries
by A. LaVigne and L. Stuntz

Energy drinks can be a quick way for people to increase alertness and energy in the short term, e.g., to study for a test or to complete a long, endurance drive. Caffeine in these drinks can also stay in the body for longer than you might think. Explore how different choices affect caffeine levels in the body over a 24 hour period!

News Bits
Edutopia often has thoughtful articles, like this one about teachers talking less in the classroom to encourage student centered learning. One of the CLE principles for 28 years is student-centered learning, especially using ST/SD tools to accomplish that goal. Luckily our tools are uniquely suited to help create learning that has the student as the primary participant. y participant. 
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