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The Production Channel - PODCAST EP36
 Leading the Charge w/ USITT Executive Director, David Grindle

In this Have you heard of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT)? If you have not, or even if you have, episode 36 of The Production Channel Podcast is definitely worth the listen. Clem sits down with David Grindle, the Executive Director for the USITT who talks about the history, the progression and the future of the this 60+ year old organization. 
Spotlight: Jessica Barnhill
Licensed Health Insurance Agent
Q: What is your role and what services do you provide?
A: I work as an independent contractor for health insurance plans. I'm licensed in over 30 states and can research all options available for private or marketplace health insurance. My job is to research for individuals and families to save them time. I present and explain their plan choices in a simple manner which takes about ten to 15 minutes. I look up doctors to make sure they are in-network with plan choices, and answer questions. My time is free and flexible 7am to 12am most days this time of year.

Q: When is open enrollment?  
A: Open enrollment is a time anyone can get health insurance approved or changed regardless of medical conditions and regardless of income. Open Enrollment this year is November 1, 2021 through January 15, 2022 in most states.  

Q: What are some things to consider during the open enrollment period?  
A. Do you travel around the country or do you spend time in more than one state? Do you qualify for a discount based off of your annual income? The threshold to receive discounts is higher right now due to The American Rescue Act which started April 1, 2021. This discount will affect premiums for the entire year of 2022. Do you have a surgery or treatment that you need covered in the future or are you wanting protection from future injuries and illnesses? How much can you afford to budget for per month? How much can you afford to pay if something catastrophic happens like a hospital stay?

Q: What is the most important tip you would give to those searching for benefits?  
A: Do not search online for health insurance. Your name and number will be sold to calling centers. Use a trusted agent who is licensed and experienced to gather information for you. Do not enroll in any health plan without receiving the policy documents in fine print first. Ask questions. Look at several choices before you decide what is best for you and your family.
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The Career Projection 101
audiobook is here!

Career Projection 101 is a resource that will help Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Small Business Owners better manage their time, money, and relationships by answering the following questions: “How do I”…  

+ Get Started
+ Get Noticed
+ Find a Specialty
+ Create a Budget
+ Find an Accountant
+ Get Health Insurance
+ Create a Financial Plan and ultimately,
+ How Do I Retire
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