OK, this has been an historic storm and incredibly tragic throughout Oregon. Although most of the properties we maintain have received some sort of damage, it pales in comparison to the damage caused by wildfires throughout the region. For those with property, family, or friends impacted to the fires, our hearts go out to you.
Back to cleaning up your landscape. We have placed all hands on deck responding to the countless trees and branches downed by the storm. As we respond to the most hazardous storms, we are planning clean-up of all the sites we maintain. Due to the significant amount of damage and debris down, we are suspending most routine maintenance activities for the remainder of the week to facilitate cleanup. We have been in direct contact to many clients where we have discovered damage but we will continue to reach out throughout the week to keep you updated. Complete clean-up may take a few weeks.

As debris is throughout most sites, including parking lots, we suggest you contact your parking lot sweeper to have your lots cleaned up as well as we will prioritize your landscaped areas.
Unfortunately, many properties lost significant trees and sustained other related property damage. As we process clean-up, we will also provide assessments of landscape damage needing additional evaluation or replanting.